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Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Round Up April 13, 2009

Posted by nytexan on April 12, 2009


It’s Monday, and that means it is time for yet another edition of the TEXAS Progressive Alliance’s Weekly Round-Up.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chismes noticed Fort Bend County was slapped by the DOJ for actual election integrity problems. Voters were illegally denied provisional ballots and Spanish speakers were not accommodated. Betty Brown probably wishes those voters would make life easier for English-speaking poll workers.

BossKitty at TruthHugger cannot accept that Tax Laws, Tax Legislation and Lawmakers are ignorant to the fact that keeping the taxpayer clueless brings in more revenue. Built in vagueness and contradiction guarantee more tax dollars collected. This country has brainwashed its taxpayers, that it is easier to waste their money on sleazy preparers and tax software, than to learn what taxes are all about. Taxpayers are complicit in their own misery, even though the government really tries to make the facts available. Taxpayers are convinced that taxes are just a necessary evil … “Death and Taxes”. But today, Can You Trust Your Tax Software When It Can’t Keep Up.

Neil at Texas Liberal posted a video using Franklin Roosevelt and George W. Bush dolls to illustrate the recent liberal ascendancy in the United States.

We all had some fun at Rep. Betty Brown’s expense last week, but Off the Kuff noted that there was a bill pending before Rep. Brown’s Elections Committee that would actually help alleviate some of the problems that prevent eligible citizens from casting their ballots.

At Texas Kaos, it’s been a bemusing week of watching Glenn Beck prepare to storm the Alamo City with Tea Bags. But nothing could have prepared us for Rick Perry linking his fortunes with Beck after his gasoline drenched performance.   Apparently a primary threat in the Texas Republican Party means you double down on the batshit crazy lies. Who knew?

Kim Jong Il wasn’t the only person to fire a missile this week.  McBlogger went ballistic over that dapper Senator Watson.

The Employee Free Choice Act met the Democratic Senator from the Great State of Wal-Mart and is headed down to defeat as a result.  PDiddie at Brains and
has more on the Senate’s caving in once again to the  corporations.

Asian American Action Fund Blog has extensive coverage of Betty Brown’s ridiculous questioning of Ramey Ko from our first report to Brown’s “apology” and Ko’s description of their conversation. In addition, there are link roundups of most coverage of the incident from the 9th and 10th. And don’t miss law professor Frank Wu’s exploration of the matter. We will provide further updates as this story continues to develop.

Vince at Capitol Annex takes a look at the 20 Republicans in the Texas House who voted against education benefits for veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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Cornyn’s fence flipflop

Posted by nytexan on July 21, 2007

StopCornyn.comFiled by Charles Kuffner on July 19th, 2007

You think having two Democrats with strong South Texas/Rio Grande Valley credibility might have an effect on next year’s Senate race? Look who’s concerned about the effect of the border fence on the surrounding communities all of a sudden.

  • Frustrated by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff’s decision to start construction of a controversial border fence in Texas this year, Sen. John Cornyn pledged today to fight any effort that proceeds without community input.
  • I assure you there will be local consultation,” the Texas Republican said in a call with state reporters. “There will not be … unilateral actions on the part of the Department of Homeland Security without local input.”
  • With border communities up in arms about the fencing, Cornyn is ramping up his criticism, saying he’s very frustrated by what he termed the department’s “ham-fisted” handling of a highly controversial matter.
  • “This could not be mishandled any worse, as far as I’m concerned,” said Cornyn, who voted last year for legislation mandating the construction of 700 miles of double-layered fencing at the Southwest border but insisted that local leaders be consulted.
  • Cornyn said the department has ignored its pledge of consultation, noting that Homeland Security officials prepared a map identifying 153 miles of fencing in Texas without talking to local elected officials. Department officials have repudiated the map, saying it was a preliminary plan meant only as a starting point for discussion.
  • “Now I read that Secretary Chertoff has said that construction will begin this year,” Cornyn said. “But he won’t say where.”

