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Elizabeth Edwards Smacks Down Hillary & Obama

Posted by nytexan on August 14, 2007

You really have to love the openness and straight talk from Elizabeth Edwards. In a recent interview she smacked down Hillary and Obama on a variety of issues but one important one for me was their lack of blocking the Iraq Funding Bill.

  • NEW YORK (AP)Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic candidate John Edwards, lambastes his rival Barack Obama as “holier than thou” on the Iraq war and accuses Hillary Clinton of failing to show leadership on health care and Iraq.
  • As her husband trails Clinton and Obama in national polls, Elizabeth Edwards has been an outspoken critic of his opponents. Last month, she said her husband would be a better champion for women as president than Clinton and more recently said, “We can’t make John black, we can’t make him a woman. Those things get you a lot of press, worth a certain amount of fundraising dollars.”
  • In an interview published in the August issue of The Progressive magazine, Elizabeth Edwards complained about Obama, who opposed the war when he was a state legislator in Illinois but has voted for funds for the military.
  • John Edwards, then a North Carolina senator, voted in 2002 to authorize the military invasion of Iraq. Since then, he has said his vote was a mistake. He also voted against several funding requests while in the Senate — but not all, as Elizabeth Edwards claimed in the interview.
  • “And honestly, the other candidates?” Elizabeth Edwards asked. “Obama gives a speech that’s likely to be extraordinarily popular in his home district, and then comes to the Senate and votes for funding … So you are going to get people behaving in a holier-than-thou way. But John stood up when he was in the Senate for exactly the thing he’s asking these people to stand up for now.”
  • Edwards also criticized both Obama and Clinton for not using their influence to line up additional votes to block an Iraq funding bill in May. The two senators were among just 13 Democrats to vote against the bill.
  • “We’re electing the leader of the free world,” Elizabeth Edwards said. “They should have been making speeches about why it was they were doing this, and standing up and trying to rally. And they didn’t. They weren’t leaders.”
  • On health care, Edwards said Obama’s plan for universal coverage was inadequate because it left 15 million uninsured. She also criticized Clinton for not producing a health care plan and for questioning whether there was sufficient “political will” to enact universal care.
  • “Hillary is saying we need to develop a political will. She hasn’t been talking to people if she thinks we need to develop it. We do not. There is consensus on this issue,” Edwards said.
  • Edwards even suggested Obama’s signature theme — a plea for hope and political unity — had been lifted from her husband’s 2004 presidential campaign.
  • “You listen to the language of what people say, particularly Obama, who seems to be using a lot of John’s 2004 language,” Edwards said, noting that Obama’s media adviser, David Axelrod, worked for Edwards that year.
  • Spokesmen for both Clinton and Obama declined to comment on the Elizabeth Edwards interview.

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Cornyn Looses Top Republican Supporter to Democrate Noriega

Posted by nytexan on August 12, 2007

Just another nail in the coffin of Senator do nothing for Texas Cornyn. Democratic challenger Rick Noriega has just gained the largest supporter of Cornyn and the Republican Party. Texas republicans are turning their backs on the Cornyn and taking a stand for what’s right.

From Capital Annex:

  • One of the top Hispanic Republicans in the nation says he cannot support U.S. Sen. John Cornyn in the next election because of the position Texas’ junior senator has taken on immigration reform.
  • Houston businessman Massey Villarreal told the Guardian he would instead back Democrat Rick Noriega, a state representative from Houston. Noriega is exploring a campaign for the U.S. Senate.
  • “I have decided to support Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate as a Democrat. I just don’t think John Cornyn hears my community,” Villarreal said.
  • “I know he (Cornyn) supports some issues that affect my community but immigration reform is one of the defining positions in my community. I have got to support what is good for my community. At the end of the day, regardless of party, we have to come home to our community, where we grew up in the grassroots.”
  • A native of Corpus Christi, Villarreal is one of the top Hispanic Republicans in the country. Named one of the 100 most influential Hispanics in the United States by Hispanic Business Magazine in 2002, Villarreal served as chairman of the board of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly for four terms.
  • In 2000, Massey was named national Hispanic vice-chairman of the Bush/Cheney for President Campaign and deputy vice-chairman of the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia in 2000. He also served on the national steering committee for the Viva Bush Campaign.
  • Villarreal has been given state appointments, with then-Gov. George W. Bush naming him to the Texas State University System board and Gov. Rick Perry asking him to head up the Texas Department of Economic Development.
  • His company is Precision Task Group, a Houston-based systems integration firm.
  • This shows just what kind of appeal Rick Noriega has to Texans of all types. Clearly, not only Noriega’s immigration stance but the fact he actually served on the U.S.-Mexico border are resonating with a lot of people.

