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Cream Floats To The Top, Candidate Field Narrows

Posted by bosskitty on August 9, 2007

Romney Surges While McCain Collapses and Obama Shows Crossover Support

(August 8, 2007) Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is surging in a new poll, while U.S. Sen. John McCain, Ariz., has virtually collapsed. Meanwhile, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, Ill., shows surprising crossover support.


“Of the Democratic candidates, Obama shows the most crossover support in this poll,” said Redlawsk, although he emphasized that Obama’s number doesn’t hold any meaning for the caucuses. “What we’re seeing at this early stage, among people looking forward to the November 2008 election, is that Obama is the Democrat Republicans are most likely to vote for.”

Just like ‘crossover music’ a crossover candidate could be a hit! Obama, like him or not, is emerging as a promising candidate. Obama’s words draw a lot of microscopic scrutiny, but, compared with the verbal farts we have grown used to, Obama’s words smell so much better. Obama appears to stay focused and has a thoughtful response to questions … he actually answers them instead of shifting to another topic like most politicians are guilty of. I personally don’t endorse anyone yet, but as the ‘world turns’ the cream is floating to the top and we soon will have our true selections before us. Everyone knows what the issues are, everyone has an idea of the world they want to live in, just watch for the candidate that will bring us that world.


2 Responses to “Cream Floats To The Top, Candidate Field Narrows”

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  2. ClapSo said

    I don’t see and cream in the dem or repub celebdidates. These are the people who are running our country into the ground now! I can’t see how promoting any of this bad bunch into the white house will solve any of our problems. Out with the lot of the two parties of the apocalypse come election day!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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