Welcome to our world, Senator Cornyn. Of course, if you had voted against this boondoggle instead of championing it, then perhaps your words now would have more meaning. Hopefully, your Democratic replacement will arrive in time to clean up this mess you helped create.

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John Cornyn & Rove Together On The Texas Trail

Posted by nytexan on July 21, 2007

You really have to wonder what universe Senator do nothing Cornyn lives in.  As Cornyn slips further and further in the Texas polls, he thinks getting Karl Rove to campaign for him is going to improve his standing.

From the Texas Democratic Patry

Cornyn (R-Rove) Gets His Political Payoff
Following the Rove/Republican Script Won’t Fool Texas Voters

(Austin, TX)— This week, John Cornyn proved once again that he represents the political interests of Karl Rove, rather than the best interests of middle-class Texans, in the U.S. Senate.  Cornyn, who is suffering from low approval ratings, has enlisted presidential advisor and political ally Karl Rove to appear at a series of fundraisers he is holding this weekend. [Houston Chronicle, 7/11/07]   Cornyn has unfailingly promoted the Bush Administration’s failed policies in the Washington.

“From the day he arrived in Washington, John Cornyn has proven to be Karl Rove’s most faithful servant in the U.S. Senate.  The White House can always count on Cornyn to toe the Republican Party line and gladly champion their failed policies,” said Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie. “By placing politics over the people of Texas, it’s no secret who John Cornyn truly represents in the Senate.”

Cornyn’s long-time association with Rove, who first recruited him to run for office, has benefited his political career – until now.  Recent Survey USA polling has shown Cornyn’s approval ratings consistently hovering well below 50% — dangerously low for an incumbent Senator.  As a result, Cornyn is trying to downplay his devotion to Rove and the Administration, claiming this week, “I work for the people of Texas. I don’t work for anyone who comes from the beltway of Washington, D.C.” he said. [Dallas Morning News, 7/17/07]  Yet Cornyn has aligned himself with the White House on everything from limiting access to quality health care for Texans to restricting educational opportunity for our children to dismissing the politically motivating firings of nine U.S. Attorneys as a “political witch hunt.” [ABC News, This Week, 3/18/07]

“It is hypocritical for Cornyn to dismiss his extreme partisan credentials and then use his friend Karl Rove to raise money the very next weekend.  His transparent attempt to distract from his real record of failure with hollow rhetoric is cynically designed to mislead Texas voters,” added Richie.  “But Texas Democrats won’t let Cornyn run from his dismal record and will make sure is held accountable to voters in 2008.”

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Mexico Gets Texas Land Through Border Fence

Posted by nytexan on July 11, 2007

Everyday I wake up and think, what will our government managed to screw up today. Well low and behold they can’t even figure out the U.S. Mexico border. I suppose I shouldn’t be shock at the level of incompetence and never thinking anything through. Why that’s just part of our incompetent president and his incompetent policies.

  • McALLEN, Tex., June 15 — Antonio N. Zavaleta, a vice president and professor of anthropology at the University of Texas branch in Brownsville, saw a slight problem in the route of a border fence that federal officials displayed at a community meeting earlier this month.
  • “Part of our university,” Dr. Zavaleta said, “would be on the Mexican side of the fence.”
  • What about traffic between classes, he wondered. “Would the students need to show a passport?”

Yes our government is priceless, incompetent, clueless and band-aid fix ridden.

  • But maps like the one shown in Brownsville on June 4 by Chief David Aguilar of the Border Patrol put the route along a levee built inland to hold back flooding on the Rio Grande. That location, some here say, would in effect cede to Mexico the land on the other side of the fence up to the official international border, the middle of the Rio Grande.
  • ut-border.jpg

I’m sure Mexico is happy, since they’ve wanted to get Texas back for years.