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Bravo Obama:Enough with the ‘black enough’ talk

Posted by nytexan on August 11, 2007

It’s gotten to the point of ridiculous to keep hearing is Obama black enough or is Hillary feminine enough? Who gives a crap we currently have a president who isn’t smart enough. Shouldn’t that be the question? Hopefully Sen. Obama has put that stupid question to bed.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN)Sen. Barack Obama hasn’t been shy about his distaste for circumstances that call for one-liners and sound bites. But sitting among thousands at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention Friday afternoon, it was easy to see why Obama thrives in a setting where he can just talk, up close and personal.

Belying his past job as a law professor, “Professor Obama” appeared relaxed and at ease, engaging in an easygoing discussion on a variety of issues and often joking with moderator Byron Pitts, a national correspondent for CBS.

But then Pitts asked that last question: What gives Obama hope that America is ready for a black president? The room fell eerily silent. The barrage of camera shutters tapered off quickly. The cavernous ballroom was standing room only, a stark contrast to Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, who spoke to a half-filled room.

Obama’s blackness has come up plenty of times before. He’s often asked whether he’s “black enough” by the African American community and his stock response – the one he deftly delivered during the CNN-YouTube Democratic Presidential debate – has been to joke that folks never ask that question when he’s trying to catch a cab in New York.

But that was hardly his answer Friday afternoon.

Instead – for the first time in more detail that I’ve ever seen – Obama took the opportunity to get at what he considers the heart of the matter, actually demanding that black journalists themselves are to blame for missing the point. Skin color, his record in public service, the issues – none of this suggests he’s not ‘black enough’ and yet questions over his blackness persist, he put to the crowd of black journalists.

It’s “puzzling,” he said. Why is this?

But the question was rhetorical. Professor Obama then stepped onto the stage, answering his own question, and suggesting that perhaps the real issue is a basic mistrust in black America of a black candidate.

“What it really does is really lay bare, I think, that we’re still locked in this notion that if you appeal to white folks then there must be something wrong,” he said, adding it’s the same sort of suspicion many blacks face when they attend a predominately white Ivy League institution.

And that’s when he issued this provocative challenge: Instead of asking Obama if he’s black enough, black journalists should dig deeper, and ask why there exists this mistrust in black America of a black man like Obama running for office?

Bottom line: Obama nailed it. The question of his blackness has always been a ridiculous one. And maybe now he won’t have to answer it again.

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My Opinion Of The Democrats LGBT Forum

Posted by nytexan on August 10, 2007

First let me say that for some reason BossKitty’s post on HRC Democratic Candidate Forum is not showing the comment number, however, there are several good comments posted.

Now my thoughts; I liked the intimate forum but the time for each candidate seemed very short. Wrong move for Dodd and Binden as no shows……hmmmm trying to keep those conservative happy. If you’re going to talk about being an inclusive president then show up and prove it.

Obama: He used the word semantics for “marriage” and “civil unions”; however he was in full support for all legal rights to gay couples. That translated to me has all 1100+ federal marriage rights into law. He seemed to connect and understand the fight. I personally got a different view of him last night.

Edwards: Well he just seemed flat uncomfortable to be around gays. I think Elizabeth made him attend. The huge revelation to him about the gay youth facility in L.A., well John you need to get out in the community more. His religion seems to weight to heavy on his view of gay marriage. That’s a big issue since we’ve had a religious zealot in office for the past 7 years. Edwards needs to finish his journey and come back in a future campaign.

Kucinich: What can I say, he had all the right answers and he has been fighting the fight for a long time. He’s all about his belief in our founding documents and the true meaning of the words equal rights. He has the right ideas; he’s on the right track but is our country ready for a forward evolved thinker that we saw last night. It would be refreshing.

