Taking Texas And The Nation Back

Hints of Democrat vs Republican Role Reversal

Posted by bosskitty on August 2, 2007

While Hillary and Barak try to out ‘tough’ each other, some Republicans are becoming more thoughtful about their approach to terrorism.

… there are the makings of an inverse transformation underway among GOP candidates in the way they are talking about combating terrorism. Since the 2001 attacks, Republicans have tended to mock Democratic calls for increased diplomacy and foreign aid as a way to cut off Islamic extremism at its roots, noting, among other things, that many terrorist plotters tend in fact not to come from the poorest sectors of Muslim countries.


…  based on what’s being said on the campaign trail, there appears to be a growing recognition among Republicans that protecting the country may require more than military intervention and that the nation’s battered image abroad may in fact be a cause for concern.

Democrats had better get their act together.  They must bring some solidarity to their solution to current war issues, health issues, education issues and social engineering  (social engineering is what identity phishers do when they scam unsuspecting victims).    The Republicans are still determined to socially engineer this country and take away our identity to create a nation of fundamentalist zombies. 

Democrats must gather their diplomatic weapons and become a united winning party again – no more infighting – I don’t want to be a Republican Fundamentalist Zombie, and neither does the rest of the world!


4 Responses to “Hints of Democrat vs Republican Role Reversal”

  1. A Woman said

    Blue blogging sound like me. may I introduce my self to you? greetings sofia

  2. phil_in_ny said

    Say it isn’t so!!!

  3. A Woman said

    I dont know if it was you who replay a comment or two on my blogg. I leave my answer here in case it was. otherwise I apolygise
    No ider can I. we are what we are. And everyone have their own backpack to carry trough life.

    yes is`nt that strange to be sensitive and strong in the same time. But I think it is a good way to be, dont you think? I think there are many people who feels the same way. but this is internet and you can be who you like. I think many take that opportunity to be what they would like to be. And it is nothing wrong with that.

    Thank you
    It isnt easy to write in a launguage i dont really control, but pictures i do controll. I use a lot a pictures to explain.,but still everyone have their own interpretion


  4. ClapSo said

    The dems and repubs started this war together, and have continued this war together. Both parties are now feeling the heat for their insane war. But still, neither party is willing to take action to stop it! This is the stupidest bunch in government I’ve ever seen hold office!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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