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Speaker Peolsi, A Waste Of Time

Posted by nytexan on July 3, 2007

Speaker Nancy Pelosi seem to be taken more with her role as the first women speaker, than her constitutional duty as speaker of the house. Below, is a statement that then House Minority Leader Pelosi made in late 2006.

From United Press International; Oct. 22, 2006: Pelosi: ‘Impeachment is off the table’

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 (UPI) — U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has pledged not to pursue impeachment of President George W. Bush if Democrats win the November election.

  • Impeachment is off the table,” said Pelosi in an interview aired Sunday on CBS “60 Minutes.”
  • Asked if that was a pledge, Pelosi said it was. “Yes, it is a pledge,” she said. “Of course it is.”
  • Pelosi called impeachment “a waste of time,” and suggested Republicans — who have controlled the House for 12 years — would make political hay out of it if Democrats tried to impeach Bush.
  • “Wouldn’t they just love it if we came in and our record as Democrats coming forth after 12 years is to talk about George Bush and Dick Cheney? This election is about them. This is a referendum on them. “Making them lame ducks is good enough for me.”

These statements were made less than month before the elections. Granted since the elections, many hearings have taken place that have shed light on the amount of Bush and Cheney’s violations of the law, manipulation of the Justice Department and the Constitution. Therefore, how can Speaker Pelosi stand by the words she uttered last fall?

In the lead up to the election, Pelosi stated over and over again that if the Democrats got control of Congress they would drain the swamp. Bush, Cheney and this administration are the largest part of the swamp. How can the swamp be drained if Pelosi herself is standing on the drain?

Who did Pelosi make that pledge “impeachment is off the table“, to? It wasn’t to me, was it to you? Is this pledge something that can’t be broken or modified in light of all the information we have learned since she made the pledge. Pelosi is just as stubborn and bull headed as Bush. Right or wrong they both stand by their empty words and we see were that has gotten us.

By her statement, “making them lame ducks is good enough for me“, Pelosi seems to be content with this concept. But are Bush and Cheney really lame ducks? I think not. Bush won on the Iraq funding bill, he stamped his foot and the democrats went running in defeat. I realize they didn’t have the votes but they dropped it for another day. And what will that day in September bring, another wait and see, another stamp your foot George because Nancy will run to her office.

Speaker Pelosi seems to be completely unaware of her constitutional duty as speaker regarding impeachment. When Bush and Cheney leave office they won’t stand trial for their crimes, for their total disregard of the laws and the constitution. They will be free to go about their miserable lives.

Pelosi stated that impeachment would be a waste of time. Really, is Congress not capable of multi tasking? Waxman, Leahy, Conyers and many others seem to be multi tasking. No, Pelosi fears that impeachment would be political hay and the Democrats would loose control; this is very telling. Pelosi’s sit back attitude, boils down to power verses doing the lawful thing. It’s obvious that the speaker is blinded by her position and title.

It’s unfortunate that the demise of the Democrats in Congress and the Democratic Party won’t be because of impeachment but because Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s complacent attitude with settling for lame ducks. Pelosi is a waste of time and taxpayer dollars.


5 Responses to “Speaker Peolsi, A Waste Of Time”

  1. ClapSo said

    That lady who does lunch is a waste of time. Her jabbering is the best proof I’ve seen that the dems and repubs are in cahoots!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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  3. D-day said

    Exactly ClapSo. In cahoots to maintain their stranglehold on power. Right now the dems and repubs are nothing more than just two sides of the same coin. A coin that in no way represents the people of this country.

  4. nytexan said

    Pelosi made her mind up long before the elections. Sounds like a deal was made. She, like Scooter, will keep her end of the bargain.

  5. JollyRoger said

    She and Reid both need to be taken out with the garbage.

    SO WHAT if they lose some votes? The courageous person makes a stand. And if you make a stand against Chimpy’s insanity long enough, you WILL attract others to it. We all know this is true.

    Nancy’s been there too long,and she’s too comfortable. I had hoped it would not be so, but it is so.

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