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This page consist of words, phrases and people that I have grown very tired of over the last few years, months and days. It is an every expanding list.

I’ve opened this page up for comments so you can share what your tired of.

I am tired of being lied to

George W. Bush (nothing he says has any value or truth)

Karl Rove

Dick Cheney


“Win the war on terror”

“Sending the wrong message”

“I’m the decider” (should be “I’m the dictator”)

Family values (whose family?)

Joe Lieberman (it’s interesting that the first 3 letters of his last name spell “Lie“)

Religious Right

Right Wing

Neo Cons

God talking to Bush everyday…. (If I told you God talked to me everyday, you’d ask me if I forgot to take my medication)


“Cut and Run”

“Micromanaging the war”

Everyone on Fox News…excuse me Fox Noise

“The enemy will follow us home”….(I think they may be here already)

“Sending the troops the wrong message”

Don Imus

Ann Coulter

Rush Limbaugh and his evil twin Bill O’Reilly


23 Responses to “THINGS I’M TIRED OF”

  1. kayinmaine said

    Oh my gawd! I’m sick of those things too! And I’m sick of:

    Condi Rice

    Alberto Gonzales

    “money trumps peace”

    George W. Bush

    Dick Cheney

    “you’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists”

    Fake CIA al-Qaida tapes

    George W. Bush

    Dick Cheney

    Paul Wolfowitz


    Michele Malkin


    George W. Bush

    Dick Cheney



  2. nytexan said

    And who said Democrats can’t agree on anything.

  3. katydid said

    Hey! Some of my best friends and family are republicans. I don’t hate them. I’m not even tired of them. I just feel concern for them. I feel they need the presence of a voice of reason to help them out – sort of like moving toward the light when you’re in a dark tunnel. If we set up a wall of opposition to those around us who, lemming-like, follow the scent of neo con in the air, then we make it harder for them to find a better choice. Stay in touch with your rep friends & family. I KNOW you all have some.

  4. nytexan said

    I too have many friend and family members that are Republicans. However, I am very tired of them following the party line. There are very few who are willing to publicly speak out with their disgust with whats going on. Republicans that have seen the light and speak out are now independents. The GOP has lost many supporters. I do listen to what others have to say, but when someone plays the same old tapes to keep in step with the party line..that’s what I’m very tired of. Stubborn allegiances.

  5. Highly suggest you dem supporters read some of the Islamic sites and then decide who you want protecting you the U.S. Marines or Moveon

    P.S. I have no party affiliation.

  6. nytexan said

    You know, I have friends and family that are Marines, active and retired so I do support them. Move on has its place and so do the Marines.

    Also, I have read the Islamic site and I will agree some are pretty scary but others are like the rest of the decent humans walking the planet.

  7. Jeff Cassens said

    eldiablotejas –

    Your statement implies that the Marines are protecting us by being in Iraq. Nothing could be further from the truth. Iraq never was a serious threat to the U.S., imminent or otherwise. Indeed, terrorism has increased substantially since we invaded Iraq.

    To answer your question – I would rather have a professional military force protecting me from (real, not imagined) foreign military threats, but I would rather be protected by a liberal political activist group from domestic political threats.

  8. nytexan said

    Thank you. I sometimes get very tired trying to teach republican what’s really going on in the world. Its interesting how they’re comments are usually rude one sentence statements that generally no backing or documentation.

  9. nytexan said

    Highly suggest you GOP supporters read some of the radical Christian sites that such as God’s Hit list page at Shelly the Republican –
    Shelly is part of the STR Cult, Christian Identity Movement. Among other disgusting things, The Christian Identity movement first broke into the mainstream media as a hate cult in 1984, whose white nationalist organization The Order embarked on a murderous crime spree before being taken down by the FBI.
    So, I think the radicals of any religion must be acknowledged before any blanket conclusions can be espoused. The WHOLE story must be considered!

  10. kayinmaine said

    Our soldiers are in Iraq for two reasons:

    To protect the oil fields so Exxon & others can get their share


    To protect the 104 acre US Embassy that is being built by shady American contractors who are overcharging our government

  11. Yes, plus…
    -Special interests
    -‘Things-I’m-tired-of’ lists 😉
    -People who question authority, establishment, the government, the official version, etc., too much
    -People who question authority, establishment, the government, the official version, etc., not enough
    -The death of common sense and rationality, not that humans have ever been that rational en masse, especially in a time of crisis or perceived crisis
    -Religious and political extremists

  12. nytexan said

    You left out:
    People who don’t question authority, establishment, the government, the official version, etc.

    I’m with you on the extremists.

  13. bosskitty said

    *They’re Playing politics again
    *”I’ve read the report”
    *We are making progress

  14. davedrake said

    NYtexan, do you need a sundress to go along with your list? a box of lotion coated Puffs perhaps? A good cry always helps!

  15. Whosplayin said

    As a Texas Democrat who is “Fiscally Progressive” (read “True fiscal conservatism on steroids”), I tire of Democrats who feed into the stereotype of “tax-and-spend” by failing to show discipline when it comes to earmarks and earmark reform. It takes a Republican, Jeff Flake (R-AZ) to force roll-call votes on pork earmarks in the appropriations bills this year, and only 2 or 3 Democrats voted against the pork. The rest either didn’t vote (Doggett) or voted FOR the pork. (along with half of the Republicans)

    I am truly appalled, and I urge anyone reading who is lucky enough to be represented by a Democrat, to call their Representative and ask them to put an end to this fiscally irresponsible practice.

    If I were elected to Congress as a Democrat (and I’m not running) I’d vote down every special interest pork-barrel earmark, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Rep. Flake and demand recorded votes on all of this.

  16. nytexan said

    I completely agree with you on earmarks. Prior to the 2006 elections, I saw Jeff Flake on 60 minutes and I was very pleases with his march to get rid of earmarks or at least expose them. When the democrats took over, I saw another piece where Flake was so excited because, like us, he believed the democrats would do something.

    It’s unfortunate that politicians are against earmark exposure and campaign reform. They treat both as life sustaining items. I think it’s time to pull the plug on both.

    Regarding Doggett not voting, that pisses me off. I expect everyone to vote on everything. If not voting is a protest then there needs to be something stating that. Not voting is inexcusable. As far as I am concerned unless someone is in the hospital or dead, their ass better be on the floor voting.

  17. WhosPlayin said

    Voting “Present” should signify a protest.

  18. Beaman said

    *British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. (yes, already)

  19. nytexan said

    Oh my god. Can we get one leader in this freaking world who is worth a crap.

  20. MakavALi said

    there is one leader worth a crap kim jong il =]

  21. leprecaun One said

    Anyone who answers a question beginning with the words:

    “The Reality is…”
    “The Truth of the Matter Is…”

    Step up to the plate and say: “My belief is…”, or “My opinion is…”

  22. nytexan said

    Leprecaun One:
    You are so correct. You have listed very tired phrases that make me tune the speaker out.

    The other phrase that I would add is “At the end of the day”

  23. Shane said

    OMG, I just visited that site ( Phew! What morons.

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