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Posted by nytexan on August 15, 2007


Our new site is

Please fix your links, feeds and bookmarks to our new address and NOT

Because of my love for, I am taking my blog to a new level with Unfortunately for me I will have to leave the wonderful community.

Nytexan and BossKitty look forward to seeing all of you at BlueBloggin’s new home.

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P.S. I am still transferring a few links so excuse the mess.


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Human Rights Democratic Candidate Forum – GLBT

Posted by bosskitty on August 9, 2007

BossKitty commented as the candidates sp0ke. See the BLOG.

BossKitty says:


  • 11:01 on 08/09

No, Hillary, you are NOT my girl, yet. You have the experience and the machine to achieve everything GLBT need, but you sound scripted. When the field narrows and you are in the top 2 at the end of the primaries, I will look at you again as the lesser of the bad choices – Ron Paul appears to more liberal than Richardson, but again there is the electability factor. I like Kucinich, Gravel, Obama, and Edwards. Guess which one will make it to the finals.



  • 10:44 on 08/09

Hillary … “I’m your girl” but can you step back and be president? Xena should remain a warrior, but not Queen! Her experience and strong voice has everyone’s attention. Her failure to apologize outright for her war stance reminds me of Bush. NO NO don’t brush the same sex issue onto the states … they didn’t push civil rights onto the states. Nothing will happen until the federal policies demand equality for all. Using states rights are too convenient way of back peddling! Take a federal position!



  • 10:31 on 08/09

Bye Bye Richardson. Just don’t get it do you? Gay is not a choice!



  • 10:25 on 08/09

Richardson, used to be fond of this guy until another blogger living in NM filled me in on his inadequate handling of the state. Reminding the public about his experiences is too convenient, he is a political kinda guy. Sounds good but hollow inside. Don’t want a cardboard steak. Yes, look at his actions. No one listened when we hollered about Bush when he ran Texas into the ground, either.



  • 10:15 on 08/09

Gravel, another great voice, wrong generation. Old hippies never die … their voices are welcome in this America. Gravel is the biggest opponent of ‘Big Business’ electing our candidates and running this country’s policies. Gravel does not play to the media, he plays to the crowd that will listen to what he has learned. He must hope that he can pass along the insight he has accumulated. Again, he has no political machine and is not electable. He is a passionate ‘war horse’ for fair policies for GLBT Americans. Gravel and Kucinich should remain strong allies and work together.


  • 9:51 on 08/09

Kucinich is great. I love this guy.

  • 9:47 on 08/09

Kucinich, great things come in small packages. Such a forcefully pro-gay leprechaun, this guy is great – so sad he does not have the political machine to get himself elected. His idealism is contagious but not electable. We need Kucinich to continue speaking out whether he is electable or not.

  • 9:33 on 08/09

Edwards fights for ordinary people. He is honest about his discomfort with G&L issues. (We know what that means). Because he admits his feelings honestly, I am comfortable with his leadership. I don’t think he would betray his promises, he still has to answer to Elizabeth.

  • 9:27 on 08/09

 Everyone knows what the issues are, everyone has an idea of the world they want to live in, Obama has the tools we need to take us there.

  • 9:21 on 08/09

Obama is a statesman in the making. The art of positive thinking and a solid intellect will make him the statesman this country has needed for 8 years. He appears to see both sides of each coin and find the common ground. This country will not elect another lying radical. I still have not made my choice, but, at least I still have a voice …

Very interesting venue – no Republicans accepted the invitation …

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Democrats Embrace Bloggers

Posted by bosskitty on August 5, 2007

Democrats spar at blog gathering

Seven of the Democratic candidates for US president have fielded questions from more than 1,000 political bloggers at an annual convention in Chicago. Correspondents say the candidates’ presence reflects the growing influence of such bloggers, seen as a key resource by candidates. The candidates’ appearance at the YearlyKos Convention follows a presidential debate on YouTube in late July, when they answered questions posed solely via online videos. Senator Joe Biden was the only candidate not to attend.

Wild Wild Web: Dems Court Online Mavens
Democrats Court Liberal Bloggers
Bloggers Give Clinton a Mixed Reception
Candidates Forum Highlights Importance of Net Roots to Democratic Party

Democratic presidential candidate pay homage to liberal bloggers

Blogger Event Draws Democrats

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton refused Saturday to forsake campaign donations from lobbyists, turning aside challenges from her two main rivals with a rare defense of the special interest industry.

Notice that Democrats are at least giving the appearance of communicating with ‘the people’ who they want to lead. Notice the Republicans are less enthusiastic about hearing the thoughts of the people they want to subject to Theocratic suppression. I give Ron Paul the ‘brass orbs’ to stand against the neocon line and be the last great hope for what used to be the party of Lincoln.

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Power of Schmooze Award

Posted by nytexan on July 15, 2007

Thanks to Suzie-Q, Bluebloggin has been tagged for the Power of Schmooze Award. We are very honored.


Power of Schmooze Award was created by two bloggers Mike of Things by Mike and Danielle of Pink Review. Many who received this award have already received the “Thinking Blogger Award”

Schmoozing is the natural ability “to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.” Good schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well.

Here are our 5 recipients of the Power of Schmooze Award:

Chen Zhen’s Chamber: This is a very thoughtful and well written blog. Chen has a way of viewing topics from angles that most of us don’t bother with. Also Chen is truly all inclusive he came up with a Political Bloggers Alliance with the goal of creating an open conversation with all political ideologies.

Clapso: This blog takes on topics with a critical eye. His style is op-ed usually with visually splashed in, nice touch to round out his points. Oh and did I mention there is plenty of criticism to go around.

From The Left: Those of you who are familiar with Christopher know that he is on top of all the news and on point. Christopher’s post no BS post. They’re right to the point and he is more than happy to share his opinions with you. His blog reflects his belief in justice and freedom. He also has a very strong voice for civil rights issues.

Liberally Mirth: A very well researched blog with topics covering a wide spectrum. Mirth and D-day do a great job everyday of posting national and world information with their opinions mixed in. On Sundays they post Community Speaks when they introduce their readers to a new blog, which I think is a great idea.

Some Notes On Living: ProudProgessive covers interesting with versatile topics that are well researched. ProudProgessive is passionate on politics and social issues. This is a blog that is strong on spirit, progressive values and with a lot to tell you. You will definitely enjoy and learn something in this blog.

Now these Schmoozers have to pass the award along to five more people that have shown their ability to enter into the huge online conversation that is the “blogosphere”.

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