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Bush Terror Production Impending – News Max Breaking News

Posted by bosskitty on July 28, 2007

Breaking from

U.S. General: Terror Attack Could ‘Happen Any Day,’ Need
to Prepare for Nuclear Threat

Special: Bin Laden Targets 7 U.S. Cities: NY, D.C., Vegas, More

Special: Terror ‘Chatter’ Extremely High, Prepare Your Family

Experts Praise TSA’s Airport Security Warning

Special: 6 Days of Hell: the Coming War With Iran

Important: Homeland Security Has Advised Every Family to Have an Emergency Radio — and one not dependent on electric outlet power. Please check out our free offer for one of the best emergency radios available — Go Here Now.

I hate to plug a Reich Wing rag, but, here it is. Rumors that BushCo is preparing a “terrorist” incident to enable their plan to put the US under Marshal Law are getting a lot of play right now. Be prepared for Bush to arrange some awful disaster he can blame “on the enemies of American Freedom”. This will be the excuse he will use to postpone or cancel 2008 elections and suspend the Constitution. A national crisis will be the distraction. He is counting on America to be enraged and vulnerable and ready to strike back at whoever is in reach. Bush will then become the righteous dictator of biblical proportions that he was told he would be, by those who control his mind. We will officially become his subjects – as we seem to be right now.  All these Reich Wing warnings are seeping through the floorboards now, so they can stand proudly and say “I told you so”.

BossKitty is updating that passport!


2 Responses to “Bush Terror Production Impending – News Max Breaking News”

  1. I put nothing past these criminals, the ones supposedly working to protect us. I fully expect Martial law at any moment and based on some black ops. It could easilty involve a recess appointment of Surgeon General Holsinger – who would happily collude in a “germ warfare health threat” This is not tin foil thinking, this is taking the facts, the history and knowing not to put anything at all past these greedy,corrupt thugs. And they will game the democrats with the same old tricks and smears.Insanity is catchy – esp mass hysteria, jingoism and blind hatred and panic.

  2. bosskitty said

    Proud, these Reich Wing clues are supposed to prepare American citizens for BushCo’s terrorist production. Bush is the new Cecil B. DeMille for terror – he hires a cast of thousands, sets the stage and when cameras are rolling he produces an event meant to guarantee his place as Dick-Tater in Chief, Emperor and thief of Baghdad, Lord of the Lies. While Thing George makes us live through his Armageddon Envy, he thinks he is preparing us for his suspension of the rest of the Constitution and Yes! Martial Law! I, for one, expect a second Civil War in this country. Start squirreling away canned goods and bottled water, a few bullets and a lot of toilet paper …

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