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Wexler, Waters, Schiff, Wasserman Agree To Meet On Impeachment

Posted by nytexan on July 20, 2007

There’s still hope to have Cheney impeached and more in Congress are listening.

  • It’s time — is heading to Washington DC to meet with Representatives! On Thursday, July 26th, we’ll be presenting reps with thousands of petitions formally initiating the impeachment of Vice President Richard Cheney.
  • members along with David Swanson of After Downing Street will meet with Rep. Maxine Waters and the offices of Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Robert Wexler, and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and other representatives as they are available. These House Reps are part of the Judiciary Committee, which currently has a resolution (House Resolution 333) to impeach Vice President Cheney. We’ll be presenting the petitions and urging these representatives to support impeachment on behalf of the majority of Americans who have indicated that they support the impeachment of Vice President Cheney.
  • “Do-It-Yourself” Impeachment Petitions are described under the House Rules, Jefferson’s Manual Section LIII. They constitute a legal means of initiating the impeachment process, and were successfully used in 1830 to impeach Federal Judge James Peck. This method is the only means by which an individual citizen can legally initiate the impeachment of a federal official. While only one such citizen’s petition is necessary to begin the process, thousands of these are to be delivered on Friday.

12 Responses to “Wexler, Waters, Schiff, Wasserman Agree To Meet On Impeachment”

  1. Let’s hold Cheney and Bush accountable, but let’s also look at our own personal dereliction of duty — for too long we have let these guys get away with murder! See my July 20, 2007 blog entry for inspirating ideas on of what we each can do.

  2. nytexan said

    I’m all for more of them being taken up on charges or impeachment, but we have to start somewhere.

    Personally I think the 108th and 109th do nothing Congress turned their backs and a blind eye to Bush and Cheney criminal behavior. They too need to be put up on criminal charges.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. mirth said

    Anne, all of your recommendations are good and needed. At the same time I think we need to sharpen our swords before we beat them into plows.

    With the presidency being handed to Cheney this weekend, this meeting between IFP and congressional representatives takes on a new urgency and cannot come soon enough….alto I expect no results.

  4. nytexan said

    For me impeachment is very necessary. There is never the “proper” time for it.

    There is a lot to be said about impeachment interfering with other duties of Congress. However, Congress is a multi tasking body and they should be up to the task; especially with the large staffs that many of the senior member have. Actually most if not all of the research and papers needed have already been compiled by many Constitutional Scholars.

    Also, by letting Bush and Cheney off the hook this will set a precedent for future president.

    The three branches of government no longer function as they are meant to. Executive powers have far exceeded any other president’s powers. The processes set out in the Constitution have been assaulted by Bush’s signing statement order, executive orders and running of the Department of Justice. The Bill of Rights has been dismantled to the point where the most important habeas corpus does not exist any more.

    So yes impeachment is proper for the restoration and integrity of our country, what it stands for and for future generations to function. Turning the other cheek on this issue will only make the future of America more unrecognizable.

  5. Suzie-Q said


    Yes, I totally agree with you that impeachment is necessary! Bush and Cheney committed crimes and need to be held accountable. I don’t care how long it takes or how much it costs… it needs to be done!

  6. nytexan said

    If we can spend outrageous amounts of time and money in Iraq, we can spend money and time to impeach these two criminals.

  7. The number of Democrats even willing to bring impeachment discussions to the floor for discussion is actually quite tiny.

    I suppose being out of power for so long and with a presidential election looming, most Dems just can’t be bothered.

    It’s a shame, really. I’ve never seen a more cowardly bunch of lawmakers as the 110th Congress.

  8. nytexan said

    True, but I am glad that there are some organizations still wiling to fight.

  9. phil_in_ny said

    Wouldn’t that be nice. Its discusting he was able to get away with that much corruption for so long.

  10. nytexan said

    Impeachment of Cheney would be far easier than Bush. With the puppet master on trial Bush might listen to Congress and the public.

  11. kip152 said

    It’s quite simple: We need to take a stand that no one is above the law.

  12. ClapSo said

    I for one don’t believe the dems want to impeach because they see the bush crime family as dragging the repubs down come the 2008 election. This is the worst kind of crap. If the dems would move to impeach, they would do themselves greater political good AND would be doing the right thing for the country.

    although I support all attempts to impeach, the dems are clearly not going to do it. I am spending most of my time these days trying to take part in grassroots efforts to stop the war and get people to vote third parties come the 2008 elections. We are being shown, via the dems refusal to impeach and stop the war, that the two party system is a failure. Only by braking the hold on our government the two parties share, can we make the structural changes needed to make our country work for us ALL, instead of just for them!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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