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My Opinion Of The Democrats LGBT Forum

Posted by nytexan on August 10, 2007

First let me say that for some reason BossKitty’s post on HRC Democratic Candidate Forum is not showing the comment number, however, there are several good comments posted.

Now my thoughts; I liked the intimate forum but the time for each candidate seemed very short. Wrong move for Dodd and Binden as no shows……hmmmm trying to keep those conservative happy. If you’re going to talk about being an inclusive president then show up and prove it.

Obama: He used the word semantics for “marriage” and “civil unions”; however he was in full support for all legal rights to gay couples. That translated to me has all 1100+ federal marriage rights into law. He seemed to connect and understand the fight. I personally got a different view of him last night.

Edwards: Well he just seemed flat uncomfortable to be around gays. I think Elizabeth made him attend. The huge revelation to him about the gay youth facility in L.A., well John you need to get out in the community more. His religion seems to weight to heavy on his view of gay marriage. That’s a big issue since we’ve had a religious zealot in office for the past 7 years. Edwards needs to finish his journey and come back in a future campaign.

Kucinich: What can I say, he had all the right answers and he has been fighting the fight for a long time. He’s all about his belief in our founding documents and the true meaning of the words equal rights. He has the right ideas; he’s on the right track but is our country ready for a forward evolved thinker that we saw last night. It would be refreshing.

Richardson: Well let’s just say he should stay in New Mexico. He looked uncomfortable and out of place. He probably did more damage to himself showing up. Richardson would have been a good bathroom break.

Gravel: He was himself. He is for full marriage and thinks this will be a non issue in 5 years. I think he was a bit out there on that. We all know he won’t make it but the nice having about Gravel showing up is he gets in the face of the other candidates.

Hillary: Too smug, too self confident that she has the election in the bag. Her statement “I strongly support states rights determining gay marriage,” is she kidding me. Many states tried to change their constitutions against gays. What freaking country does she live in? She uses the line “I’m your girl” funny she said the same thing at the AFL-CIO debate. I wonder if she said that at the NAACP forum. Personally I’m not going for the Bush/Clinton dynasty. A vote for change is not a vote for Hillary.

Here are poll results from LOGO:

39% Barack Obama

25% Dennis Kucinich

18% Hillary Clinton

9% Mike Gravel

7% John Edwards

3% Bill Richardson


8 Responses to “My Opinion Of The Democrats LGBT Forum”

  1. EXCELLENT! Good points all and very astute.

  2. nytexan said

    Thank you.It took me all day to rethink everything I hear and saw. I’m glad my memory hasn’t failed me yet.

  3. Suzie-Q said

    Very good post! 🙂

    Hey, I’ve been having a problem with my comment numbers being screwed up too! It must be a WordPress issue! Errr!

  4. nytexan said

    Yeah it’s a WordPress problem. I posted the problem in the forum and there are many of the same.

  5. I hear ya, girl! After 24 hours like what we’ve been through, I’m not sure what planet I’m on! LOL!

  6. nytexan said

    Well you can be grateful its Friday.

  7. The poll numbers are skewed — they accepted multiple submissions and invited visitors to vote again and again. As to the candidates at the HRC debate: who’s genuine? Who’s the only candidate to appear the the SF Gay Pride parade? Who’s the one running for genuine change? Who’s the candidate with a backbone that has actually taken action that have gotten results (e.g., he ended the draft by waging a one man filibuster; he risked jail to inform the American people of the true story of our involvement in the VN War)? And who is actually speaking truth to power — the one with a backbone, not a corrupted campaign WAR chest? STOP and THINK!!!
    Gravel has gravitas! Get on the Gravel Train!

  8. nytexan said

    I agree with you on Gravel. I hope he stays in for the long haul. It bothers me that certain forums like AFL-CIO did not invite him to the debate. I think it is a huge mistake for any of the candidates to be left out.

    It has been my feeling all along that the media has picked the candidates and are choosing the favorite. Which by many polls and support are not Hillary or Obama.

    It’s unfortunate that the LOGO poll was not secure and multiple votes were allowed. Thank you for pointing that out.

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