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Immediate Release: Crawford Texas

Posted by nytexan on July 26, 2007

A tragic flood this morning destroyed the personal library of President George W. Bush.

The flood began in the presidential bathroom where both of the books were kept.
Both books have been completely destroyed.

A presidential spokesman said the president was devastated as he had almost finished

coloring the second one.

The White House tried to call FEMA but there was no answer.



18 Responses to “Immediate Release: Crawford Texas”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Girl, you had me going there for a moment!

  2. nytexan said

    A friend sent me the email and it had me going for a minute. I usually ignore the jokes I get but I couldn’t resist this one.

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  4. Isn’t it a hoot that this chump-ass Mofo thinks he deserves a presidential library because “mah daddeh has waaahn, too.”

    What the hell will be put in it? Valentine’s Day cards he received from Jeff Gannon and permission to pee notes given him by Condi Rice?

    Bush is a joke. A dangerous joke and a moron.

  5. nytexan said


    He’ll probably borrow some books from the public library. Put a couple of bails of hay around and some pics of him and turd blossom.


    Or, Bush will hire one of those professional “stagers” who get houses ready to sell. They buy books by the foot. Have you seen them? They look like books but they’re really just dustjackets designed to look like books and make the owner of the home look more literate.

    Do you ever just sit back and shake your head in f-n disbelief that we’ve sunk to this level?

    All I know is we as a nation MUST do better in 2008.

  7. nytexan said


    You mean there haven;t been professional stagers for the last 6+ years?

    If it doesn’t do better we’re headed north of the border.

  8. We’re looking at a more drastic solution.

    When Jim is through with RN school we’re seriously thinking of relocating to Rome. He can always get a job as an RN at the American hospital near Il Citta dell’ Vaticano.

    We both adore Italy: the climate, the food, the men (we just lookie-no touchie), the culture, the music and the freedom from what has become so heavy and oppressive about living in the USA.

    Time will tell.

  9. nytexan said

    Rome does have far better weather than Canada.

    I would prefer Europe.

  10. Spain is so pro-gay. Legalized marriage and great weather.

    Italy is moving slowly into the 21st century and Rome now has civil unions. Marriage may become EU-wide. Yikes! What will the vehemently Poland do? LOL!!

  11. nytexan said

    I’ve seriously thought of Spain.

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  13. Suzie-Q said


    That was hilarious! LOL

    Thanks for the laugh! 😉

  14. nytexan said

    Your welcome.

  15. phil_in_ny said

    I just don’t get it. We have so much we can do right here at home.

  16. nytexan said

    I don’t get your response. Is this meant for another post, “Your endless tax dollars”? If so you are 100% correct. This war has only lined the pocket of big corporations ad the elite, while Americans suffer.

  17. ClapSo said

    ROFL! He had two coloring books and finished one? Did this report come from the MSM? It sounds like a gross exaduration to me! I don’t think he ever finished one…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  18. nytexan said

    That joke would be lost on B. Clinton but for Bush it’s fitting.

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