Richardson: Well let’s just say he should stay in New Mexico. He looked uncomfortable and out of place. He probably did more damage to himself showing up. Richardson would have been a good bathroom break.

Gravel: He was himself. He is for full marriage and thinks this will be a non issue in 5 years. I think he was a bit out there on that. We all know he won’t make it but the nice having about Gravel showing up is he gets in the face of the other candidates.

Hillary: Too smug, too self confident that she has the election in the bag. Her statement “I strongly support states rights determining gay marriage,” is she kidding me. Many states tried to change their constitutions against gays. What freaking country does she live in? She uses the line “I’m your girl” funny she said the same thing at the AFL-CIO debate. I wonder if she said that at the NAACP forum. Personally I’m not going for the Bush/Clinton dynasty. A vote for change is not a vote for Hillary.

Here are poll results from LOGO:

39% Barack Obama

25% Dennis Kucinich

18% Hillary Clinton

9% Mike Gravel

7% John Edwards

3% Bill Richardson

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Human Rights Democratic Candidate Forum – GLBT

Posted by bosskitty on August 9, 2007

BossKitty commented as the candidates sp0ke. See the BLOG.

BossKitty says:


  • 11:01 on 08/09

No, Hillary, you are NOT my girl, yet. You have the experience and the machine to achieve everything GLBT need, but you sound scripted. When the field narrows and you are in the top 2 at the end of the primaries, I will look at you again as the lesser of the bad choices – Ron Paul appears to more liberal than Richardson, but again there is the electability factor. I like Kucinich, Gravel, Obama, and Edwards. Guess which one will make it to the finals.



  • 10:44 on 08/09

Hillary … “I’m your girl” but can you step back and be president? Xena should remain a warrior, but not Queen! Her experience and strong voice has everyone’s attention. Her failure to apologize outright for her war stance reminds me of Bush. NO NO don’t brush the same sex issue onto the states … they didn’t push civil rights onto the states. Nothing will happen until the federal policies demand equality for all. Using states rights are too convenient way of back peddling! Take a federal position!



  • 10:31 on 08/09

Bye Bye Richardson. Just don’t get it do you? Gay is not a choice!



  • 10:25 on 08/09

Richardson, used to be fond of this guy until another blogger living in NM filled me in on his inadequate handling of the state. Reminding the public about his experiences is too convenient, he is a political kinda guy. Sounds good but hollow inside. Don’t want a cardboard steak. Yes, look at his actions. No one listened when we hollered about Bush when he ran Texas into the ground, either.



  • 10:15 on 08/09

Gravel, another great voice, wrong generation. Old hippies never die … their voices are welcome in this America. Gravel is the biggest opponent of ‘Big Business’ electing our candidates and running this country’s policies. Gravel does not play to the media, he plays to the crowd that will listen to what he has learned. He must hope that he can pass along the insight he has accumulated. Again, he has no political machine and is not electable. He is a passionate ‘war horse’ for fair policies for GLBT Americans. Gravel and Kucinich should remain strong allies and work together.


  • 9:51 on 08/09

Kucinich is great. I love this guy.

  • 9:47 on 08/09

Kucinich, great things come in small packages. Such a forcefully pro-gay leprechaun, this guy is great – so sad he does not have the political machine to get himself elected. His idealism is contagious but not electable. We need Kucinich to continue speaking out whether he is electable or not.

  • 9:33 on 08/09

Edwards fights for ordinary people. He is honest about his discomfort with G&L issues. (We know what that means). Because he admits his feelings honestly, I am comfortable with his leadership. I don’t think he would betray his promises, he still has to answer to Elizabeth.

  • 9:27 on 08/09

 Everyone knows what the issues are, everyone has an idea of the world they want to live in, Obama has the tools we need to take us there.

  • 9:21 on 08/09

Obama is a statesman in the making. The art of positive thinking and a solid intellect will make him the statesman this country has needed for 8 years. He appears to see both sides of each coin and find the common ground. This country will not elect another lying radical. I still have not made my choice, but, at least I still have a voice …

Very interesting venue – no Republicans accepted the invitation …

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Demanding Congress To Reverse Their Capitulation

Posted by nytexan on August 8, 2007

I received the email below from and thought you would like to sign the petition.

