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Don’t Piss Off China – Listen To Ron Paul

Posted by bosskitty on August 12, 2007

China’s US$1.3 trillion in foreign exchange reserves are the largest in the world and are believed to be comprised largely of dollar assets, potentially giving Beijing enormous sway over the dollar’s value and currency markets worldwide.

…. Chinese government economists as saying China would dump its dollar holdings in the event of a trade war with Washington added to jitters in stock markets already unnerved by volatility in U.S. share markets.

Government Debt – The Greatest Threat to National Security   by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

 Once again the federal government has reached its “debt ceiling,” and once again Congress is poised to authorize an increase in government borrowing. Between its ever-growing bureaucracies, expanding entitlements, and overseas military entanglements, the federal government is borrowing roughly one billion dollars every day to pay its bills.

Federal law limits the amount of debt the U.S. Treasury may carry, and the current amount – a whopping $7.4 trillion – has been reached once again by a spendthrift federal government. Total federal spending, which now exceeds $2 trillion annually, once took more than 100 years to double. Today it doubles in less than a decade, and the rate is accelerating. When President Reagan entered office in 1981 facing a federal debt of $1 trillion that had piled up over the decades, he declared that figure “incomprehensible.” At its present rate of spending, the federal government will soon amass $1 trillion of new debt in just one year.

Why am I hearing these facts from a Libertarian?  Why aren’t these facts being  debated by all candidates candidly?  America’s decisions must pass scrutiny by China before it listens to American Taxpayers?    What exactly is the American voice in this equation?    It’s not rocket science to understand that your child’s allowance will suffer when you must pay the mortgage instead.  China seems to hold the note on this country,  that’s fine with me as long as I don’t suffer from neglect by those I elect to administer the business of America.  America’s allowance is the welfare of our infrastructure.  We know all about that because we destroyed Iraq’s infrastructure and must pay to rebuild it.  Meantime, our bridges are falling,  our roads need repair,  our local services are scraping by,  our water supply is getting polluted and dwindling, our sewer systems are collapsing and our kids health care is pitiful.  Oh, forgot,  our electrical grid is becoming unreliable.  So, what does this all mean?  Ever hear of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”?  Well, Peter is pissed and Ron Paul knows it.

Is this why Bush has Armageddon envy?  Will this cancel our debts?  It surely get everyone’s mind off his criminal behavior and focus on personal survival! 


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China, Darfur and The Genocide Olympics

Posted by bosskitty on June 17, 2007

Darfur, U.N. Troops and Beijing: Cause and Effect?

The China Daily reports that China has welcomed Sudan’s sudden decision to accept a U.N. peace keeping force for the troubled region of Darfur. While it remains to be seen whether this will actually work out (Sudan has said it would agree before only to reneg), I can’t help but wonder about the timing. After all, Sudan
has essentially stonewalled on this for an age. Why the sudden change in attitude? Could it have anything to do with the “Genocide Olympics” campaign that started a couple of weeks ago and calls for a boycott of the 2007 games because of what the campaigners say is Beijing’s coddling of Khartoum and refusal to put pressure on it to end what is seen as Sudan inspired mass murder in Darfur. We know how super-sensitive China is about boycott calls and this is the one issue that actually has the potential to get some traction. All pure speculation of course, but it certainly bears looking in to……

This is only getting proper attention now because this cause is more popular than Iraq. It took world celebrities outrage, concerts and well publicized meetings with world leaders to put the plight of of these victims on the front page. It took an Olympic boycott threat to get China to put enough pressure on Sudan. The US has laid off Sudan for vague intelligence excuses – like I’ll reveal a terrorist secret if you leave me alone to wipe out Darfur. When economics enters the picture many things start to happen. How many millions have died until sanctions or boycotts have done their job? Will it take a boycott to get China to stop slavery? How can China really condemn Sudan when it is guilty of slavery? Contradictions and hypocracy are still at work here! Make this front page news!

