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Democratic Debate; My Opinion

Posted by nytexan on July 23, 2007

Tonight CNN & YouTube will host the democratic debate, 7:00 p.m. EST. Personally I’m looking forward to this format; debates have become too scripted for me. The candidates won’t see the questions before hand. They won’t have scripted answers. The candidates will actually have to think off the top of their heads.  I’m sure their spin doctors are already going into shock.

Here’s what I think: 

Hillary: She won’t fare well in this format, she to much of a control freak.  I also think she’ll stray from the original question;

Obama and Edwards: These two love the net and know how to connect they’ll do fine;

Biden: He won’t shut up so what every the question is it will get lost in all his opining and pontificating; 

Dodd: I’m not sure about him, he never seem to get enough attention to even know if he’s still breathing at the podium; 

Gravel:  Well he speaks his mind all the time so this should be fun. Providing Anderson gives him more than one question;

Kucinich: He seems to stay on point so we might see him answers the question actually asked; and

Richardson: He tries to always come across as “Mr. Deep concern compassion”, so I think it will be a love fest for him and the camera as he tries to focus on whomever sent the video. It could be embarrassing.


11 Responses to “Democratic Debate; My Opinion”

  1. richardson will give you his resume’ every time he is asked a question…obama and edwards will be more combative. Hillary will make it about Bush…over and over…gravel will be a hoot as always…the others are less than marginal and i could care less if they come out dressed as the san diego chicken they will have no impact

  2. nytexan said

    LOL..I think the chicken might get more attention.

    Hillary will talk about Bush whatever the question.

    It’s interesting how after Edwards finished his poverty tour, all of a sudden Obama was going to help fight poverty. Yeah they might duke it out.

    Anderson could just leave Richadson’s resume up on a screen to same some time.

  3. Whosplayin said

    I really appreciated how well the connection worked from regular citizens to the politicians. I really liked the format.

    This is not only about which candidate we choose, but this was about sharing our collective values with the nation, and trying to convince swing voters why Democrats have it right.

    I really liked the format.

  4. Whosplayin said

    BTW, Mike Gravel lost it. I think it’s time to leave him out of the debates. I’ve not been much of a Clinton fan, but I thought she picked up points tonight.

  5. nytexan said

    I thought the format was great. Yo would never have these questioned asked by the journalist.

  6. i blogged it, but thought i should come here and apologize to hillary and bill richardson…i had them all wrong…hillary looked real presidential, but Joe Biden was the man

  7. and yeah, it was interesting…better than normal, but it wasn’t a debate…it was a forum

  8. nytexan said

    IT was a forum. But it was better than the regular journalist questions. Beside true debates don’t seem to be in this election.
    I posted my review on all of them.

  9. i have to say the most eye catching part was the dingbat with the assault rifle. I liked Joe Biden’s response to it.

  10. nytexan said

    I think Joe was a little nervous after his response. Mr. rifleman was a bit strange.

  11. Joe was the one i gave my I would vote for award, but I thought Hillary was imposing, pantyline not withstanding. Yeah, I looked at hillary’s butt…i couldn’t help it…i’m observant

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