The Democratic-controlled Congress did the unthinkable on Saturday night: They gave President Bush and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales more unchecked power to wiretap Americans without a warrant.1 Yes, that’s the same Attorney General who is currently mired in scandal and probably committed perjury on this very issue.2

Why’d they do it? Because the president used fear to intimidate them and it worked.3

Enough is enough. We have to send a strong message to Congress that there is not rade-off between fundamental liberties and security. Preserving our Constitution is essential to our security—we can’t lead on freedom around the world when we’re actively undermining the rule of law at home.

A good place to start is by having hundreds of thousands of us sign on to this petition demanding that Congress reverse their capitulation to Bush and the politics of fear. If enough of us speak out we’ll send a clear message that Americans aren’t buying the administration’s scare tactics.

We’ll make sure to deliver your comments to your representative and senators within the week.

The President used fear of another terrorist attack to bully Congress into giving him more unchecked power and they gave in to his scare tactics. While most Democrats voted against these expanded powers, Democratic leaders in Congress didn’t put up much of a fight and they didn’t stand up and say ‘no’ to Bush. We’ve seen this play out before—most notably when almost every member of Congress voted for the Patriot Act—many without even reading it.4

They do this because they’re afraid of being seen as weak on security—and because they buy the conventional wisdom that voters don’t really care about constitutional freedoms. If enough of us sign, we can make it plain just how broad support for preserving the Constitution is.

The only good news here is that these new unchecked powers that Congress gave the Bush administration aren’t permanent. They’ll expire in six month sand we have to make sure that Congress doesn’t renew them then.

Here’s how the Washington Post’s editorial board described what happened:5

“The Democratic-led Congress, more concerned with protecting its political backside than with safeguarding the privacy of American citizens, left town early yesterday after caving in to administration demands that it allow warrantless surveillance of the phone calls and e-mails of American citizens, with scant judicial supervision and no reporting to Congress about how many communications are being intercepted. To call this legislation ill-considered is to give it too much credit: It was scarcely considered at all. Instead, it was strong-armed through both chambers by an administration that seized the opportunity to write its warrantless wiretapping program into law—or, more precisely, to write it out from under any real legal restrictions.”

To keep focus on this, we’re helping start a new long-term effort called the AmericanFreedom Campaign to keep the pressure on Congress and make sure they fix this mess instead of making these powers permanent. We hope you can help over the coming months.

It’s Congress’s job to act as a check on the president’s authority—not as a rubber-stamp. They have to know that we’re watching them and we’re demanding real accountability for this overreaching president.

Click here to add your name to the petition:

President Bush still hasn’t responded to Congress’ subpoenas demanding the legal rationale for his warrantless wiretapping. If they don’t rein him in now, it is unlikely that he—or any president that comes after him—will ever comply with this kind of necessary oversight.

Thanks for all you do,

–Nita, Wes, Justin, Carrie and the Political Action Team
Tuesday, August 7th, 2007


1.”House Approves Wiretap Measure,” Washington Post, August 5, 2007

2. Senator May Seek Gonzales Perjury Probe, Washington Post, July 26, 2007

3. The Fear of Fear Itself—NYTimes Editorial, New York Times, August 7,2007

4. Rep. Jim McDermott, Congressional Record: July 8, 2004,

5. Warrantless Surrender,Washington Post, August 7, 2007


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Democrats Debate LGBT Issues

Posted by nytexan on August 8, 2007

Well here’s an interesting debate forum. LOGO and Human Rights Campaign will host the democrats in a debate on LGBT issues on August 9, 2007 at 9:00pm EST.

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Olbermann To Moderate AFL-CIO Forum

Posted by nytexan on August 7, 2007

Edwards should take this one. He has been consistent on workers rights and the unions like what they hearing from Edwards. Hillary on the other hand may be bruised with Bill’s NAFTA and her business ties of a top campaign aide who has angered the labor movement.