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Slavery Is Shameful – Corrupt World Legacy Continues

Posted by bosskitty on June 16, 2007

Reports of Forced Labor Unsettle China

Cheated out of their money when they sought to buy a ticket for the final leg of the journey home, their father, Su Jianjun, said in an interview, they were taken in by a woman who provided them with warm shelter and a meal on a cold winter night. She also offered them a chance to earn enough money to pay their fare by helping her sell fruit.

The next thing they knew, however, they were being loaded onto a minibus with several other children and taken to a factory in the next province, where they were pressed into service making bricks. Several days later, the boy, 16, escaped along with another boy and managed to reach home. A few days later, Mr. Su was able to rescue his daughter, 18.

This story and many others like it have swept China in recent days in an unfolding labor scandal in central China that involves the kidnapping of hundreds of children, most in their teens but some as young as 8.

The children, and many adults, reportedly, have been forced to work under brutal conditions — scantily clothed, unpaid and often fed little more than water and steamed buns — in the brick kilns of Shanxi Province.

 There is more to this article and many others that are appalling. 

Forced & child labour in Shanxi brickworks

Articles relating to the discovery of Shanxi brickworks holding workers in slave-like conditions, including children.

1. ‘Slaves’ rescued from China firm, Michael Bristow, BBC, 8 Jun 2007

2. 400 hundred children sold as ‘slaves’ to illegal brick works factories in Shanxi, China, 06 Jun 2007

[Original article in Chinese. Title translation, and following summary of the article’s key points, provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.] published an open petition letter on June 6 from a group of 400 parents, striving to retrieve their lost sons, who had been captured as forced labourers in many notorious brick works factories in Shanxi, China. The children were lured or kidnapped at public locations in Zhengzhou, Henan Province such as train stations, bus stops and on the road side. They were each sold for around 500 yuan (about US$62) to work in the Shanxi brick factories, known as “dark factories”. When the parents visited the illegal brick factories in Linfen and Yongji cities of Shanxi, where most of the “dark factories” are located, they were stunned by what they found. The youngest of these children is aged 8. The children’s hair has not been cut for months or maybe years. Some have been held for over 7 years. Some has become disabled because of brutal beatings when caught trying to escape. Many have had their backs seriously burnt when they were forced to carry red-hot bricks on their backs. Slow or sick workers are beaten in order to ‘catch up with productivity’. Sick and injured workers are not hospitalized or even given any treatment.  All workers are held under round-the-clock surveillance by supervisors and guards.

Human trafficking and slavery is as rampant as it was in past centuries.  This is 2007! What have we learned?  Corporate complicity is driving this practice, cheap labor equals higher profits equals WalMart prices we all enjjoy …

Trafficking news monthly

Rights & Wrongs: Human Trafficking and More

Child Trafficking in Africa

Human Trafficking Thrives in Democratically Deficient Nations

So, we talk about all this until we are blue in the face.  We become numb and easily distracted by ‘fluff’ news media shouting about: Paris Hilton, Dancing With Stars, Rosie’s future, Obama’s latest fauxpaux,  Vioxx,  anti-aging medication and the price of gasoline.

We don’t recognize the connection between our personal actions (in-actions) and their impact upon the rest of the world.  That’s why voters bought the famous Bush line, “they hate us for our freedom”.  They hate us for our clueless abuse and disregard for anyone other than ourselves.  The poorest among us have more opportunities than much of the world.  Can you spell TV or Beer?  Such a “Christian” nation we are …

We are what we do, Not what we say!

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US Picks Unscrupulous Buddies – Hypocracy Again

Posted by bosskitty on June 13, 2007

Allies Cited for Human Trafficking

State Dept. Adds Arab Nations to List of Worst Offenders

By Nora Boustany

Washington Post Foreign Service
Wednesday, June 13, 2007; Page A14

The State Department yesterday added seven countries, including four Arab allies, to its list of worst offenders in failing to suppress human trafficking and forced labor, which it called “a modern day form of slavery.”

The 236-page annual survey, now in its seventh year, added Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar to its blacklist of worst offenders, along with Algeria, Equatorial Guinea and Malaysia. Countries on the list are subject to sanctions until major reforms are introduced.


