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Oh My God, Our First Award!!

Posted by nytexan on June 24, 2007

BossKitty and I would like to thank Mirth and D-day of Liberally Mirth, who have honored this blog with the “Thinking Blogger Award”. This is an unbelievable honor since BlueBloggin is only 7 months old.


Thinking Blogger Award rules:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

There are so many blogs that we enjoy this was a very hard decision. The blogs we have chosen for the “Thinking Blogger Award” are blogs that always capture our attention and minds.

Listed Alphabetically:

  • Existentialist Cowboy:Worldly view, opinion backed with experience. The writer incorporates historical events behind today’s topics and validates his opinions.
  • Freckles Cassie: Well written and continues to amaze us with her insightful passion and perception of the world. Oh did I mention she isn’t even 20 years old yet. There is hope in our future.
  • Reconstitution: This blog is always on point with detailed thoughts from the author.
  • Scholars and Rogues: This is a multi author blog, with diverse backgrounds and very interesting points of view. Thought provoking comments create a great intellectual blog.
  • White Noise Insanity: Provocative with courage and aplomb. Well researched, sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant and always sarcastic. This blog hits the sciatic nerve with the right and often makes the comment section very rough. However, it reinforces why we have progressive blogs.

14 Responses to “Oh My God, Our First Award!!”

  1. kayinmaine said

    Congratulations NYTexan & Boss Kitty! Well deserved. 🙂

  2. nytexan said

    Thanks so much. We were shocked.

  3. Thank you so much for the award! Wow!!!

  4. nytexan said

    You deserve it. Keep up the great job.

  5. nytexan said

    BossKitty and I will be interested to see who our 5 blogs pick.

    Man it ain’t easy.

    BTW: I started to move the winners to a new section “Award Blogs”

  6. […] Posted by kayinmaine on June 24th, 2007 …from my favorite peeee-oples over at Blue Bloggin! (CLICK HERE TO READ WHO ELSE THEY PICKED) […]

  7. Suzie-Q said

    Congratulations!! You do a great job here! 🙂

  8. nytexan said

    Thanks. We are so honored. Now the pressures on to live up to the Thinking Blogger Award

    BTW:See what you started with Christopher

  9. bosskitty said

    Cannot resist. This all is just too cool.

  10. […] award , shameless self promotion , Blogroll  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to NYTexan at Bluebloggin  for this award.  So so so […]

  11. […] been honored yet again by the excellent blogger nytexan at Blue Bloggin. Our four other honors are covered by ascap_scab in this post. I want to emphasize that we […]

  12. Commander_Guy said

    Congratulations on the award, well deserved. Kudos.
    *Sigh* So does this mean that I’m gonna hafta start thinkin’ again? Damn.

    I’m back online and back in the saddle as of today Monday, June 25th.
    It’s good to be back on the Internets.
    Send email to the old address and it will forward.
    Can’t wait to share my “moving” experiences, traveling cross country, etc.

    NYT and BK, you rock!

  13. mirth said

    Your award is SO deserved. And in turn you’ve named blogs I’m not familiar with and glad to know about. *thumbs up*

  14. nytexan said

    Again thank you. I hope you enjoy the blog we picked.

    How do you like the “Award Blogs” section that I started to move the winners into?

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