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Latin America’s Mercenaries On US Payroll

Posted by bosskitty on July 14, 2007

Chile’s Iraq Mercenaries Under Investigation by U.N. Group Mike Hager The Santiago Times July 9, 2007

Hired Mercenaries Are Second Largest ‘Coalition Force’ in Iraq

A United Nations work group arrived in Chile today to begin investigating the recruitment of Chilean mercenaries in the American war in Iraq. The U.N. Working Group on the Use of Mercenaries (UNWG) also hopes to get Chile to sign on to the 1989 U.N. Mercenary Convention aimed at restricting mercenary activity.

The group, created in July 2005, has also investigated the recruitment of Honduran, Ecuadorian, Peruvian, and Fijian citizens to fight or provide military-related services in foreign conflict zones. Socialist Party Sen. Alejandro Navarro estimates that as many as 1,000 former Chilean soldiers are now working in Iraq.

In a report last year, UNWG denounced the 48,000 security workers in Iraq, saying they make up the second largest “coalition” fighting force after the United States. Great Britain provides the third largest number of military personnel.

“Presently, we know that there are ex-military and ex-police recruited by a Chilean company with headquarters in Uruguay, a company that has the support of a U.S. company,” said Gomez del Prado. “These [private security] companies come to Latin American countries and recruit people for $31 a day, which is what we just saw in Peru. And once they are on a plane or bus, recruits are made to sign an English contract with a sister company from the United States, a contract that leaves them completely unprotected.”

In 2005, for example, the Your Solutions security firm sent 147 Chileans into conflict zones in Iraq; 28 of the recruits broke their contracts and returned home early, claiming they received inadequate training and poor equipment.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that 180,000 mercenaries are working in Iraqi territory, outnumbering the 160,000 American troops on the ground. The mercenaries include 21,000 American citizens, 43,000 foreigners, and 118,000 Iraqis. One thousand of these privately contracted security personnel have died, reported the L.A. Times, and at least 10,000 have been injured.

If that is not racism, what is? We can withdraw America’s ‘standing army’ any time we want. But the mercenaries will stay behind for larger salaries and less health benefits … except of course the Latin American mercenaries. Then, of course, we have hired the Paistani Army and other unknown armies at an exorbitant price, thanks to American Taxpayers.


11 Responses to “Latin America’s Mercenaries On US Payroll”

  1. I think they have been on the US pay roll for years.

  2. bosskitty said

    Ooooops, this was new to me. I was sad to see their pay was below what we pay other mercenaries.

  3. nytexan said

    Do you mean for years in Iraq? I know we have used South American mercenaries in the past but I was unaware of Iraq.

  4. JollyRoger said

    Don’t worry-our contract with Pakistani mercenaries is just about up. And they’ll still have all that good sh*t we gave them too.

    Sleep well.

  5. NYTexan,

    I think the firstime I heard the U.S. taxpayer was funding the use of mercenaries in Iraq was way back in 2005. In fact, if memory serves, some had been trained at the SotA in Georgia.


    Submited post on – “Latin America?s Mercenaries On US Payroll”

  7. A few years ago I was reading an article and it stated a Peruvian had been killed at a checkpoint or some such place in Iraq. I can’t remember how they worded his position, but it was obvious he was a mercenary. They come from all over. And do we see this in the budget? Is this part of the defense budget or is this part of the defense department’s “black budget.” No way of telling how much is sunk into that hole.

  8. bosskitty said

    OK, I am very familiar with the corporate Halliburton, Blackwater, KBR. et. al. hired guns. But, I was not aware that the US or it’s contractors were recruiting in Latin America. On top of that, I was disturbed to learn that the Latin American recruits were paid less than their American counterparts PLUS they appear to be put into higher risk locations. This is an arrogant act! Latin American mercenaries are more expendable? You know their health benefits are non-existent. If we must pour tax dollars into hired guns, at least let it be equitable. Taxpayers still have no say! Problem is this … too many corporations use ‘tax breaks’ to avoid paying the very taxes that are used for this disgusting practice!

  9. grr, grr, just freeking outrageous and so typical of the USA long tradition of Black Ops and obfuscation. The tax sitution , the lack of accountability, the general distain for humanity. My outrage beyond anything i have here to fore known,and for more reasons than i can count.

  10. Chalmer’s Johnson is the man, His book Nemisis goes into that black hole of pentagon funding deeply and also the over extension of our military installations globally. I cannot recommend his books enough. The Sorrows of Empire , and then Nemesis. His first one is called Blowback.

  11. bosskitty said

    Thank you, Thank you Proud: I will retrieve these tomes from my dark and dusty library. I have not read these yet, but this author will become my priority. I read authors, not just books. I appreciate your insight. I have views soaked up from many years working with and within our feckless government. I try to share what I’ve learned as carefully as I am allowed.

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