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Al-Qaeda: Sunni vs Shia Threatens Iran – Spreading Fires

Posted by bosskitty on July 9, 2007

Al-Qaeda threatens war against Iran

Al Jazeera: MONDAY, JULY 09, 2007 7:13 MECCA TIME, 4:13 GMT

The leader of an al-Qaeda umbrella group in Iraq, who was thought to have been killed by US forces, has threatened to wage war against Iran unless it stops supporting Shias in Iraq within two months. Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, head of the Islamic State in Iraq, said his Sunni fighters have been preparing to wage a battle against Shia-dominated Iran.

US forces had earlier claimed to have killed al-Baghdadi.

“We are giving the Persians, and especially the rulers of Iran, a two-month period to end all kinds of support for the Iraqi Shia government and to stop direct and indirect intervention … otherwise a severe war is waiting for you,” al-Baghdadi said in an audio tape released Sunday July 8.

Iraq’s Shia-led government is backed by the US but closely allied to Iran.

“We advise and warn every Sunni businessman inside Iran or in Arab countries especially in the Gulf not to take partnership with any Shia Iranian businessman, this is part of the two-month period,” he said.

Al-Baghdadi said his group was responsible for two suicide truck bomb attacks in May in Iraq’s northern Kurdish region. He said the attacks in Irbil and Makhmur showed the “Islamic jihad” was progressing in the Kurdish areas.


While America frets over media nonsense, the Middle East is devolving further into its own path of destruction that is spreading like a cancer.

Trapped between hating the West and hating each other, the Radical Mullahs are stirring a nest of hornets into a frenzy of destruction.

American politics has not shown any signs of addressing the fallout from our complicity of disruption. Bush & Company took advantage of an existing fragile emotional condition called 9/11 and associated it with the Islamic culture to expand its own corporate lust for oil resources. Pain is no object any more! As much as this country wants to leave the Middle East and lick its wounds, the mess we have created no longer allows us to do that.

Sadly, there is a bigger picture here that requires a lot of attention because there are vulnerable nuclear assets within reach of disenfranchised, passionate, highly motivated zealots.

Has Bush’s Armageddon envy finally succeeded?

Bush & Company is responsible but go free anyway … impeachment is a little anticlimactic at this point.






2 Responses to “Al-Qaeda: Sunni vs Shia Threatens Iran – Spreading Fires”

  1. Oh Boy, ….One indeed must wonder, who is who, what role is the CIA playing and what the PNAC scheme is in all of this. Its a damn shame we cannot believe anything that comes from our own government. We know the corporate transnationals have a way to thrive out of created chaos. We know that we created Al Qaeda, Black ops yep…so who is speaking to who ? We also continue to arm the world. We need a peace candidate. Kucinich is the only one i see. We need an immediate withdrawal from Iraq – why should our enlisted be in the middle of this god awful mess ? One less irratant might help us to see the forest for the trees. So many lives destroyed and for what ?

  2. mirth said

    Whoa! Most excellent, bosskitty!
    This all gets dumped on the next prez & congress. I see not one candidate, for either branch, who is worth our vote and who is acceptable to the public at large. And even Kucinich doesn’t seem qualified for what is needed. At the time we should be searching for our very best, we have the options of variations of what has brought us and the Mideast to this precarious place.
    We are spoonfed our leaders and we open wide and say ahhhh.
    I’m feeling very hopeless today.

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