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Petraeus Not Welcome In Iraq

Posted by bosskitty on July 28, 2007

Iraqi leader tells Bush: Get Gen Petraeus out

By Damien McElroy, Foreign Affairs Correspondent

Relations between the top United States general in Iraq and Nouri al-Maliki, the country’s prime minister, are so bad that the Iraqi leader made a direct appeal for his removal to President George W Bush.

Although the call was rejected, aides to both men admit that Mr Maliki and Gen David Petraeus engage in frequent stand-up shouting matches, differing particularly over the US general’s moves to arm Sunni tribesmen to fight al-Qa’eda.

At another meeting with Gen Petraeus, Mr Maliki said: “I can’t deal with you any more. I will ask for someone else to replace you.”

Can’t we all just get along?


Saudi Arabia is convinced that Maliki is an Iranian intelligence agent … Our track record choosing leaders remains sad … America is still leadership challenged.



7 Responses to “Petraeus Not Welcome In Iraq”

  1. […] Relations between the top United States general in Iraq and Nouri al-Maliki, the country’s prime minister, are so bad that the Iraqi leader made a direct appeal for his removal to President George W Bush. Although the call was rejected, … …more […]

  2. Oops! Let’s see now.

    The Iraqi Parliment has voted twice that I can think of to ask the Murikans to leave and now al-Maliki says he wants General Petraeus to leave.

    But George Bush is tone deaf and won’t listen.

    Sounds like an occupation, an unwanted and illegal occupation to me.

  3. unitedwelay1 said

    I don;t think it’s going to mater who we put in charge as long as Bush is in office. we have to get out, and we have to do it now. why aren’t people still making the comparisons between this an Viet Nam? It’s not any less of a quagmire.

  4. bosskitty said

    Christopher, if deaf was Bush’s only problem, I would be grateful. He is mentally and morally challenged and happens to be our clueless leader. Shame on us. I smell civil disobedience in the air …
    United, all our efforts at trying to clean up the mess we have made have only made things worse. You don’t fight fires by throwing matches at it. We have created an insurmountable disaster … we have screwed ourselves and the people we were supposed to be saving. Watch as we abandon the victims we created and leave them to the terrorists we created.

  5. Moyers this past friday, once again excellent. A young professor from West Point and a Middle Eastern scholar. Bottom line, this occupation is an affront to Muslim world. It is a holy war in their eyes and a blantant to dominate their culture and land. Both of these men adamently said, in no uncertain terms ALL – ALL troops must leave, no residual forces left behind. They also said there is NO military solution. NONE.
    PNAC has its own agenda, they have learned nothing from history and we here get fed endless proposterous propaganda. OIL is not worth blood. And no people anywhere want to be occupied by a foreign military force – this is not rocket science.
    There is blood shed now, there will be some blood shed when we leave – both scholars were adement that the iragis themselves will combat Al Quada affiates..and that our presence there is a magnet for youngersters who see this as a cultural battle. The only preventing 14 yrs olds from fighting there in the against the Imperialist West – is lack of bus fare. Humility,diplomacy are the only thing that can begin some healing and bring some stability back to the region over time. PNAC however does not want stability – they are war profiteers. It must end NOW.

    We need to leave there NOW – and take all of our stuff with us. Or destroy it ie. weapons. HA , an that has a snow balls chance in hell of happening. In the meantime, Vets are treated like crap, the military is at a breaking point and clueless Captain Codpiece says full speed ahead. Completely ignoring the experts and the will of the people.

  6. nytexan said

    Withdrawal will not happen with Bush or the 110th Congress.The only way for us to get completely out of Iraq with not one soldier left behind, is to make the correct vote for the next president.

    Voting for either Hillary or Obama will leave support troops behind. Voting for Edwards, Kucinich and Richardson will leave no one behind. My vote is becoming very clear to me. NO MORE HAWKS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

  7. bosskitty said

    Hey Proud, if there was an easy solution, we have wasted it. If bloodshed was to be stopped, we missed it. Whatever happens, there will be a lot of hurt to go around. My only hope is that whoever we elect will have the balls to take responsibility for the consequences of their predecessors and take a giant leap past ‘inherited catastrophe’ whines and step up to the task. Whatever culpability we have must be addressed, it will take years, perhaps generations to heal and repair what BushCo has done. With or without oil, what will they spend their profits on if civilization has been destroyed?

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