The list already included Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Uzbekistan and Venezuela. Laos, Belize and Zimbabwe were dropped from the list this year.

The world’s two most populous countries, China and India, were kept on an intermediate watch list, meaning their approach to trafficking is deemed deficient but not enough to face immediate U.S. sanctions.

Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R-N.J.), who sponsored the law that requires the report, contended that this year’s survey was too soft on China and India. In his view, they should have been placed on the list of worst offenders.

Ths USA spouts grand “Moral Values” to everyone on the planet. The flip side is that the USA lies through it’s teeth! The USA still has a foreign policy of “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO, AND I WON’T LOOK IF YOU BREAK THE RULES …”

Human trafficking undermines any pretension that a country is democratic, Lagon said. “If people are treated as if they are subhuman and can be enslaved, the government is not fully living up to its democratic principles,” he said.

Disappointed? Always!

They say we are a Christian Nation … Think Again!

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Baluchisatn/Balochistan: Backdoor To Iran

Posted by bosskitty on June 10, 2007

Unrest simmers in Pakistan province By Kamal Hyder in Quetta, Baluchistan

Pakistan’s sprawling Baluchistan region is one of the world’s most remote areas and its hot, mostly barren, land encompasses the borders of three countries: Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The area has enormous reserves of natural resources – resources that the people of Baluchistan say are not being shared fairly with them.
The landscape is vast and rugged. If it’s not desert, it’s mountains. A troubled region, foreigners are rarely welcome.
Beneath the mountains lie rich reserves of gas and copper. The people who live here want their share of the wealth, and some want to be free of Pakistan’s control.
Balach Marri, an elected member of the provincial assembly, leads the Baluch separatists. He is a secretive man – now in hiding from (Pakistani) government forces. Marri says: “In my opinion, the situation for the struggle of an independent Baluchistan is going ahead very well.”


Owais Ghani, governor of Baluchistan, said: “I’ll clearly state here that there was a foreign factor at work in which these tribal militants were receiving a lot of heavy armament. And we’re not talking about Kalashnikovs and all that, that does not worry us.

“Heavy armament in the form of anti-tank mines, anti-tank recoilless rifles, long range rockets, 107[mm] Russian rockets, even longer-range 20 kilometre rockets.”

Balochistan: The Neglected Insurgency [2007-06-08 03:43:39]

More pressing developments elsewhere in Pakistan have tended to overshadow the Baloch insurgency in the recent past, but Islamabad is finding it increasingly difficult to crush the rebellion in the province. “We have been Baloch for more than 7000 years. We became Muslim some 1400 years ago, and have been Pakistanis for just 60 years.” — Unnamed tribal chief in Balochistan, cited in Himal South Asian, May 2007…

Why does this event concern us? Musarraf of course. He is facing a coming election and has his military scattered around his country, putting out fires. The unrest in Balochistan, Religious extremists, Taliban and Al Qaeda influences have his resources stretched thin. There is speculation that America has a finger in the separatist activity …

According to government sources, the Marri militants are being financed by neighbouring Iran, some Gulf states and probably the United States who want to sabotage the Chinese involvement and influence in the building of the deep sea port in Gwadar.

A second item of concern is growing concerning are bombings in Iran associated with American and British interests.

Is the Bush administration behind the bombings in Iran? Using local tribesmen and separatists …

There are questions about the activities of the US military and CIA inside Iran as the Bush administration intensifies its preparations for war (in Iran). According to provincial police chief Brigadier General Mohammad Ghafari: “A video seized from the rebels confirms their attachment to opposition groups, such as the Jundullah, and some countries’ intelligence services such as America and Britain.”

Quote BossKitty: Covert disruptions have quite a track record of deniability but seldom achieves the end that sired it …

Quote CHILDREN OF DUNE: Atrocity has no excuses, no mitigating argument. Atrocity never balances or rectifies the past. Atrocity merely arms the future for more atrocity. It is self-perpetuating upon itself — a barbarous form of incest. Whoever commits atrocity also commits those future atrocities thus bred.

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