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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Accountability!

Posted by bosskitty on June 25, 2007

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A just-released report slams the federal government for failing to coordinate the work of U.S. law enforcement agencies overseas to fight terrorism.

The Government Accountability Office found that in one country a lack of clarity about the roles and responsibilities of the FBI and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency may have compromised several investigations intended to identify and disrupt potential terrorist activities.

The GAO did not name the country in its report.

The White House has long issued directives asking that U.S. law enforcement agencies assist foreign nations’ anti-terrorism efforts.

But the report finds that embassy and law enforcement officials told the GAO “they had received little or no guidance” on how to accomplish that.

The issue of roles and responsibilities “remains unresolved and is still subject to ongoing debates within the administration,” it said.

A lot of things in this administration remain unresolved!

In one country, described as an “extremely high terrorist threat to American interests globally,” the State Department provided six times more funding to stop illicit drugs and crime than it did for anti-terrorism assistance, the report said.

It would be SO much cheaper to legalize and regulate drugs than spend billions on the original loosing battle for a country addicted to everything from cigarettes & alcohol to Pot, Meth and Crack. Did I forget prescribed mood drugs and those cute over-the-counter ‘gotta have this stuff to live’ medications. As long as we take this ‘selective prohibition’ approach to addictive human nature, this country will continue feeding the drug cartels (who would dry up if we were more smart than greedy). Yes, greedy! How do you think drug cartels spend their money? They buy politicians who will oppose any trend to legalize their products and turn them back into an ordinary agricultural industry.

Afghan opium production ‘soars’


Also, the report revealed that information about terrorists is not always shared or acted on. Generally, embassies retain “pre-9/11 structures” for information-sharing and collaboration, the report said, and have not been reconfigured “in a collective effort to prevent another terrorist attack on the United States or its interests.”

An “extremely high terrorist threat,” nation had never been asked to try to identify or disrupt any of the terrorists on the most-wanted lists of the departments of State or Defense, or of the foreign nation itself, an FBI official told the GAO.

The agencies involved blamed these discrepancies on shortages in staffing and funding, according to the report.

There ya’ go! This administration is SO full of BLUSTER and DECEPTION that it has convinced itself that WORDS are TANGIBLE ASSETS. This administration cannot see that WORDS alone don’t make it true. They gave us ALL these nifty new agencies and configurations and reconfigurations but forgot to give them the staff or money to operate. Bush, Cheney and their imaginary world have cut the balls off our imaginary Founding Fathers.

My imaginary friends think their imaginary world stinks.



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