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Bush, Still The Most Dangerous Friend A Country Can Have

Posted by bosskitty on July 22, 2007

Pakistan hits out at U.S. terrorism stance
By Paul Eckert, Asia Correspondent: Reuters
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Pakistan hit back on Sunday at U.S. critics of its fight against terrorism, insisting its army was best suited to hunt for Osama bin Laden and other al Qaeda militants Washington believes enjoy safe haven in Pakistani tribal areas near Afghanistan.

Appearing on CNN’s “Late Edition,” an angry Foreign Minister Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri criticized talk of U.S. forces attacking al Qaeda on Pakistani territory, warning that any incursion would alienate opinion in the predominantly Muslim U.S. ally against terrorism.


“What I don’t like is the tone that I am now hearing and that I am now reading in the American media,” said Kasuri.


Kasuri told CNN talk of an al Qaeda “safe haven” in their country angered the Pakistanis, who have had 700 soldiers killed fighting militants in tribal areas.

“What we need is actionable intelligence” to tackle al Qaeda, he said, and reiterated his government’s view that talk of U.S. strikes inside Pakistan was “irresponsible.”


Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, a staunch critic of Bush’s war in Iraq, said: “I don’t think we should take anything off the table.” Wherever we find these evil people, we should go get them,” the Nevada Democrat told CBS’ “Face the Nation.”
Kasuri said U.S. raids into Pakistan would be a mistake. “When you talk of going after targets, you will lose the battle for hearts and minds,” he said. “The Pakistan Army can do the job much better,” he said.


Bush administration officials stress that they support Musharraf, who is struggling with a violent campaign by Islamic militants and a political crisis following Pakistan’s Supreme Court reinstatement of the chief justice after Musharraf sought to remove him.

This is a dangerous development for Musharraf. The Bush administration cannot shake off the bungling of it’s angry promise to “bring Osama and AlQaeda to justice” for the events of September 11, 2001. Bush claimed over and over that “we will hunt them down wherever they are”. Now, Bush is forced to consider dumping his ‘good buddy’ to the radical opposition and try to play catch up with his promises to America.

Bush got this country sidetracked, took his eye off the original ball to invade Iraq by weaving a web of deception and bungled the whole thing. Bush has covered lies with more lies and protected his deceptions with ‘executive privilege’. Bush has wiggled his ‘executive orders’ into a mesh of Constitution busting edicts. The fabric of America is in the hands of both houses of Congress.

Bush’s mantra that AlQaeda will follow us home is the most ignorant assertion anyone could make! American troops are ‘over there’ getting wasted while they could be here protecting their homes and families. Why would AlQaeda choose to attack America when we are LEAST vulnerable with our troops HERE? Logic would show that we are MOST vulnerable NOW when our protectors are deployed in a quagmire far, far away.
Is this country really buying this backwards logic?
Are all the ‘thinkers’ in this country becoming ‘ex-pats’ or buried into prescription ‘feel-good’ drugs? Those of us, who cannot afford the cost of escape, must deal with the situation at hand. Impeach, Indict or Censure – I don’t care, just do something!




14 Responses to “Bush, Still The Most Dangerous Friend A Country Can Have”

  1. Suzie-Q said

    Impeach, Indict or Censure – I don’t care, just do something!

    Yep, we need to do something and impeach is what we need to do! 😉

    Great article!

  2. […] House Link to Article supreme court Bush, Still The Most Dangerous Friend A Country Can Have » […]

  3. nytexan said

    I’m with you Suzie-Q, Congress needs to get off their overpaid asses and do something. Pelosi is aways saying that “we are doing the will of the people”, well you wouldn’t know it by half the carp they do or don’t do.

  4. bosskitty said

    Thanks Suzie, we should be jumping up and down hollering at the top of our lungs – pick one, Impeach, Indict, Censure, Excommunicate! Donkey Asses picking up Pachyderm DooDoo is Soooo exhausting …

  5. you folks sound like 1990’s conservatives. How about instead we start spending time trying to fix the problems we have instead of creating even more ways to waste taxpayers money on things that have no effect? Great article on the pakistan thing kitty…they’ve lost 1 soldier for every 1.2 enemy dead…thats called carefully avoiding collateral damage. We got pakistan into this, we need to listen to them.

  6. nytexan said

    It’ unfortunate that Bush set Musharraf up in his deal to take care of the Pakistan Afghanistan boarder for lots of U.S. cash. Now that it’s gone all wrong Bush point the finger at Musahrraf and thinks attacking Pakistan with words and the military will solve the mess Bush created.

    Bush will never learn from his mistakes because according to him he doesn’t make any. His lack of planning both in speech and military has caused the Islamic world to go after everyone.

  7. bosskitty said

    And we just sit back and bitch – (wringing my hands) Oh My, what WILL we do with that naughty boy …

  8. i think the part i like most about this story is that pakistan has nukes…and the media doesn’t mention that, and the politico’s don’t mention that, and even most of the bloggers don’t mention that

  9. nytexan said

    Forget the MSM. Their to busy covering Hollywood. They will discover the nukes when their blown out of their office.

    Also BossKitty has written about the nukes in previous blog about Musharraf. But the nukes are not on many blog.

  10. i have as well, but it seems people are more afraid of nukes that Iran may get somewhere down the road hypothetically, than they are afraid of nukes that are basically one bullet away from being in the hands of extremists

  11. nytexan said

    You are so right. The extremist,those Taliban guys Bush got rid of. I will check out your post. Thanks for the info.

  12. ah texan, your sarcasm is infectious. The truth is we don’t get rid of extremists. We are to soft a society to do what that would take. We merely incite them. It’s not baseball, but the masses need to be entertained.

  13. phil_in_ny said

    That cartoon is great. True. So true.

  14. OpEdna said

    Hey Nytexan,

    I think Cheney may be the more dangerous friend, but if Congress has anything to say about it, we may be rid of him sooner than we thought:

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