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Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Round Up April 13, 2009

Posted by nytexan on April 12, 2009


It’s Monday, and that means it is time for yet another edition of the TEXAS Progressive Alliance’s Weekly Round-Up.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chismes noticed Fort Bend County was slapped by the DOJ for actual election integrity problems. Voters were illegally denied provisional ballots and Spanish speakers were not accommodated. Betty Brown probably wishes those voters would make life easier for English-speaking poll workers.

BossKitty at TruthHugger cannot accept that Tax Laws, Tax Legislation and Lawmakers are ignorant to the fact that keeping the taxpayer clueless brings in more revenue. Built in vagueness and contradiction guarantee more tax dollars collected. This country has brainwashed its taxpayers, that it is easier to waste their money on sleazy preparers and tax software, than to learn what taxes are all about. Taxpayers are complicit in their own misery, even though the government really tries to make the facts available. Taxpayers are convinced that taxes are just a necessary evil … “Death and Taxes”. But today, Can You Trust Your Tax Software When It Can’t Keep Up.

Neil at Texas Liberal posted a video using Franklin Roosevelt and George W. Bush dolls to illustrate the recent liberal ascendancy in the United States.

We all had some fun at Rep. Betty Brown’s expense last week, but Off the Kuff noted that there was a bill pending before Rep. Brown’s Elections Committee that would actually help alleviate some of the problems that prevent eligible citizens from casting their ballots.

At Texas Kaos, it’s been a bemusing week of watching Glenn Beck prepare to storm the Alamo City with Tea Bags. But nothing could have prepared us for Rick Perry linking his fortunes with Beck after his gasoline drenched performance.   Apparently a primary threat in the Texas Republican Party means you double down on the batshit crazy lies. Who knew?

Kim Jong Il wasn’t the only person to fire a missile this week.  McBlogger went ballistic over that dapper Senator Watson.

The Employee Free Choice Act met the Democratic Senator from the Great State of Wal-Mart and is headed down to defeat as a result.  PDiddie at Brains and
has more on the Senate’s caving in once again to the  corporations.

Asian American Action Fund Blog has extensive coverage of Betty Brown’s ridiculous questioning of Ramey Ko from our first report to Brown’s “apology” and Ko’s description of their conversation. In addition, there are link roundups of most coverage of the incident from the 9th and 10th. And don’t miss law professor Frank Wu’s exploration of the matter. We will provide further updates as this story continues to develop.

Vince at Capitol Annex takes a look at the 20 Republicans in the Texas House who voted against education benefits for veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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Watch YearlyKos Convention Free

Posted by nytexan on August 2, 2007

You can watch the YearlyKos Convention free via So far they have uploaded 8 clips. You don’t have to join or sign up to watch the clips.

One of the clips is an interview with Rick Noriega who is challenging Texas Senator do nothing Cornyn.


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Cornyn’s fence flipflop

Posted by nytexan on July 21, 2007

StopCornyn.comFiled by Charles Kuffner on July 19th, 2007

You think having two Democrats with strong South Texas/Rio Grande Valley credibility might have an effect on next year’s Senate race? Look who’s concerned about the effect of the border fence on the surrounding communities all of a sudden.

  • Frustrated by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff’s decision to start construction of a controversial border fence in Texas this year, Sen. John Cornyn pledged today to fight any effort that proceeds without community input.
  • I assure you there will be local consultation,” the Texas Republican said in a call with state reporters. “There will not be … unilateral actions on the part of the Department of Homeland Security without local input.”
  • With border communities up in arms about the fencing, Cornyn is ramping up his criticism, saying he’s very frustrated by what he termed the department’s “ham-fisted” handling of a highly controversial matter.
  • “This could not be mishandled any worse, as far as I’m concerned,” said Cornyn, who voted last year for legislation mandating the construction of 700 miles of double-layered fencing at the Southwest border but insisted that local leaders be consulted.
  • Cornyn said the department has ignored its pledge of consultation, noting that Homeland Security officials prepared a map identifying 153 miles of fencing in Texas without talking to local elected officials. Department officials have repudiated the map, saying it was a preliminary plan meant only as a starting point for discussion.
  • “Now I read that Secretary Chertoff has said that construction will begin this year,” Cornyn said. “But he won’t say where.”