  • In Brownsville, Dr. Zavaleta said, that path would cut off not only the International Technology, Education and Commerce campus of the University of Texas and Texas Southmost College, which is in a former shopping center about a mile from the main campus, but also its golf course and a national historic site, Fort Brown, where an upright cannon marks an opening skirmish of the Mexican War.
  • Even the heavily trafficked bridge between Brownsville and Matamoros, Mexico, would be on the Mexican side of the fence, Dr. Zavaleta said.

Wow, Mexico not only gets Texas land, and a full blown university, but they also get a national historical site and an American bridge. What a wind fall.

  • In Brownsville, the district clerk, Aurora De La Garza, and a county commissioner, Sofia Benavides — who emerged from a hurricane-planning visit to the Mexican consulate at the university campus that would be isolated — derided officials in Washington as not understanding family ties across the border.
  • “This is a relationship that cannot be broken by a fence,” Ms. Benavides said.
  • Representative Henry Cuellar, the South Texas Democrat who has been organizing local forums to air grievances, said the Homeland Security Department had become more responsive.

Families mean nothing to this administration. Homeland Security is just another word for failure. Way to go Chertoff.

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Posted by nytexan on July 6, 2007

I have been asked to get the word out on a rally in Roma, Texas to oppose the border wall.The Roma rally will be the first in a series of border wall opposition rallies.  As you know I am opposed to the Texas/Mexico border fence and I will be helping any organization in their efforts to stop the destruction of South Texas.

    • What: A community rally to oppose the building of a wall on the Texas/Mexico border;
    • When: Saturday, July 14, 2007 at 10 a.m.
    • Where: Roma Bluffs overlooking the Rio Grande just in front of Roma City Hall, 77 Convent Street, Roma, Texas.

    Everyone is invited to the first in a series of Lower Rio Grande Valley community rallies to oppose the building of a wall on the Texas/Mexico border.

    The event is scheduled for Saturday morning, July 14, in Roma, Texas. Saturday’s rally will take place at 10 a.m. on the historic Roma Bluffs overlooking the Rio Grande. To get there, just follow the signs to Roma Bluffs and the World Birding Center.

    Paddlers opposed to a wall that would limit access to the river for recreation are invited to bring their canoes or kayaks to the riverside in Fronton, Texas at 8 a.m. before the rally on Roma Bluffs. Fronton is a few miles west of Roma. This group will paddle as a flotilla to a take-out point below the international bridge between Roma and Ciudad Miguel Alemán and join in the 10 a.m. rally above. The paddle trip will take approximately two hours.

    The rally will feature speakers, including a representative from the flotilla trip who will describe their experience on the river. From Roma Bluffs, rally attendees and paddlers will walk to the international bridge and form a hands-across-the-river line to Cd. Miguel Alemán to signify the close ties between border cities along the Rio Grande.

    Organizer and river paddler, Betty Pérez, said, “We’re hoping to draw a large crowd on the Bluffs, and a large group of paddlers on the river to draw national attention to this issue. The beautiful view from Roma bluffs to the river and sister city, Miguel Alemán, and the site of a flotilla paddling down the river will hopefully do this. The idea of a wall between our countries is ludicrous, and it won’t work. Put that money into helping Roma, not making it less attractive to visit.”

    More rallies are being scheduled in the following weeks in other cities along the river, including a rally in Brownsville, Texas on Saturday, August 25.

    For more information and details about the Roma paddling trip and rally, contact Betty Pérez at 956-580-8915 or email her at

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    Poll Alert: More Texans Disapprove of Cornyn’s Job Performance than Approve

    Posted by nytexan on June 19, 2007

    I will be posting all articles and reposting from to help get John Cornyn out of the U.S. Senate.  Cornyn is a disgrace to all  Texans. Well except Bush, Gonzales and Rove.

