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Holy War Begins – Musharraf Could Cancel Elections

Posted by bosskitty on July 15, 2007

Truce Over, Pakistan Militants Kill 70

Guardian Unlimited, UK – From AP By RIAZ KHAN AP Writer PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) – Militants in northwest Pakistan disavowed a peace pact with the government and launched two days of suicide attacks and bombings that killed at least 70 people, dramatically escalating the violence in the al-Qaida infiltrated region.



There is concern in Pakistan that the gathering sense of crisis could prompt Musharraf to cancel elections later this year and declare a state of emergency – despite his repeated denials.
However, Musharraf can also use the turbulence to convince Washington, his key backer, that he remains a vital bulwark against extremists in the Islamic world’s only declared nuclear state.

Deadly Violence Surges in the Tribal Regions of Pakistan
New York Times, United States – Abdullah Noor/AP – In the deadliest suicide bombing in Pakistan since January, 24 paramilitary soldiers were killed and 26 other people were wounded Saturday near Miram Shah, the headquarters of the restive North Waziristan’s tribal region.
Rocket attacks on government and security installations surged Saturday in different parts of the North-West Frontier Province. An attempt to detonate a car bomb outside a bank here failed.
The deadly surge in violence occurred barely a day after the Interior Ministry in Islamabad announced the end of Operation Silence after a bloody raid to get at militants holed up in the Red Mosque, known here as the Lal Masjid, and the adjoining seminary.

Fresh attacks in NW Pakistan, 32 killed
Reuters India, India

Militants Kill 38 In Northwest Pakistan
Guardian Unlimited, UK

Suicide Attacks Kill 50 Pakistani Troops
Washington Post, United States

Militants in Pak’s North Waziristan region end peace deal with Govt.
Hindu, India



OK sports fans, here we go!


  • Pakistan houses the factions that Bush’s fantasy keeps using to justify “stay the course”.

  • Pakistan and the United States are SO into each other’s pockets … because Pakistan has the Nukes and we pay him well to keep them safe … yet, Musharraf is talking about pardoning the ‘evil KAHN’ who exported the stuff to the highest bidder (If only I had invested …).

  • A Holy War will inevitably draw the factions inside Iraq and Iran into greater confrontation than they are presently in … plus provide the distraction needed for Turkey to invade Kurdistan.

  • The “paramilitary” in Pakistan are obviously our employees and they are dying faster than normal … so, expect they will start going AWOL to protect their families.

  • The fact that Musharraf is toying with declaring a “State of Crisis” to postpone elections is a very good mirror to what King George plans to do when his controllers arrange a ‘terror attack’ so he can also postpone elections to pursue his ARMAGEDDON ENVY!

Did I miss anything?


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  1. Suzie-Q said

    Hey NYTexan and Boss Kitty!

    I’ve Tagged you with The Schmooze Award. You will have to come to my site Suzie-Q blog to find out about the award and the rules.

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