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Human Rights Democratic Candidate Forum – GLBT

Posted by bosskitty on August 9, 2007

BossKitty commented as the candidates sp0ke. See the BLOG.

BossKitty says:


  • 11:01 on 08/09

No, Hillary, you are NOT my girl, yet. You have the experience and the machine to achieve everything GLBT need, but you sound scripted. When the field narrows and you are in the top 2 at the end of the primaries, I will look at you again as the lesser of the bad choices – Ron Paul appears to more liberal than Richardson, but again there is the electability factor. I like Kucinich, Gravel, Obama, and Edwards. Guess which one will make it to the finals.



  • 10:44 on 08/09

Hillary … “I’m your girl” but can you step back and be president? Xena should remain a warrior, but not Queen! Her experience and strong voice has everyone’s attention. Her failure to apologize outright for her war stance reminds me of Bush. NO NO don’t brush the same sex issue onto the states … they didn’t push civil rights onto the states. Nothing will happen until the federal policies demand equality for all. Using states rights are too convenient way of back peddling! Take a federal position!



  • 10:31 on 08/09

Bye Bye Richardson. Just don’t get it do you? Gay is not a choice!



  • 10:25 on 08/09

Richardson, used to be fond of this guy until another blogger living in NM filled me in on his inadequate handling of the state. Reminding the public about his experiences is too convenient, he is a political kinda guy. Sounds good but hollow inside. Don’t want a cardboard steak. Yes, look at his actions. No one listened when we hollered about Bush when he ran Texas into the ground, either.



  • 10:15 on 08/09

Gravel, another great voice, wrong generation. Old hippies never die … their voices are welcome in this America. Gravel is the biggest opponent of ‘Big Business’ electing our candidates and running this country’s policies. Gravel does not play to the media, he plays to the crowd that will listen to what he has learned. He must hope that he can pass along the insight he has accumulated. Again, he has no political machine and is not electable. He is a passionate ‘war horse’ for fair policies for GLBT Americans. Gravel and Kucinich should remain strong allies and work together.


  • 9:51 on 08/09

Kucinich is great. I love this guy.

  • 9:47 on 08/09

Kucinich, great things come in small packages. Such a forcefully pro-gay leprechaun, this guy is great – so sad he does not have the political machine to get himself elected. His idealism is contagious but not electable. We need Kucinich to continue speaking out whether he is electable or not.

  • 9:33 on 08/09

Edwards fights for ordinary people. He is honest about his discomfort with G&L issues. (We know what that means). Because he admits his feelings honestly, I am comfortable with his leadership. I don’t think he would betray his promises, he still has to answer to Elizabeth.

  • 9:27 on 08/09

 Everyone knows what the issues are, everyone has an idea of the world they want to live in, Obama has the tools we need to take us there.

  • 9:21 on 08/09

Obama is a statesman in the making. The art of positive thinking and a solid intellect will make him the statesman this country has needed for 8 years. He appears to see both sides of each coin and find the common ground. This country will not elect another lying radical. I still have not made my choice, but, at least I still have a voice …

Very interesting venue – no Republicans accepted the invitation …


13 Responses to “Human Rights Democratic Candidate Forum – GLBT”

  1. Yes, props and kudos to the Dems for showing up and now let’s move onto the issues.

    Hillary and Obama are still advocating separate, but equal, which means “YES” to civil unions but “NO” to gay marriage.

    Why? Is this discriminatory position informed by their religion and why are many in the LGBT willing to be slaughtered by them?

    These Dems want our time; our creativity; and our ca$h but, then they throw us under the bus on gay marriage equity.

    This faggot says enough. I will NOT support them until they call for full marriage equity for my community.

  2. phil_in_ny said

    They all seemed to do a fair job minus Richardson, who seemed uncomfortable.

  3. nytexan said

    Richardson seemed like he couldn’t wait to get out to of there.

  4. nytexan said

    I don’t think anytime soon the words “full marriage” will be used. Bush and the Christian right have done alot of damage to what the the fight for rights really is about. the GOP and Christians have created so much hate in the country.

    I understand the angle that Obama, Hillary and Edwards are approaching this by getting all federal marriage rights into law. That alone will be a huge achievement. It’s not correct but they are steps in the right direction.

  5. I agree with you on Obama’s position. He’s even said as much but I part company with you regarding Hillary and Edwards.

    When I heard Hillary say “I strongly support states rights determining gay marriage,” I nearly passed out. Edwards wasn’t much better. The states rights cop-out is chilling and opens up to states like Texas and Utah outlawing our relationships.

    Not good.

    I am so not enchanted with this group. As I commented to Phil today, I like Kuchinich but I just don’t see him as a national figure. A shame really.

  6. nytexan said

    States rights is a joke. It would never happen in Texas. There are no rights. Fortunately changing the state constitution failed.

    I really don’t trust Hillary, even though she says she’s a friend of the community. I think Hillary is a friend of any community that has cash and votes.

    I liked Kucinich the best. Here are the votes so far which probably change often.

    35% Barack Obama

    23% Dennis Kucinich

    21% Hillary Clinton

    9% Mike Gravel

    8% John Edwards

    4% Bill Richardson

  7. That was some interesting debate , man o man Edwards lost a bunch of us this go round. AS did Hilary. Kucinich is the only one who has recieved any of my money. Obama however is looking pretty darn good. I do not trust Hillary as far as could throw her and i never will. NEVER. Obama however can grow and he is,daily in leaps and bounds, and this country needs this change desparately. The vote is still a long long way off. Thanks BK and NY -Texan for the coverage ! I noticed on the blogs during the debate, where i commented a couple of times..under Kucinich, that their damn site was NOT secure. Still and all , it was an historic moment…as the polls above show. Funny too LGBT voter turn out is always high,these guys better wake up and smell OUR power. oh and about those voting machines…….there are 400 something days left to outlaw E voting ….

  8. nytexan said

    I’m with you on Hillary, she has never gained my trust. Edwards lost me last night.I have been interested in him but his interest in the issues seemed forced. He didn’t come across natural like Obama did.

  9. NyTexan,

    Check it out.

    Le Hill, the alleged darling of the left, accepted $25,000 from News Corp! News Corp!

    This DINO will sleep with ANYONE for the right price. And best of all, Le Hill says she intends to keep accepting lobbyist and special interest money. Even when it’s blood money from Murdock.


  10. nytexan said

    Unbelievable since Hillary just got blasted for that. I guess for some money talks and ethics walks.

  11. Yep.

    Five zeros and she sits on your lap.
    Six zeros and she dresses up like a girl scout.
    Seven zeros and she’ll be your baby momma.

  12. Were the republicans invited?

    If people don’t like gay marriage, they shouldn’t marry gays. But leave everyone else alone.

  13. nytexan said

    Yes the republicans were invited for another date and they all declined. I guess there are no gay repugs.

    BTW: I just posted my opinion of all the candidates at the forum.

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