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Iraq Moratorium

Posted by nytexan on June 20, 2007

Below is a message from I think it is something that all of us can participate in to help bring the troops home. You can read Jeremy Brecher & Brendan Smith’s June 18, 2007, article in the Nation; A Moratorium Wired to Stop the War.


Demanding an end to the war
through an escalating series of actions
on the
of every month
beginning Friday September 21st

The slow motion train wreck that is the occupation of Iraq grows more nightmarish by the day. In 2006 the American people voted to bring it to an end. But the political process is moving glacially at best. We must force the media and the politicians to recognize just how angry and how massive anti-war sentiment in this country has grown.

It’s time for the Iraq Moratorium.

The Iraq Moratorium will be an escalating, monthly expression of determination to end the war. Commencing Friday, September 21st and continuing the Third Friday of every month thereafter, we will encourage people to make a break with business as usual.

Join with millions to:

* Wear and distribute black ribbons and armbands
* Refrain from buying gas
* Pressure politicians and the media
* Hold vigils, pickets, rallies, and teach-ins
* Hold special religious services
* Coordinate events in music, art, and culture
* Host film showings, talks, and educational events
* Organize student actions: Teach-ins, school closings, etc.

STOP the War * Bring the Troops Home


One Response to “Iraq Moratorium”

  1. ClapSo said

    I signed up! Hell my name is now on more antiwar paperwork then the IRS can handle. Back during the Nam war we used to do moratorium. At one such the Viet Nam Vets Against the War did a “die in” It was quite the event in my working class Brooklyn, NY neighborhood! Hope to see you out there for these actions.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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