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John Cornyn’s Continued Neglect Of Our Soldiers

Posted by nytexan on June 23, 2007

John Cornyn continues to disgrace all Texans by consistently voting no and neglecting our soldiers. However, he does find time to vote yes for the wealthy and corporations. John Cornyn is the worst Texas Senator.

From has joined the rest of Texas in our push to get rid of John Cornyn. They have done a remarkable job in researching national headlines, voting trends, veteran group scorecards, tracking and reporting.

The “Support the Troops” hypocrisy continues into the new Congress. Senator Cornyn Continues his record of neglect and deceit: Votes “NO” on

  • Motion to proceed to debate Iraq Resolution (S.574) Senate Roll Call #51 2/17/07


    • Awarded a Grade of D- by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
    • Awarded a Rating of 0%in 2004 by the Disabled American Veterans
    • Awarded a Rating of 33% in 2005 by the Disabled American Veterans
    • Awarded a Rating of 60% in 2006 by the Disabled American Veterans

    The Lives of Military Personnel OR Tax Cuts for the Rich.Cornyn voted “NO” to:

    • $25.41 Billion for increased military procurement of equipment. (S Roll Call 008, 02/02/2006)
      • $16.9 Billion for increased Army maintenance funding. (S Roll Call 008, 02/02/2006)
      • $4.5 Billion for increased Marine Corps maintenance funding.(S Roll Call 008, 02/02/2006)

      Although Senator Cornyn was not in the Senate when the tax cuts* for the wealthy were enacted his voting record is clear that he fully supports these tax cuts and has voted consistently to sustain them at the expense of members of the Armed Forces and their families and veterans and their families.* The top 1% of wage earners (Average $1,171,000) received 25% of the tax benefit according to [need source here].

      Depriving the Armed Forces of equipment and resources to stay safe and alive in War Time. Providing Tax Cuts for the wealthiest Americans in War Time.

      Cornyn Votes AGAINST Working Families, FOR Corporate Welfare

      • “NO” to allowing the government to negotiate fair prices for prescription drugs under the Social Security Drug benefit. (S Roll Call 302, 11/03/2005)
      • “NO” to prosecuting corporations for dealing with sponsors of TERRORISM. (S Roll Call 203, 07/26/2005)
      • “NO” to consumer protection from price gouging during energy emergencies. (S Roll Call 334, 11/17/2005)
      • “NO” to oil company excess profits tax to fund energy relief for the poor. (S Roll Call 339, 11/17/2005)

      Cornyn votes FOR the Wealthiest, AGAINST Working Families

      “YES” to the Wealthy

      • $39.7 Billion in Reductions to MEDICARE to sustain war time TAX CUTS for the wealthy (S Roll Call 0363, 12/21/2005)

        “NO” to Working Families

        • Increased Katrina relief for food assistance, bankruptcy relief, and tax help. Many of the Katrina families are veterans. (S Roll Call 234, 09/15/2005)
        • $5 Billion to increase funding for Elementary and Secondary Education (S Roll Call 269, 10/26/2005)
        • $836 Million to increase PELL Grants for poor college students (S Roll Call 268, 10/25/2005)

        Cornyn consistently votes against needed improvements in Veterans’ Health Care Cornyn voted:

        • “NO” to authorize $21.9 billion for the VA for compensation and pensions; medical care and hospital improvements. (S Roll Call 007, 02/02/2006)
          • “NO” to increase VA funding for the increased demand for VA services due to the Iraq War. (S Roll Call 251, 10/05/2005)

          Cornyn’s Voting Record Hurts Veterans & their Families 30% of returning veterans diagnosed with mental health problems and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):

          • 82% of New Patients need intensive PTSD treatment.
          • 20% of VA PTSD treatment programs are full.
          • 40% of VA PTSD treatment programs are near full capacity.
          • 42% of VA primary care clinics have NO mental health staff.

          VA Advisory Board (Feb. 2006) stated: “VA cannot meet the ongoing needs of veterans of past deployments while also reaching out to new combat veterans (Iraq / Afghanistan) … within current resources.” Increasing Demand for VA Services:

          • Enrollment since 2002- UP 48% due to Iraq War
          • VA patient load since 2002 – UP 28% due to Iraq War
          • Veterans are experiencing increasing delays for earned services:
          • Veterans waiting for their first appointment for VA services doubled for the second year in a row.
          • 500,000 Veterans awaiting decisions granting benefits since Jan 2006.
          • 368,000 of these Veterans are awaiting disability determinations.
          • 151,000 appeals are backlogged.

          Our Veterans and their families ask, Our Military and their families ask,
          Our National Guard and their families ask, “Senator Cornyn, Where is the Shared Sacrifice?”

          Here are two more votes by John Cornyn that harm national security.

          • Voted against increasing funding for interoperable communications equipment for first responders by $5 billion
          • Motion to Waive Budget Act Re: Stabenow Amdt. No. 1687 to H.R.2862 (Science/State/Justice/Commerce Appropriations, 2006) Vote #227 9/14/05
          • Voted against prohibiting federal employees who leak classified information from holding a security clearance – Reid Amdt. No. 1222 to H.R.2360 (DHS Appropriations, 2006) Vote #188 7/14/05

          8 Responses to “John Cornyn’s Continued Neglect Of Our Soldiers”

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          2. mirth said

            Cornyn is the worst of the worst. Even in Texas, it’s hard to understand how he keeps his Senate seat. When is he up for re-election? We should all target him for removal.
            Excellent presentation!

          3. nytexan said

            He’s up in 2008. This is his first term in the Senate. He came in during the 2002 elections.

            He will probable win an award for the worst and shortest term senator.

          4. Both Texas senators, Hutchinson and Cornyn are really bad news.

            Blogs like yours can be a positive force to turn these Bush sweethearts on their ears come next reelection cycle.

          5. nytexan said

            Thanks I am trying to get the word out on Cornyn. We completely missed the boat on Hutchinson thinking that the Texas Democratic Party would do more to support the wonderful democratic candidate that we had. We were wrong. This time the progressive blogs have joined to get Cornyn out. Cronyn is actually worse than Hutchinson.

          6. If you haven’t seen the film WHEN I CAME HOME yet. check out the one-minute trailer at:


            Its all about homeless Iraq War veterans in New York.

            Support The Vets!

          7. nytexan said

            Support The Vets:
            Thank for the link. I will check it out.

          8. nytexan said

            Thank you I have done a post on your link.

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