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Racism And The GOP Candidates

Posted by nytexan on July 14, 2007

The Republican Party is a disgrace to all Americans. In their rush to sound as if they really care about “all” Americans, they continue to show their true colors…..racism and bigotry.

The GOP’s continued contempt for anyone who is not white, heterosexual or wealth is clearly exposed at the NAACP Annual Convention.


  • Standing in the middle of 10 podiums, nine of them empty but waiting for Republican candidates, U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo asked, “Do you think we should wait a few minutes to see if these other guys show up?”
  • Ten Republican candidates were invited. The others either did not respond to the invitation or cited scheduling conflicts.


Since this is an annual event you would think the Republicans would have made arrangement. All eight Democrats showed up, I guess they figured out how to arrange their schedules. The spin on this should be interesting but not excusable.

The African Americans should be outraged at this blatant display of racism.

Where is the MSM on this. Oh I forgot something big must be happening in Hollywood.


6 Responses to “Racism And The GOP Candidates”

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  2. Suzie-Q said

    Yep, racism is alive and well in America! Where is the MSM? Nothing from them!

  3. nytexan said

    The MSM is off in Hollywood covering very important crap.


  4. mirth said

    GOP = Grimey Old Perversions…including racism.

  5. kip152 said

    I realize that many decades ago there were a few Democrats associated wuth the KKK, but GOP = KKK. And Tancredo is one of the worst!

  6. nytexan said

    I was very surprised that Tancredo would be the one to show up.

    GOP=KKK because more obvious as the years and months role by.

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