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Good Timing For Bush – American Al Qaeda Speaks

Posted by bosskitty on August 5, 2007

Qaeda video vows attacks on US missions

LONDON (Thomson Financial) – A wanted American member of Al-Qaeda has warned in a new video that US diplomatic missions and other interests were ‘legitimate targets,’ vowing that the network would attack these ‘spy dens.’

In the footage compiled by Al-Qaeda’s production arm As-Sahab, an unnamed narrator singled out US missions in oil-rich Gulf Arab states as potential targets.

American Terrorist Threatens U.S. in New Al Qaeda Video

CAIRO, Egypt — An American member of Al Qaeda threatened foreign diplomats and embassies in the Islamic world calling them “spy dens” in the terror network’s latest video released Sunday. “We shall continue to target you, at home and abroad, just as you target us, at home and abroad, and these spy dens and military command and control centers from which you plotted your aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq,” said Adam Gadahn, also known as Azzan al-Amriki.

Well, well, well, whether the threat is real or not, the timing of this new threat is impeccable. That children’s story, about the kid who cried ‘WOLF’ too many times, is front and center in my mind. King George has deceived us so many times and been caught in so many lies, that I am skeptical about any more video productions allegedly from Al Qaeda. If this threat is real, we are at the same security level we’ve been in since the war began. Nothing has really changed. Bush and his marketing handlers have staged so many productions that Hollywood should be the one threatened. Funny how Al Qaeda pops into the news every time Bush wants to pull something over on Americans. This ‘American Al Qaeda’ is probably a CIA operative who is handed a script to boost polls to continue Bush’s Armageddon Envy.


6 Responses to “Good Timing For Bush – American Al Qaeda Speaks”

  1. You aren’t alone noticing the blatant coordination between Al-Qaeda videos and activities with the Bush/Cheney admin’s political machinations. This latest video is so blatantly obvious as to be amazing. The arrogance of this criminal cabal is unmatched.

    Read this post from May 1st…


  2. Suzie-Q said

    That children’s story, about the kid who cried ‘WOLF’ too many times, is front and center in my mind. King George has deceived us so many times and been caught in so many lies…
    Exactly BossKitty!

    How can we believe the leader of this country? How can we believe anything they say anymore?

    Rise up America and take our country back! Impeach them!

  3. bosskitty said

    Thanks Suzie-Q, I thought everyone was still asleep or still at their Sunday morning Social Club … Golf or Church, pick one. I am more and more convinced that MSM is just Main Scream Marketing. Bush handlers own the political marketing empire. And we always fall for it, we buy lies at “super fire sale discounts” only to find our there is “no truth in marketing”.

  4. bosskitty said

    Seven Star, Thanks for the links. I am so glad to see my skepticism reinforced. I have worked in the mews media and know how easy it is to stage events. Nice article and page.

  5. Adam Gadahn-(a.k.a.) Azzan al-Amriki son of Phil and Jenifer Gadahn.
    Jenifer Gadahn-(a.k.a.) Cheryl Hanin
    Phil Gadahn-(a.k.a.)Phil Pearlman
    Cheryl Hanin is an Israeli Mossad agent. Surely Adam is as well! This a family of composers and posers.
    Would love to see lil Adam hangin out with Al-Qaeda. Hell, I would even pay to see that one. Would be quite an interesting little get together.
    Now for the facts; Mossad is preparing to attack the U.S. again and Bush will once again blame Al-Qaeda. Martial law will go into effect and Bush thinks he will begin plans to attack Iran. “Bush, do ya feel lucky? Well punk, do ya?”

  6. nytexan said

    Dirty Harry:
    You won’t get argument out of me on Bush pulling an attack, starting a war and the 2008 elections canceled. Welcome to he New America.

    As long as he spineless 110th Congress keeps giving into Bush and leave Cheney in office, Bush will continue to feel luck.

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