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OpEd: All Answers Are Selfish And Shallow

Posted by bosskitty on July 29, 2007

It is a slow news day at 9:00 AM CST – every story is more of the same with little spin left. So, I have decided to share my feelings about different stuff.

  • Religion: In my youth I was religious because it was expected, conventional and socially acceptable. I was a passionate seeker determined to find the source of truth, looking for God everywhere. No religion or philosophy was left unturned. I found crumbs of truth everywhere – but, not consolidated into just ONE. Religion is environmental, each individual is planted in the religious soil they were born in. Religion is our personal guidance throughout our lives. As we grow, we have the choice of being a ‘Sunflower’ who faces the Sun as it moves across the sky or the choice of a happy mushroom sitting in the dark nourished by nature’s fertilizer. Truth is in the eye of the beholder, it is a conglomerate of our personal experiences and environment. Our ability to see beyond our personal world determines what we understand as Truth. Earth’s population and the earth evolves. Life is not a static thing that is dictated by the mouth of another human, it is a constantly changing physical, mental, bio-chemical event influenced by everything.
  • Politics: Don’t get me started. But. Politics is supposed to be the RESPONSIBLE voice of the population it represents. Politicians are supposed to weigh the needs of the individuals they represent and balance those needs with the stability of the whole group. At the national level, seek balance without conflict with other nations while insuring the safety of its own. When a nation enters into conflict, it must be the absolutely last choice. Provocations are tests of the intelligence of a political nation. Common good (whoever defines it) should be the priority, however, the common good has been hijacked by the powerful (we chose) and bent to their own purposes. This year of 2007 is a prelude to another political event that will be dictated by the powerful in this country. This country has the opportunity to decide WHO is powerful. This country of individuals must act responsibly or show it’s ignorance to the world. The United States of America is a nations among other nations. The difference between being a world leader and world bully is what determines the safety of the individuals in this nation. Look at the whole world before you choose who you give your power to!
  • Choices: Our personal choices are what make us individual human beings. People who impose their personal beliefs are creating clones. Spiritual inbreeding has done more damage in this world than any comet, volcano, tsunami or electro-magnetic shift. Spiritual inbreeding is a dangerous mental disease. Spirit is alive and multi-dimensional. Human beings are distinguished from other mammals because we are supposed to be self-aware, see future possibilities and use logic to solve problems. Human beings, collectively have the power to make this planet life supporting or life extinguishing. Environment or War. Humans who care will decide.

Our choices will be selfish and shallow whatever we decide – our own wellbeing will trump our neighbor’s wellbeing every time. Our view of WHO our neighbors are will determine how shallow we are. Next door neighbors, next nation neighbors or next planet, the welfare of our neighbors are what will determine our survivability as a planet.


10 Responses to “OpEd: All Answers Are Selfish And Shallow”

  1. mysterybea said

    Very nice post, I couldn’t have said it all better myself! I particularly like your term “spiritual inbreeding”. It seems that most of the problems in this world come from people blindly following a leader, be it Christians, Muslims, Republicans or Democrats. Too many people act along some party line without thought or consideration of consequences. I feel like that’s why our government really gets nothing done in the long run…its either blue or red, not ‘what’s best for the people?’ I don’t care what someone believes, as long as they have thought long and hard about it and have CHOSEN their belief system, not had it passed down to them with the rest of their genes.

    I also really liked the sunflower vs. mushroom idea. Hmmm, interesting that I have a sunflower tattoo on my arm and I HATE mushrooms. Just an observation!

  2. bosskitty said

    Thank you MysteryBea. My humble opinions on the state of world affairs as they unfold today seem so impotent. There are so many distractions to prevent people from studying cause and effect then accepting responsibility, that my expectations are pretty low. I do have hope that reason remains within our grasp, it’s just getting people to reach for it. There is common ground for all humans, we’re just not looking hard enough.

  3. kip152 said

    You’d think it would just be common sense to look for common ground. Anyway, I’ll keep looking.

  4. bosskitty said

    Thanks Kip, the more of us who look, the better.

  5. opit said

    Your ideas about religion don’t seem to clearly state one idea : it is an emotional appeal, not a logical one. That’s why opinions on whether or not it’s a human software kludge will differ.
    Politics : haven’t you defined a “mission statement” as purpose ? Sounds like a kool aid possibility to me.
    Choices : I’ve posted items which clearly infer a ‘social responsibility’ component to a healthy human mind.

    Way too much chance those quips could be taken as ‘rattling your cage’. I had too much fun with them to bother with a denial. 🙂

  6. bosskitty said

    OK Opit, I get your point – I did not stake a claim (idea) to a specific religion. They are all ‘man made’ by someone else.
    Religion: is what you do, not what you say (emotions aside). Politics: agenda or commitment is difficult for me, given that our choices are so airbrushed by the media. My mission has no statement in and of itself, because I am not privy to the true motives of our leaders. I see patterns and trends that suggest an arrogant and selfish goal to return to a feudal system of government, led by a power elite. I seek out the least obvious corporate puppet that wants to be a statesman. Where are the statesmen?
    Choices: merchandise in the current department store of politics and religion is slim pickins. Taking responsibility seems to have been lost on politics and individuals. This country is no longer idealist but opportunist. Religious leaders have become megalomaniacal just like politicians. Everyone wants to IMPOSE upon others. I strongly REJECT anyone IMPOSING their understanding as dictated to them by a religious leader or politician. My understanding is always seeking to grow and will not stop. The more I learn, the more I realize there is to learn.
    Sorry it took so long, you made me think 8)

  7. opit said

    Then I consider our talk a resounding success.

  8. opit said

    The traditional model for education and higher learning was not rote memorization : but taking facts and reaching one’s own conclusions.
    Also, the idea of a wise person is not that of a “know-it-all” or polymath : rather, one who appreciates human limits of understanding in general and their own in particular. Religiously speaking, that is what is known as the “virtue” – truth – of humility.
    Maybe I’m not selling you as short as it seems.

  9. bosskitty said

    Opit, I think we have a dialog

  10. opit said

    Sounds good to me.
    One quip made me grin – this in a local paper and posted by a Baptist minister : “Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, not promote religion.”
    If ‘belief’ implies obedience I don’t do well. But if thinking someone may have something else on their head besides a point will do, things are much more agreeable. I liked the ‘Stories of Jesus’ – and Proverbs too – as a boy.
    Theology left me cold and I never pursues what seemed inbred idiocy.
    Prayer seemed to have analogues in biofeedback, hypnosis and meditation : a proposition with possible merit. That I could and do do.
    Imposing understanding always seemed as viable a proposition as imposing values – a ridiculous idea.
    I’ve written on “synne” before : a medieval archery term for ‘falling short of perfection’ which relates to limits of human capacity more than the idea of virtue and morality. ‘Save’ in this case has to do with making the results of our actions functional : a proposal which is sometimes confused with the idea of magic. Not that you’d notice, as the saying goes.

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