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CNN Debate Review

Posted by nytexan on July 23, 2007

I loved the format. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but then neither were the candidates. The format was such a refreshing break from the same old journalist prepared questions. It put real citizen in the debate. I felt it made the candidates answer a bit more honestly. I hope this format continues.

What I didn’t like was way too much time spent with Hillary, Obama and Edwards. Sometimes it’s nice to involve the others just to stir things up.

Hillary: Seemed relaxed, to the point. I hate to admit it but I think she came out on top; Still not jazzed about her;

Obama: Convinced me on a few points like the separations of church and state and lobbyist out of the energy and health care discussions. I’m not crazy about his health care bill since it’s not universal;

Edwards: I have to give him credit for being honest about his personal struggle with gay marriage. Hopefully Elizabeth can get him there. I did like his health care plan being universal. I thought his video was the best of all the candidates.

Biden: He didn’t seem as irritating as I expected him to be. He did however; want to bring most of his answers back to Iraq. He seemed a bit dismissive at times but I guess that’s Joe.

Richardson: I was shocked that he didn’t bring up his resume. You know I can’t recall anything remarkable or different that Richardson said.

Kucinich: Loved his immediate pull out from Iraq. Interesting that he wasn’t given enough time on health care since he authored a very good universal plan.

Dodd: Nothing remarkable. I thought he screwed up when he answered that as President he wouldn’t work for minimum wage because he has kids to put through school. I think he missed the point of struggling America; and

Gravel: He seemed to spend most of his time going after the other candidates instead of using his very few opportunities to make his case.

The GOP is next up on this format and that should be interesting since they can’t connect with the public.


12 Responses to “CNN Debate Review”

  1. and…the republican debate is in september…also a big date for the iraq issue…they may need to show up armed

  2. I basically agree with you about everyone but Hillary and Richardson. I thought Richardson had an outstanding outing and I thought Hillary was a corporate puppet as usual. I’m also a big Gravel fan, because I respect anyone with the guts to turn down corporate funding and speak from the heart. But I realize no one’s with me in that boat. Don’t be surprised when they don’t let Gravel & Kucinich speak as long as the Obamas of the world. Campaign money goes a long, long way in the media. It’s sort of a “you kiss my ass, I’ll kiss yours situation.” That’s why guys like Kucinich who refuse to kiss ass will never get more than 3% of the vote IMHO.

  3. phil_in_ny said

    I also like Edwards points on health care. I feel he would do the best job in most of the issues.

  4. The horror they face when confronted by the issue of gay marriage equity! The parsing, the triangulation!

    Marriage? NO!

    Civil Unions? YES!

    The Democratic frontrunners advocate separate, but equal!

    Fuck them all.

  5. nytexan said

    M. Frederick Voorhees
    I saw parts of a rebroadcast and I must say I did miss Richardson on a few things. He was stronger than I originally listed.

    I wish they would give Gravel and Dodd more time. It irritates me that the amount of money they raise seem to dictate the amount of debate time they get.

    I think the only candidates who will do anything on gay issues is Kucinich and Edwards. Edwards may not be at the goal post now, but Elizabeth will get him there.

    The Republicans will have a hard time on Iraq in the debate. Hopefully some of the questions will be about being obstructionists.

  6. I like Elizabeth Edwards.

    She’s so pro-gay and unapologetic. She’s smart, decent, kind and pro-gay.

    Why isn’t she running for president?

  7. nytexan said

    Elizabeth would be a challenge for Hillary.

    As of today, I am leaning more to Edwards because of Elizabeth.

  8. I sensed that Anderson Cooper felt guilty about not letting Gravel or Kucinich talk.

  9. JollyRoger said

    Hill is a slick organization. One wonders how much of the organization she actually runs.

  10. NYtexan…maybe they aren’t being obstructionist…maybe they are voting their conscience, and the public comments are cover for the voters back home.

  11. nytexan said

    M. Frederick Voorhees:
    Anderson did seem to be a bit bothered to have to cut them off. I did like Anderson over he other debate moderators.

    Hillary’s has a very well oiled machine, which I don’t think includes Bill. A few expressions last night showed,to me at least, that she could be ruthless and very capable of getting what she wants.

    That very well could be. Personally I think they are still afraid to break with Bush. One good example is John Cornyn, 65% of his constituents (this also cover Huchtinson)want out of Iraq and support the democrats in getting us out. Cornyn continues to vote against all get out of Iraq bills, Cornyn is very loyal to Bush no matter what we here in Texas want.

  12. I don’t think any of them fear Bush. I think they all pay attention to lobbyists and special interest groups. Both sides of the aisle have done nothing to end this war. Dennis Kucinich said it best. “we lied”

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