    From  Filed by Matt Glazer on June 19th, 2007

    A new Survey USA poll released today shows that more Texans now disapprove of the way Senator John Cornyn is handling his job than approve.  Only 42% of Texans approve of the way Cornyn is handling his job, with 43% disapproving.

    Cornyn’s approval rating hasn’t cracked 50% since 2005 and has slipped four points since last month.  Cornyn continues to have the lowest job approval rating of any incumbent running for re-election in the country.

    “John Cornyn is about as popular in Texas as three-dollar gas and wool sweaters in June,” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said.  “Texans have gone from quietly tolerating Cornyn’s poor record and partisan antics to actively demanding a change, and next year they’re going to have an opportunity to vote for one.”

    To access the most recent Survey USA poll, click here.

    To access previous Survey USA polls showing Cornyn’s approval rating, click here.

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    Texas Democratic Party Against Cornyn,Gonzales,& Voter Suppression

    Posted by nytexan on June 17, 2007

    From Boyd Richie, Chairman, the Texas Democratic Party

    Once again, John Cornyn has proven he is nothing more than a rubber stamp for President Bush and Karl Rove by voting to protect the job of disgraced Attorney General Alberto Gonzales — despite Gonzales’ repeated abuses of power that have turned our Justice Department into the voter suppression wing of the Republican Party.

    Make no mistake. By supporting Gonzales, John Cornyn endorsed the abuse of power to carry out a Karl Rove’s political agenda.  Cornyn may have confidence in Gonzales, but Texas Democrats know our state and nation deserve a government that will stand up for our rights, not tear them down.  That’s why the TDP has started an online petition so you can cast your own vote of no confidence in Alberto Gonzales and demand John Cornyn represent YOUR interests in the Senate, not Karl Rove’s.

    Sign the petition today, then forward it to a friend.  With your help, we’ll show Cornyn that Texans won’t stand for Republican corruption in our Justice Department.

    As Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales has been an embarrassment to Texas and the entire country.  And now Cornyn is defending his shameful efforts to systematically deny certain Americans their right to vote – and calling it “justice.”

    Was justice served when nine U.S. Attorneys were fired for refusing to do Karl Rove’s bidding and carry out partisan “voter fraud” witch hunts?

    Was justice served when Bush appointees at the Justice Department pushed Voter ID laws that were overturned and call “poll taxes” by the courts?

    Was justice served when Bush’s political appointees overruled career voting rights attorneys to approve Tom DeLay’s 2003 redistricting plan, which was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court?

    Neither Alberto Gonzales nor his friends in the White House care about justice, equality, or the right to vote.  They only care about rigging elections to help Republicans hold on to power.  And John Cornyn is standing with them.

    Texas Democrats stand for honest government and the right of every Texan to vote in a fair election.  Tell Cornyn we oppose Alberto Gonzales and demand a Senator who will support our rights.

    At the State Capitol, in the courtroom and throughout the halls of Congress, Texas Democrats have stood up to Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzales and the Republican assault on our most basic freedoms.  And the TDP will make sure John Cornyn is held accountable for supporting the national Republican voter suppression agenda.

    Over the last six months I have had the privilege of traveling to every corner of this state, and everywhere I go I am astounded at the excitement among my fellow Democrats and their commitment to electing a Senator who truly represents Texas values in 2008.  Democrats will have a strong nominee to challenge Cornyn, and I am proud to say the Party will support our candidate all the way.  And with his dismally low approval ratings, John Cornyn should be afraid.

    You can help make a difference now.  Sign our petition declaring no confidence in Alberto Gonzales and demanding John Cornyn start working for Texas, not the Bush administration.  Forward this to your friends and family, and please consider supporting the Texas Democratic Party with a contribution.  I know that with an energized and united Democratic Party, we can take the fight to John Cornyn and elect a Senator who will stand up for voting rights, not condone the abuse of power.


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    Sad Facts About Texas – What Are We Proud Of?

