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Musharraf, Pakistan, Clerics – Who Will Win The Nukes?

Posted by bosskitty on July 9, 2007

Islamabad: clerics to negotiate mosque surrender   Xinhua, China –
BEIJING, July 9 (Xinhuanet) — Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf at a high-level meeting Monday decided to give clerics more time to persuade

Cleric sees standoff as a trigger in Pakistan   Chicago Tribune, United States –
By Mubashir Zaidi and Laura King ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Fears deepened Sunday about the fate of hostages reportedly being held by Islamic militants in a

Gunfire but no assault seen yet at Pakistan mosque, Canada –
Workers block a road with barbed wire near Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque, during a curfew in Islamabad July 8, 2007. Islamist militants in a Pakistani mosque

Musharraf Will Let Clerics Negotiate   Guardian Unlimited, UK –
From AP AP Photo XAN107, XAN102, XAN105, XDG101 By SADAQAT JAN AP Writer ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) – President Gen. Pervez Musharraf on Monday gave clerics

Pakistan mosque siege in 7th day   Irish Times, Ireland –
Security forces fired tear gas and traded gunfire with Islamist militants in a Pakistani mosque compound today, but there was no sign of an imminent assault

Pakistan calls mosque leaders terrorists, MI –
By SADAQAT JAN AP ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) — President Gen. Pervez Musharraf convened a high-level meeting Monday on how to crack a nearly week-long

With elections looming, Musharraf’s western alliances alert to the risks at stake, America’s candidates need to be addressing this, RIGHT NOW!  Pakistan’s nuclear assets and technology are on fragile footing.  The nuclear prize is dangling before all the players.  Taleban and radical Islamists see chaos as the tool to topple Musharraf if they cannot assassinate him.  The coming elections will be strained at best.  Our full attention should be on the outcome of Pakistan’s politics.  Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan “freedom fighters” will hold all the aces if they take Pakistan!


2 Responses to “Musharraf, Pakistan, Clerics – Who Will Win The Nukes?”

  1. mullah cimoc said

    mullah cimoc say this a perfectly good example of the cia’s domination of pakistan.

    please scan: inside the company, a cia diary by phillip agee for an introductory course in subversion of nations, except the satanic forces are even more skilled now.

    the usa is self destructing both psychologically and physically as the women of the ameriki becomes whores taking the LBT (low back tattoo) and making the sex with every man, while killing their children through mass abortions.

    ameriki’s son is now the gay homosexual, to the pride of his divorced and sexually diseased parents.

    fear not my friends as the wicked always get their reward. Musharaff will die the death of Hezekiah, his organs rotting from the inside out. It will not be pleasant. His family will be exterminated to the fourth degree of blood relations. this to include even the second cousin.

  2. Pakistan and Al-Qaeda

    Islamabad’s Red Mosque siege is now over and President Pervez Musharraf is set to address the country today. His message, he will ‘not tolerate militancy at any of Pakistan’s thousands of religious schools.’ Musharraf continues to walk a thin line,

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