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Cornyn Not Voting on Osama bin Laden

Posted by nytexan on July 16, 2007

Can someone please explain to me why Senator do freaking nothing Cornyn didn’t vote on this bill. I guess since Bush doesn’t think about bin Laden anymore, so Cornyn thought he would follow suit.

Cornyn will make sure that he always votes no to bringing the troops home but he’ll take a pass on bin Laden. The mans priorities are completly irresponsible.

Recent Senate Votes
Dorgan Amendment-Bringing Osama bin Laden and Other Leaders of al Qaeda to Justice Vote Agreed to (87-1, 12 Not Voting)

This amendment to the defense authorization bill calls for quarterly classified reports on the Bush administration’s work to capture al Qaeda leaders.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison voted YES……send e-mail or see bio
Sen. John Cornyn voted Not Voting……send e-mail or see bio

Wasn’t bin Laden they guy who took down the towers? Isn’t bin Laden the reason we went to war in Afghanistan? Cornyn will be the first to espouse the GOP mantra on how dangerous al Qaeda is and how we have to keep fighting the war on terror and then he doesn’t vote.

What in the heck is Cornyn doing that’s so important he can’t get his lazy overpaid behind to the Senate floor to vote? Not voting, even in protest (protest of what on this topic I can’t figure out) is not an option.

It’s not hard to figure out why John Cornyn is the worst Texas Senator.



4 Responses to “Cornyn Not Voting on Osama bin Laden”

  1. JollyRoger said

    Tell Cornyn that Osama’s kidnapped a white woman in a permanent vegetative state. Maybe then he can be persuaded to vote.

  2. nytexan said

    He would jump on that. Maybe I’ll call his office and mention that.

  3. Jollyroger, you are truly onto something there ! I would be laughing harder,if it it weren’t so sadly true.

  4. Suzie-Q said

    LOLMAO you guys are too much! 😉

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