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Harriet Miers In Inherent Contempt

Posted by nytexan on July 12, 2007

From AMERICAblog:

Would you like to see Harriet Miers, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove being led to jail by the Capitol Hill Police and the House’s Sargeant at Arms? Would Friday be good for you?


  • Inherent Contempt is a little used, little known tool that the House or Senate can use. It requries only a majority…which we should easily have in the House. Under the inherent contempt power, the individual is brought before the House or Senate by the Sergeant-at-Arms, tried at the bar of the body, and can be IMPRISONED. The purpose of the imprisonment may be punitive or coercive, and can be indefinite. The Inherent Contempt power is recognized by the Supreme Court as Constitutional.

Regular Contempt charges simply won’t work. The U.S. attorney is in Bush’s pocket. Most likely he won’t pursue it.

You need to BOMBARD Pelosi and Conyers and tell them to pursue the new “I” word = Inherent Contempt.

This may be our last and final attempt at justice.

Harriet Miers needs to be first. She refuses to even appear to testify today! This is UN-acceptable. Lets try Inherent Contempt on her first. Lets watch her cry as they Capitol Police haul her ass to jail. Let Cheney and Rove watch knowing they’re next.

Nancy Pelosi: 1-202-225-0100
Harry Reid: 1-202-224-3542
John Conyers: 1-202-225-5126


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