  • Today, seven Democratic hopefuls will make their case before the largest audience of this early campaign season—the 15,000 union family members expected at the AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

  • Moderated by MSNBC’s “Countdown” host Keith Olbermann, the forum will feature questions to the candidates from among 2,200 questions submitted by union members at the AFL-CIO’s Working Families Vote 2008 website. The questions from union members touch on health care, trade and jobs, freedom to form unions, the war in Iraq, retirement security and other key working family concerns.

  • The 90-minute forum will be carried live on MSNBC television and XM Radio channel 130 beginning at 7 p.m. EDT (6 p.m. CDT). “Countdown” will continue broadcasting from the forum until 8 p.m. EDT. If you miss it, XM channel 130 will rebroadcast the debate for 24 hours following its conclusion.

  • The forum comes as the AFL-CIO Executive Council is meeting in Chicago. AFL-CIO President John Sweeney told hundreds of union activists at Sunday’s Battleground States 2007 conference the candidate event is “the biggest job interview in history.”

  • Tomorrow, the Executive Council will discuss the presidential endorsement process, but the AFL-CIO will not issue an endorsement until affiliated unions reach consensus on a candidate. The Federation’s General Board makes the actual endorsement. The General Board is made up of members of the council, the principle officers of each affiliated union, trade and industrial departments plus representatives from constituency groups, retiree organizations and local central and state bodies. An endorsement by the General Board will require a two-thirds per capita membership vote.

  • The forum is part of an unprecedented outreach to union families to give them an opportunity to hear the candidates and make their voices and opinions heard. Earlier this year, the AFL-CIO spearheaded a series of town hall forums where the candidates met local union members and leaders. In addition, our Working Families Vote 2008 website provides current news on the election, issue guides, candidate profiles, a forum for union members to speak out about their concerns and links to other political blogs and sites.

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Democrats Embrace Bloggers

Posted by bosskitty on August 5, 2007

Democrats spar at blog gathering

Seven of the Democratic candidates for US president have fielded questions from more than 1,000 political bloggers at an annual convention in Chicago. Correspondents say the candidates’ presence reflects the growing influence of such bloggers, seen as a key resource by candidates. The candidates’ appearance at the YearlyKos Convention follows a presidential debate on YouTube in late July, when they answered questions posed solely via online videos. Senator Joe Biden was the only candidate not to attend.

Wild Wild Web: Dems Court Online Mavens
Democrats Court Liberal Bloggers
Bloggers Give Clinton a Mixed Reception
Candidates Forum Highlights Importance of Net Roots to Democratic Party

Democratic presidential candidate pay homage to liberal bloggers

Blogger Event Draws Democrats

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton refused Saturday to forsake campaign donations from lobbyists, turning aside challenges from her two main rivals with a rare defense of the special interest industry.

Notice that Democrats are at least giving the appearance of communicating with ‘the people’ who they want to lead. Notice the Republicans are less enthusiastic about hearing the thoughts of the people they want to subject to Theocratic suppression. I give Ron Paul the ‘brass orbs’ to stand against the neocon line and be the last great hope for what used to be the party of Lincoln.

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Hints of Democrat vs Republican Role Reversal

Posted by bosskitty on August 2, 2007

While Hillary and Barak try to out ‘tough’ each other, some Republicans are becoming more thoughtful about their approach to terrorism.

… there are the makings of an inverse transformation underway among GOP candidates in the way they are talking about combating terrorism. Since the 2001 attacks, Republicans have tended to mock Democratic calls for increased diplomacy and foreign aid as a way to cut off Islamic extremism at its roots, noting, among other things, that many terrorist plotters tend in fact not to come from the poorest sectors of Muslim countries.


…  based on what’s being said on the campaign trail, there appears to be a growing recognition among Republicans that protecting the country may require more than military intervention and that the nation’s battered image abroad may in fact be a cause for concern.

Democrats had better get their act together.  They must bring some solidarity to their solution to current war issues, health issues, education issues and social engineering  (social engineering is what identity phishers do when they scam unsuspecting victims).    The Republicans are still determined to socially engineer this country and take away our identity to create a nation of fundamentalist zombies. 

Democrats must gather their diplomatic weapons and become a united winning party again – no more infighting – I don’t want to be a Republican Fundamentalist Zombie, and neither does the rest of the world!

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