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Gonzales, The Never Ending Saga Of Lies

Posted by nytexan on July 10, 2007

At what point does “I have full confidence in….” becomes “it’s time for you to go”.  We all know that as long as Bush is President, Gonzales will always have his full confidence. This just enhances and solidifies the administrations complete disregard for truth, honor and the American people.

  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Embattled U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales faced a new firestorm on Tuesday sparked by a report he may have misled lawmakers in 2005 about civil liberty violations by the FBI.

It’s sad, but it doesn’t even shock me anymore that Gonzales or anyone connected to Bush would mislead. What does shock me is the consistency and continuation of the lies. The blanket of amnesia for events that covers this administration, will definitely go down in the Guinness Book of World Records.

  • But President George W. Bush brushed off the flap about his longtime friend, who earlier served as White House counsel.
  • “The president has said repeatedly that he has great faith in the attorney general, and that has not changed,” said White House spokesman Scott Stanzel.

“Bush brushed off the flap”, I find that very irritating because to me, the flap Bush is brushing of are our civil rights, our constitution, our America.

  • The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that Gonzales assured Congress in 2005 that the FBI had not abused powers granted under the anti-terror USA Patriot Act despite having received reports of potential violations.
  • Brian Roehrkasse, a spokesman for Gonzales, told reporters he did not know whether the attorney general had read the reports sent to the president’s Intelligence Oversight Board.

If I am given a report and I had not read it, how would I know to give assurances to anyone that there are no violations? Frankly, that dog doesn’t hunt.

Here we sit shaking our heads at just another lie compounded on the mountain of Bush administration lies. January 2009, can not come fast enough to rid this country of the scum that works in the White House and everyone associated and beholden to them.


3 Responses to “Gonzales, The Never Ending Saga Of Lies”

  1. kayinmaine said

    Nothing but a bunch of lying criminals, NYTexan! Great post. 😉

  2. OpEdna said

    NYTexan, you know no one wants Gonzales gone more than your friend Op-edna, but I have to say, regardless of what Gonzales eventually gets himself fired for (by Congress, never Bush), I’m sure he’ll just get pardoned along with the rest of Bush’s criminal cabinet.

  3. nytexan said

    Gonzales will never be fired nor will he resign. We have 18 more months of fun and lies with our friend Alberto.

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