Welcome to our world, Senator Cornyn. Of course, if you had voted against this boondoggle instead of championing it, then perhaps your words now would have more meaning. Hopefully, your Democratic replacement will arrive in time to clean up this mess you helped create.

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Sad Facts About Texas – What Are We Proud Of?

Posted by bosskitty on June 2, 2007

Texas Senator Eliot Shapleigh from El Paso has written a book that bursts too many bubbles about our proud state.  He comes across as a true statesman who actually appears concerned about his population.

Link to his book in PDF: Texas On The Brink, Third Edition 2007

Shapleigh cites Texas rankings among all 50 states, it does not look good.

For such a high profile state that has produced several presidents, was once its own country and has the highest Brag to person ratio, Texas is a sad state.  All ‘bullshit’ aside.
What are we proud of? Football? Guns? Cuisine? Celebrities? History …

But NOT King George and his band of home grown terrorists.


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John Cornyn The White House Mouthpiece

Posted by nytexan on April 20, 2007

In his interview with CNN (via TMR) Cornyn statedI think he should, because frankly I don’t think the Democrats will be satisfied by the resignation of Al Gonzales. This is, at its base, a political fishing expedition, and they’re not going to be satisfied with just Al Gonzales”. Was Cornyn asleep yesterday when more than one Republican on the Judiciary Committee asked Gonzales to resign?

Cornyn was Attorney General for Texas so he has a pretty good idea of what the head AG’s job description is. Cornyn has blasted Gonzales on the wiretapping, he has questioned in public Gonzales actions on the attorney firings, but now that it’s getting to the point that Gonzo has to go, Cornyn stand by him.  It is all about politics. Cornyn’s future in politics.

Cornyn is coming up for re-election in 2008 and he wants Bush support which equals money. It appears many Texas think that Cornyn is nervous about his chances of winning. In a Houston Chronicle article “He’s also identified as the administration’s most loyal ally on Capitol Hill, which could be an uncomfortable title to wear at a time of flagging public confidence in President Bush and the war in Iraq”.

Cornyn has a pretty sorry record in Washington, he managed to cut and under fund programs that the troops and veterans need and deserve. His voting records is less than stellar, Cornyn voted against: Reinstate Pay-As-You-Go through 2011 Amendment;  Natural Resources and Environment Funding Amendment; Education Funding Amendment; Investigating Contract In Iraq Amendment; Judicial Review of Detainees Amendment; Teen Pregnancy Education. I could go on but the list is endless. I have provided a link for you to see his full voting records Project Vote Smart.

So, it’s no wonder that mouthpiece for the White House would come to the aid of his fellow Texan Alberto Gonzales.  

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Texas GOP Screws Voters

Posted by nytexan on April 19, 2007

The Texas GOP has figured out a way to screw Texans and their right to vote. State Rep. Betty Brown’s (R-Terrell) has written H.B. 218 which will make voting very problematic for everyone.

Here is the purpose of the bill:

Under current law, to vote a regular ballot, voters are only required to present their voter registration certificates to a poll worker. While this practice attempts to ensure that only registered voters receive a regular ballot on Election Day, it leaves a potential loophole for fraud. Individuals are not required to show identification to register to vote. Because of this, it is possible for an unscrupulous individual to submit several falsified voter registration applications and to receive the voter registration certificates for the “fake” individuals. With the current process, no statutory standards exist to verify the identity of individuals at the polling place when they present a voter registration certificate. H.B. 218 modifies provisions requiring a voter to present proof of identification when offering to vote.

“Potential loop hole for voter fraud” Interesting a Republican would spot that.

“Unscrupulous individual to submit several falsified voter registration applications and to receive the voter registration certificates for the “fake” individuals” Democrats are luck if we can get everyone out to vote, forget about the effort to register more than once. Is she kidding me.

