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Mentally Disabled? Skin A Little Dark? You’re Outta Here!

Posted by bosskitty on June 21, 2007

Re-Posted: Homeland Security Deports Terrorist? Oops! It’s a Mentally Disabled US Citizen! 

  Monday, June 18, 2007  FROM BLOG: All Spin Zone

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Of course, it appears nobody will take responsibility. Pedro Guzman’s mother, Maria Carvajal, is left to walk the streets of Tijuana in search of her mentally disabled son while the Bush Administration’s Homeland Security Department does next to nothing.

TIJUANA, Mexico (June 17) – Clutching a photo of her son, Maria Carvajal walks Tijuana’s sweltering streets searching for the mentally disabled man she says was deported more than a month ago despite being a U.S. citizen and then disappeared in this chaotic border city.

Carvajal says she has searched hospitals, shelters and jails here looking for her 29-year-old son, Pedro Guzman of Lancaster, California, who was jailed for a misdemeanor trespassing violation, then sent to Mexico on May 11.

. . .

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed Guzman had been deported and said the agency had done so correctly. “ICE has no reason to believe that it improperly removed Pedro Guzman,” read a statement.

Officials at the U.S. consulate in Tijuana say they have made calls to help search for Guzman and asked other consulates in Mexico if they have information.

At least if they’d sent the guy to Gitmo they’d know where he is. But it seems incompetence and lack of responsibility reigns in the Department of Homeland Security, just like it does in the rest of the Bush Administration.

To be serious, they didn’t arrest the guy for terrorist charges, but assumed because he was brown and with a Latino name that he was illegal. The anti-immigration folks are calling for databases and walls and no tolerance, but if they make stupid mistakes like this, I know and you know that all those new enforcement ideas aren’t going to work with incompetent people operating them.

When in doubt, kick ’em out!

Don’t you feel safer now?  America’s policies regarding Mental Health are not just confusing, but totally inadequate.  When you consider this is a nation reliant on mood altering medication from St. John’s Wort, Zoloft to Prozac.  Add to this problem a system that’s PROFILE PARANOID and you have the crazies running the hospital.  Just assume anyone different from you is ONE OF THEM and you can do anything you want to get rid of them.

 The US is in bed with psychiatric pharmaceutical corporations –  but mental patients do not have a place in the big economic scheme of things unless they are official USERS of the preferred corporate drug of choiceAmerica’s policies toward the welfare of Mental Health patients are left behind at whatever hospital or system they leave behind.  Case in point, out of the mental health system and into a gun shop.  Make headline news for a few weeks, then the country forgets about it all until the next time.

The US has sanctioned the use of PROFILING (unofficially of course) to protect the nation from real or imagined enemies.  This has opened the gate for radical bigots to soar to the top of our security system.  With an attitude of ‘I told you so’ they are now free to act with prejudice against anyone that resembles a threat.  Resemble is the operative word.  This is no longer the America our Founding Fathers created – Amerika more closely resembles NAZI Germany.


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