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CHENEY – The New Dr. Death, Wants To Strike Iran

Posted by bosskitty on August 11, 2007

Cheney urging strikes on Iran

WASHINGTON – President Bush charged Thursday that Iran continues to arm and train insurgents who are killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq, and he threatened action if that continues.

At a news conference Thursday, Bush said Iran had been warned of unspecified consequences if it continued its alleged support for anti-American forces in Iraq. U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker had conveyed the warning in meetings with his Iranian counterpart in Baghdad, the president said.

Bush wasn’t specific, and a State Department official refused to elaborate on the warning.

Behind the scenes, however, the president’s top aides have been engaged in an intensive internal debate over how to respond to Iran’s support for Shiite Muslim groups in Iraq and its nuclear program. Vice President Dick Cheney several weeks ago proposed launching airstrikes at suspected training camps in Iraq run by the Quds force, a special unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to two U.S. officials who are involved in Iran policy.

Cheney, who’s long been skeptical of diplomacy with Iran, argued for military action if hard new evidence emerges of Iran’s complicity in supporting anti-American forces in Iraq; for example, catching a truckload of fighters or weapons crossing into Iraq from Iran, one official said.

The two officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to talk publicly about internal government deliberations.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice opposes this idea, the officials said. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has stated publicly that “we think we can handle this inside the borders of Iraq.”

Lea Anne McBride, a Cheney spokeswoman, said only that “the vice president is right where the president is” on Iran policy.

Bush left no doubt at his news conference that he intended to get tough with Iran.

“My message to the Iranian people is, you can do better than this current government,” he said. “You don’t have to be isolated. You don’t have to be in a position where you can’t realize your full economic potential.”

The Bush administration has launched what appears to be a coordinated campaign to pin more of Iraq’s security troubles on Iran. Until now, some hawks within the administration – including Cheney – are said to have favored military strikes to stop Iran from furthering its suspected ambitions for nuclear weapons.

Patrick Clawson, an Iran specialist at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said a strike on the Quds camps in Iran could make the nuclear diplomacy more difficult.

Before launching such a strike, “We better be prepared to go public with very detailed and very convincing intelligence,” Clawson said.

What the hell is this guy thinking? Expanding his war to Iran is a solution to his sinking ship? Mayday, Mayday! We must do something to stop this insanity. Lieberman, Tancredo and Darth Cheney are trying to assure a lifetime of war – no winners! Is this the ploy the Bush A-bomb-a-nation will perpetrate to declare the ‘state of emergency’ required to insure calling off elections? Can you spell ‘civil war’ in America between the ‘lemmings’ and the enlightened? We cannot allow any more world atrocities committed in the name of America! We either evacuate or fight. Pick your poison. I personally don’t want to abandon this great experiment to the awful corruption we have been prisoner to for the last eight years. I prefer to stay and fight. Is anyone with me? We are not subjects to a despotic dictator, we are Americans. We are supposed to have a voice, which means we a have a responsible for protecting our freedom!



11 Responses to “CHENEY – The New Dr. Death, Wants To Strike Iran”

  1. mirth said

    I dunno, bosskitty. The fact is we are subjects of a despotic dictator and I don’t have your faith in our will to reclaim our democracy. If it isn’t us being bombed, we’ll rant but not much else.

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  3. O/T

    Sorry for the dumb question but, do you know how to get more widgets from WordPress? I’ve maxed out my alotment of nine.

  4. nytexan said

    “I don’t have your faith in our will to reclaim our democracy.”

    That’s what they’re banking on.

  5. LaPopessa said

    Stunning, isn’t it. I can’t even begin to guess at what drives this mentality. It’s certainly not common sense or logic. It’s some bizarre neo-con-driven alternate universe.

  6. nytexan said

    I’m with you. No matter how much you try and figure out the logic you realize there is no logic but a huge neo-con power/land grab. They will be the destruction of us all.

  7. mirth said


    Christopher, I don’t know how to do that and I’m maxed out too.
    WP Support has been very fast in answering my emailed questions and they have been very pleasant too. Write and ask them, and then let me know what you find out.

    Nytexan, yes the enemy counts on us feeling defeated and while I am sometimes that, I’m also working on some post stuff that might energize us. Feeling encouraged is important. I’m just in low supply of it.

  8. nytexan said

    I sent Christopher an email with the code and instructions.

    I eagerly look forward to reading the new Mirth energy.

    You will find plenty of encouragement from me and the Boss.

  9. bosskitty said

    Mirth, sometimes I feel defeated when I look back at the disaster we have wrought. Yes I say ‘we’. The American voter has to shoulder responsibility for being duped twice, maybe three times for electing scaredy cats to congress. When I find myself disillusioned, I get mad. To quote ‘Network’, I’m mad as hell and won’t take it anymore”. My anger and frustration are directed at those self-righteous ninnys who think Christianity is a license to kill. Christianity has become a cult just like Jihadists. This sick distortion of religion makes me puke. Where did the real Christians go? I will not be a silent lamb waiting to be slaughtered by idiots.

  10. bosskitty said

    LaPopessa, NeoCons have no common sense, just a driving greed thatdoes not count casualties. Bin Laden is their poster boy for how to get attention. Both NeoCons and Bin Laden use death and destruction to intimidate and get their way. Both seek to sow fear in order to rule. The KGB was good at that. NeoCons must be using the KGB ‘how to’ book.

  11. Darnell Hill said

    Americans do not have a democracy, sorry to say it but, it’s true! We are a representative republic which is the definition of what americans call democracy. In a representative republic, We only have the power to vote for the politicians that we want to govern over us. After that, We continue to live our lives and they do want they want to do as long as they have the consensus of the majority. If the people won’t use the power the we have in the constitution to make change even over our elected representatives or just to abolish our current government and set one up to how the PEOPLE see fit then our only way is to hope that our representatives come to their senses. Another way to change things is if we give power to the majority by making a majority! Congress will never get things done because Congress can never be fully controlled. Members of one party has to submit to the other to get things done in the name of our country. When congress is deadlocked change does not happen. The democrats control congress but, by how many people, One maybe two or three. Being united doesn’t mean that when towers fall both parties decide to pull up their pants, sing a song, give money to a madman only to regret the decisions he makes. Our name should be, “America of the States”. As long as one votes Republican and the other Democrat, America will never be United! Jesus Christ says: A house divided against itself can not stand. We’re united in starting war and bi-partisan in everything else. Including peace. That is clearly backwards. God will not bless America! We refuse to heed his instruction!

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