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Rumsfeld:No Cover Up In Tillman Death

Posted by nytexan on August 1, 2007

  • WASHINGTON (CNN) — Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Wednesday there was no evidence of a cover-up of the circumstances of Army Ranger Cpl. Pat Tillman’s death.
  • “I know that I would not engage in a cover-up. I know that no one in the White House suggested such a thing to me,” Rumsfeld testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which is examining what senior Defense Department officials knew about Tillman’s death and when they knew it.

Right Rummy you would not engage in a cover up. What about Abu Ghraib? Oh thats right Abu Ghraib was the result of rogue privates.

  • Rumsfeld testified that he didn’t recall precisely when he learned of Tillman’s death, or the possibility that it was the result of fratricide.

I guess Rummy suffers from Gonzo amnesia.

  • There were flare-ups of temper, as when Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, pressed Rumsfeld about whether he discussed press strategies with the White House.
  • “Was there a Department of Defense press strategy with respect to the war?” Kucinich asked.
  • “If there was, it obviously wasn’t very good,” Rumsfeld responded.
  • “Well you know, maybe it was very good, because you actually covered up the Tillman case for a while, you covered up the Jessica Lynch case, you covered up Abu Ghraib, so something was working for you — was there a strategy to do it, Mr. Rumsfeld?” Kucinich persisted.
  • “Well, Congressman, the implication that — you said ‘you’ covered it up, that’s just false,” Rumsfeld answered testily. “You have nothing to base that on, you have not a scrap of evidence.”

Personally I think Rumsfeld is lying.  If he tels the truth here it opens the door for many more questions and investigation.


9 Responses to “Rumsfeld:No Cover Up In Tillman Death”

  1. Like duh. Did the morons in the Congress really expect to hear anything else from this constipated, ancient neocon?

    I posted this on the Tancredo thread by accident. A million apologies!

  2. nytexan said

    Congress was probably surprised he showed up. Rummy is pretty clever, did they actually think they would get him to agree or admit anything.

  3. nytexan said

    BTW: No apologies needed. I went ahead an deleted your duplicate response.

  4. Thank you. Major headache this afternoon. I probably shouldn’t be anywhere near a keyboard!

  5. nytexan said

    LOL..don’t worry about it

  6. unitedwelay1 said

    This makes me really angry. Not only are we not supporting the troops that are there, we’re allowing murders to be covered up.

  7. phil_in_ny said

    he’s old and senile. He should just stick to his rocking chair and deck of cards.

  8. nytexan said

    He is also dangerous and a long time friend of Cheney. How could the committee actually think he would answer anything.

  9. nytexan said

    Their idea of support the troops has more to do with support their corporate buddies and war profiteering. It’s shameful and they will never be held accountable.

    BTW: I love your dog.

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