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Darfur Refugees – Where Will They Go Now

Posted by bosskitty on July 9, 2007

Border anarchy Jerusalem Post, Israel
Among the more disconcerting anomalies in the judgmental pronouncements by purported human-rights advocates is their scathing criticism of Israel in recent

‘Israel creating unnecessary drama’ Ynetnews, Israel
Sudanese minister promises his country ‘will find the way to deal with refugees’. Israel to continue aiding those fleeing Darfur until international

Wolfson doctors volunteer to treat refugees Jerusalem Post, Israel –
By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH A large number of physicians from Wolfson Medical Center in Holon volunteered this week to treat refugees from Darfur and Sudan who

Government to set up tent city for Darfur refugees Ynetnews, Israel –
The government will set up a tent city in the Negev to house dozens of Sudanese refugees who infiltrate Israel from Egypt almost daily, Internal Security

Israel Grappling With Influx of Sudanese Refugees, VA
By Julie Stahl Jerusalem ( – The word has spread among Sudanese and other African refugees and job seekers that Israel — the only democracy in

Egyptian Police Cracks Down on Illegal African FOX News –
EL-ARISH, Egypt — Some 37 Africans, mostly refugees from Darfur, were arrested Friday in the Sinai Peninsula by Egyptian authorities who said they were


Unwanted in Israel Al Jazerra: By Sherine Tadros at the Egyptian-Israeli border

More than five hundred Sudanese refugees have fled to Israel in the last two months to escape genocide in Darfur. Now Israel is threatening to deport them.

No refugee status

Sigal Rosen, from the hotline for migrant workers in Tel Aviv, said: “The government started arresting the Sudanese under the infiltration law – a law made in emergency times; a law under which there was no possibility to release them for a very long period of detention.

To Israel, Sudan is an ‘enemy state’, and the Sudanese, ‘enemy nationals’.

“They aren’t getting refugee status and there are deportation orders hanging over the heads of all of them.

Identity crisis

Eytan Schwartz, spokesperson for the Committee for Advancement of Refugees of Darfur (Card), said that Israel has a moral obligation to take the Sudanese in.

“We are a country founded by refugees, we are a people who were persecuted for thousands of years. We of all people should know what it’s like to be people of a nation that nobody wants to take in.

“That’s why we have a moral, historical obligation to take them in, even if they’re from an enemy country.”

But the Israeli government has said the situation is now at a crisis point and closing the border or deporting them back to Egypt may be the only solution.

But the Israeli government has said the situation is now at a crisis point and closing the border or deporting them back to Egypt may be the only solution.

Avishai Braverman, a Knesset member, said: “People heard that Israel may be a haven … [But] we are such a small country, we cannot do that. We have our own problems with our own immigrants.

“You can do certain things, but it’s not in our capacity to solve the problem of all the Sudanese … to say that we can absorb hundreds of thousands when we cannot even take care of our own, that’s a nice world but its unrealistic and unfair.”

To many, those Sudanese seeking refuge in Israel are viewed as a threat to the Jewish identity.

“Israel has an identity challenge,” Schwartz said. “We are a Jewish democracy and this is an example, a perfect example, of the negotiation of these two identities.

“How can you be a democracy with human rights, with values of accepting people from all nations, but you still want to maintain your Jewish identity? … That means always maintaining a Jewish majority.”

With every new arrival, Israel’s dilemma deepens. At the same time, for the Sudanese who make the journey with so much hope, life in Israel now holds an uncertain future.

“To say that we can absorb hundreds of thousands when we cannot even take care of our own, that’s a nice world but its unrealistic and unfair” Avishai Braverman, Israeli Knesset member

Where will they go? Why can’t responsible countries make their home safe so they don’t have to go anywhere? Why is all this allowed to happen, Oil is not at stake? SHAME on the world!




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China, Darfur and The Genocide Olympics

Posted by bosskitty on June 17, 2007

Darfur, U.N. Troops and Beijing: Cause and Effect?

The China Daily reports that China has welcomed Sudan’s sudden decision to accept a U.N. peace keeping force for the troubled region of Darfur. While it remains to be seen whether this will actually work out (Sudan has said it would agree before only to reneg), I can’t help but wonder about the timing. After all, Sudan
has essentially stonewalled on this for an age. Why the sudden change in attitude? Could it have anything to do with the “Genocide Olympics” campaign that started a couple of weeks ago and calls for a boycott of the 2007 games because of what the campaigners say is Beijing’s coddling of Khartoum and refusal to put pressure on it to end what is seen as Sudan inspired mass murder in Darfur. We know how super-sensitive China is about boycott calls and this is the one issue that actually has the potential to get some traction. All pure speculation of course, but it certainly bears looking in to……

This is only getting proper attention now because this cause is more popular than Iraq. It took world celebrities outrage, concerts and well publicized meetings with world leaders to put the plight of of these victims on the front page. It took an Olympic boycott threat to get China to put enough pressure on Sudan. The US has laid off Sudan for vague intelligence excuses – like I’ll reveal a terrorist secret if you leave me alone to wipe out Darfur. When economics enters the picture many things start to happen. How many millions have died until sanctions or boycotts have done their job? Will it take a boycott to get China to stop slavery? How can China really condemn Sudan when it is guilty of slavery? Contradictions and hypocracy are still at work here! Make this front page news!

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