    Posted by bosskitty on June 2, 2007

    Texas Senator Eliot Shapleigh from El Paso has written a book that bursts too many bubbles about our proud state.  He comes across as a true statesman who actually appears concerned about his population.

    Link to his book in PDF: Texas On The Brink, Third Edition 2007

    Shapleigh cites Texas rankings among all 50 states, it does not look good.

    For such a high profile state that has produced several presidents, was once its own country and has the highest Brag to person ratio, Texas is a sad state.  All ‘bullshit’ aside.
    What are we proud of? Football? Guns? Cuisine? Celebrities? History …

    But NOT King George and his band of home grown terrorists.


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    Texas Fails Its Children

    Posted by nytexan on May 4, 2007

    First let me say that the Texas Legislature has done a few positive things like the moratorium on the Trans Texas Corridor and overriding the vaccine bill. However, I’m not sure how this session has set here priorities things seem to be a little out of balance.

    Here’s what’s on the Texas Legislature’s Plate: Putting “Under God” in the Texas pledge; Voter identity laws for the imaginary voter fraud. I’m sure there are many more BS bills headed to the floor. Unfortunately, we have a grave crisis here that the Legislature is not addressing or moving backwards on, Texas children.  

    Here are some facts  from Dig Deeper Texas about Texas Children:

    * Texas has the highest rate of uninsured children in the nation, with 20.2% lacking coverage, compared to 11.6% nationally. (2006 U.S. Census)

    * More than 80% of uninsured children have at least one working parent. (U.S. Census)

    * More than half of the 1.4 million uninsured Texas children are eligible for but not enrolled in CHIP or Children’s Medicaid.

    * According to the Texas Department of Insurance, the average cost of private family insurance is $11,000 a year, or $917 a month.

    * The average cost of care for a 4yr old in an urban area child care center is greater than the average annual cost of tuition at a public college.

    * Only 8% of children eligible for child care in Texas will receive a subsidy.

    * More than 1 out of every 5 Texas children (21.8%) lives in poverty.

    This is disgraceful, the Legislature should be ashamed of themselves worring about voter fraud when children are suffering. Texas has slipped so far down the food chain in social responsibility.  It’s time to speak out for change.

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    John Cornyn The White House Mouthpiece

    Posted by nytexan on April 20, 2007

    In his interview with CNN (via TMR) Cornyn statedI think he should, because frankly I don’t think the Democrats will be satisfied by the resignation of Al Gonzales. This is, at its base, a political fishing expedition, and they’re not going to be satisfied with just Al Gonzales”. Was Cornyn asleep yesterday when more than one Republican on the Judiciary Committee asked Gonzales to resign?

    Cornyn was Attorney General for Texas so he has a pretty good idea of what the head AG’s job description is. Cornyn has blasted Gonzales on the wiretapping, he has questioned in public Gonzales actions on the attorney firings, but now that it’s getting to the point that Gonzo has to go, Cornyn stand by him.  It is all about politics. Cornyn’s future in politics.

    Cornyn is coming up for re-election in 2008 and he wants Bush support which equals money. It appears many Texas think that Cornyn is nervous about his chances of winning. In a Houston Chronicle article “He’s also identified as the administration’s most loyal ally on Capitol Hill, which could be an uncomfortable title to wear at a time of flagging public confidence in President Bush and the war in Iraq”.

    Cornyn has a pretty sorry record in Washington, he managed to cut and under fund programs that the troops and veterans need and deserve. His voting records is less than stellar, Cornyn voted against: Reinstate Pay-As-You-Go through 2011 Amendment;  Natural Resources and Environment Funding Amendment; Education Funding Amendment; Investigating Contract In Iraq Amendment; Judicial Review of Detainees Amendment; Teen Pregnancy Education. I could go on but the list is endless. I have provided a link for you to see his full voting records Project Vote Smart.

    So, it’s no wonder that mouthpiece for the White House would come to the aid of his fellow Texan Alberto Gonzales.  

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