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Fundamentalist Social Destruction Is Everywere

Posted by bosskitty on June 29, 2007

Egypt forbids female circumcision   By Magdi Abdelhadi  BBC Arab Affairs Analyst

Egypt has announced that it is imposing a complete ban on female circumcision, also known as genital mutilation.

the death of a 12-year-old girl in Upper Egypt a few days ago triggered an angry barrage of appeals from human rights groups to both the government and the medical profession to act swiftly and stamp out the practice. The doctor who carried out the operation has been arrested.

Egypt’s first lady, Susanne Mubarak, has spoken out strongly against female circumcision, saying that it is a flagrant example of continued physical and psychological violence against children which must stop.

The Grand Mufti and the head of the Coptic Church said female circumcision had no basis either in the Koran or in the Bible.

Recent studies have shown that some 90% of Egyptian women have been circumcised.

The practice is common among Muslim as well as Christian families in Egypt and other African countries, but is rare in the Arab world.

It is believed to be part of an ancient Egyptian rite of passage and is more common in rural areas.

Conservative families believe that circumcision is a way of protecting the girls’ chastity.

Gospels of the Demented are being imposed on people everywhere.

Anything is justified in the name of religion. 


Freedom of religion is the freedom to worship according to one’s own heart – NOT the freedom to impose YOUR rules, rites or beliefs onto the unwilling.
Religions have obscure interpretations that can be grabbed to justify any atrocity.

Case in point:  The Right To Life seems to be justifiable to unborn American children, but not the child victims of American warcraft.  How can we justify bombing a whole village in an effort to kill ONE or a DOZEN of the opposition. Collateral damage is NOT acceptable under any justification.


I am disgusted and sick to my stomach with the RIGHTEOUS of any religion bellowing from both sides of their mouth about “What God Wants”!  The arrogance of the HUMAN RACE to actually base it’s knowledge of what God wants on thousand year old texts or an army of self-serving blow hards behind pulpits.





11 Responses to “Fundamentalist Social Destruction Is Everywere”

  1. anonymous said

    Freedom of religion is the freedom to worship according to one’s own heart – NOT the freedom to impose YOUR rules, rites or beliefs onto the unwilling.

    Both male and female circumcision are genital mutilation, and violations of the rights of the individual (when involuntary). These practices far predate medicine itself, and there are no potential health benefits in either case which could justify cutting or amputating people’s genitals without their consent.

    Recognizing that all forced genital cutting is wrong (not just female) will help civilization more quickly get past the genital mutilation phase.

  2. The ugly face of Islam at its best.

    Sorry, but we can say what we want about the Catholic church and as a recovering Catholic, I have said my fair share of negative things about the Pope and pedophile priests but, I never the Catholic church advocate mutilating a woman’s genitals in the name of St. Paul.

    There’s something deranged about a religion that practices this sort of thing.

  3. plain said


    I am no defender of Islam (or any religion), but genital mutilation predates Abrahamic religions, is still widely practiced in a variety of cultures which have no tradition of those religions, and is also widely practiced in the United States under the guise of medicine.

    Yes, religious ideas about controlling people and their sexuality play an important role in perpetuating involuntary genital mutilation of females and males, but there is also much blame to be placed on physicians who have medicalized the practice, and who violate medical ethics by performing them by proxy-consent in the absence of a medical reason.

  4. ClapSo said

    I believe that we can all easily say the EVERYBODY ELSE’S RELIGION IS SCREWBALL. To be truly enlightened means to understand that your own religion is just as screwball…

    Another fine and thought provoking post nytex! The point being that all religions that try to make THEIR beliefs THE ONLY THING OTHER PEOPLE CAN BELIEVE IN are pains in the ass!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  5. bosskitty said

    Thank you ClapSo, my point exactly!

  6. nytexan said

    Thanks for the kudos but BossKitty did this one. Glad you like thought provoking topics we write about here.

  7. bosskitty said

    Anonymous, thank you – mutilation should never be done in the name of religion. such a disgusting practice … YUCK!

    Christopher, thank you – some fringe christian cults do genital mutilation, as was pointed out, neither the bible, koran or torah mention genital mutilation – it seems to be a rite from very long ago when men went off to war or to hunt for months at a time and wanted to make sure their women remained loyal.

  8. mirth said

    I read recently that as many as 90% of Eqyptian females under age 50 have undergone genital mutilation.

  9. bosskitty said

    I agree, Mirth, that is an awful social statement – it is a miracle anyone is even allowed to keep THOSE statistics at all.

  10. bosskitty said

    Hey ClapSo, it’s OK – all Texans look alike, too …

  11. ClapSo said

    ROFL boss, they wear them Amarillo bedpans on their heads like g’dubya and all…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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