Now here is what every Texan needs to bring along with their voter registration card:

*official mail addressed to the person by name from a governmental entity;

*certified copy of a birth certificate or other document confirming birth that is admissible in a court of law and establishes the person’s identity;

*U.S. citizenship papers issued to the person;

*original or certified copy of a person’s marriage license or divorce decree;

*court records of a person’s adoption, name or sex change;

* identification card issued by a governmental entity of this state or the United States for the purpose of obtaining public benefits, including veteran’s benefits, Medicaid, or Medicare;

*temporary driving permit issued to the person by DPS;

*Pilot’s license issued to the person by the Federal Aviation Administration or another authorized agency of the United States;

*Library card, containing the person’s name, issued to the person by a public library located in this state; or

*hunting or fishing license issued to the person by the Parks and Wildlife Department.

Good grief, what the hell are the Republicans doing? Why don’t we just bring our first born, our grandparents and our most recent grocery receipt.

The GOP must really be nervous about John Cornyn losing his Senate seat in ’08. I’m sure the national GOP is somehow involved in taking the right to vote away from Texans.

Way to go Betty I hope your district is proud of you.

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Will the Texas Democratic Party Support Reichstadt

Posted by nytexan on April 16, 2007

John Cornyn has his first Democratic challenger,  Emil Reichstadt, a Dallas attorney. Reichstadt I’m sure is the firs of many who will put their hat in the ring against Cornyn. But will Texas really know who is running against Cornyn?

The Texas Democratic Party (TDP) never supported or mentioned Barbara Ann Radnofsky when she ran against Kay Bailey Hutchinson in ’06. So I guess it really doesn’t surprise me that when you go to the TDP website   you see nothing about Reichstadt or any other possible candidate for 2008. You don’t even see and of the articles about his announcement link to their page.  Most if not all of their current entries are about national GOP candidates and their trip to the 2008 convention.

Cornyn will have a fairly large war chest and he probable won’t have to send a dime. The Texas GOP can bank on the lazy attitude of the Texas Democratic Party.  This new group at the TDP isn’t any better them the last. You really have to wonder what the TDP does for Texas Democrats.

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Texas House Passes Marriage Legislation

Posted by nytexan on April 12, 2007

In an unbelievable move to control people’s personal lives, the Texas House has passed marriage legislation.  The bill requires couples to have mandatory premarital counseling before they can wed.  Certified counselors would teach the eight hour class.  According to Republican Rep. Warren Chisum  “This is not counseling. This is education,” Chisum said. He said he wants couples to “know what they are getting into and what’s expected of them.” “Hopefully this will make those marriages last,” he said.

The bill also raises the marriage license fee from $30.00 to $100.00. Chisum’s logic is that by raising the cost to of the license it would help reduce the number of divorces and families living in poverty because of divorce. How the heck do you follow that logic?

There are many couples who go voluntarily to premarital counseling, but that’s their choice.  Personally, I don’t believe a premarital class stops divorce.  Couples get divorced for a variety of reasons.  By the way families that get divorced are not all living in poverty.  Families’ living in poverty is most likely due to “dead beat dads” not the divorce.  I wonder how many hypocrites in the Texas House that have been divorce voted to pass this junk. 

There are so many issues in Texas of huge importance and our elected officials think legislating peoples personal lives is of paramount importance. But let us not forget that this comes from Warren Chisum the very same person who passed out a memo written by Georgia GOP Rep. Ben Bridges to Texas House members which advocated that schools stop teaching evolution and contained links to a Web site that warns of international Jewish conspiracies. It also directed readers to the group that created the Web site – the Atlanta-area Fair Education Foundation.  The memo points to “indisputable evidence” that “evolution science has a very specific religious agenda” and refers readers to a Web site that asserts the universe revolves around the earth. It also suggests that Jewish physicists are part of the force behind a “centuries-old conspiracy” to destroy the Christian teachings of Earth’s origins.

When questioned about the memo and the website, Chisum said he never went to the web site to see what it said.  There you have it, Chisum can’t take the time to educate himself on the trash he passes out but he can put up a bill for couples to get educated on marriage.  Does anyone see the hypocrisy in that?

I really have no desire to have Chisum and the rest of the self proclaimed moral right controlling the personal lives of Texans.  My morals are much higher up the food chain than Chisum and his pals, I would have never even thought of passing around his racist memo. Neo cons behaving badly.  Remember Chisum; be good on Sunday and go to church because you can be an asshole the rest of the week.

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