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Time For Bush To Be Impeached

Posted by nytexan on June 19, 2007

Well this shouldn’t shock anyone. We have known for years that Bush hates America but now the proof is in.

The Commander Guy, the dictator, the decider, the prick who has destroyed our Constitution, dismantled every positive standing the U.S. had around the world and destroyed who we are as a nation, is busted. Finally Bush is exposed for his complete disregard for what America and the branches of government are all about.

A Government Accountability Office report confirms that Bush’s use of presidential signing statements have the effect of nullifying the law in question in about 30 percent of cases.

Well, it’s official: President Bush doesn’t much respect the laws Congress passes. A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report — commissioned by Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and released today — confirms that Bush’s use of presidential signing statements are, in fact, utterly without precedent.

Though they’ve been used by American presidents for about 200 years, signing statements — edicts issued by the president to declare his intent to construe a provision within a law differently than Congress does — are Constitutionally questionable. But George W. Bush’s use of them far exceeds his predecessors’, both in number and in severity, and he has consistently used them to flout the will of the legislative branch.

Though the GAO report makes no claims about the legitimacy of Bush’s statements or of the use of statements in general, it indicates that, in practice, the statements have the effect of nullifying the law in question in about 30 percent of cases. The issues are important: They include accounting for Iraq war funding and security measures for the border patrol.

And that’s just from the GAO’s inquiry into the 11 signing statements Bush issued against appropriations acts in 2006, which constituted objections to 160 different provisions. Bush has released more than 100 signing statements in his presidency, taking exception to hundreds of provisions of the law.

The report was conducted fairly simply. GAO officials surveyed 19 of last year’s 160 objections to determine how the statements had impacted the implementation of laws. According to the report: “We contacted the relevant agencies and asked them how they were executing the provisions. After evaluating the responses we received, we determined that agencies failed to execute six provisions as enacted.”

Alongside the failures of law, the reports also list the rationales that the president used to strike down the provisions. For instance, GAO found that, by citing the Unitary Executive Theory, Bush allowed the Department of Defense to exclude “costs for any other contingency operations, such as those in Iraq” as Congress had mandated.

To read the complete article.

No president in history has done the amount of damage that Bush has done. But then, unlike Bush, the other presidents loved America.

Pelosi need to put impeachment on the table and get the freaking job done.


11 Responses to “Time For Bush To Be Impeached”

  1. mirth said

    Reid says he & Pelosi “set the bar too high” for what they hoped to accomplish. We’ve heard a lot of talk with very little action. This Congress is a miserable failure.
    It’s up to us…but, how I don’t know.
    Except to vote everyone of them out of office.

  2. gasdocpol said

    Does GW Bush deserve to be impeached? Absolutely !

    Does GW Bush deserve to be taken out and shot? I am of that opinion.



    The impeachment process would generate so much bad will and require so much effort , money and energy that I feel the the payoff would not be worth the cost.

  3. ClapSo said

    Nytex baby you rock on! Of course g’dubya should be impeached. And it won’t take more then a month to do so if the dems were really against the bush crime family. The dems and repubs are in cahoots! As to how we can get rid of this bad bunch, repulicrat/dempublican. There are a bunch of third parties waiting for our votes! Vote for ANYONE not a dem or repub! Pass the word.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  4. nytexan said

    You are right they did set the bar too high. Obviously they were very naive to think that the remaining GOP would work with them and Bush would actually sign their bills. Maybe we can start with changing leaders in Congress.

  5. nytexan said

    Glad to see you again. You are correct about impeaching him with the time he has left and the distraction if it would be, however, it needs to be done to make a very clear statement to future presidents.

    Bush has opened the door to future worse behavior and the processes that the country was founded on needs to be regained.

  6. nytexan said

    I was just mentioned at diner that I wonder what kind if a deal Peolsi made with the Bush family not to touch George.

    I think we need to put a stop to career politicians, maybe that would put a stop to their incestuous behavior.

    Both the republicans and democrats way have just opened the door all the way for a third party win across the board.

  7. Larry said

    Reid and Pelosi are too busy making boasts and threats, as well as those daily photo ops to impeach anyone. In order to impeach Bush, we may have to start with Pelosi and Reid.

  8. nytexan said

    I agree. I sent Peolsi an e-mail this evening on that very thing.I told her to start reading the progressive blogs because the talk is to get rid of her so we can get rid of Bush and the war. I’m sure she’ll delete it.

  9. Pelosi is a better San Francisco socialite than she is House Speaker.

    “Impeachment is off the table,” Nancy Pelosi.

    Pelosi lacks the courage to order the Articles of Impeachment.

    “Bush isn’t worth impeaching,” Nancy Pelosi.

    Pelosi is a weak-as-water leader.

    “There’s only so much we can do,” Nancy Pelosi.

    This is the face of the current Democratic leadership. She’s driving Democrats out of the party at record numbers and I predict, she will be responsible for flipping the House back to GOP control come November, 2008.

  10. gasdocpol said

    POLITICS IS THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE. Even if it were possible to impeach and remove Bush from office, would it be worth the cost? Lets plan for what to do once we get that loser out of there.

  11. nytexan said

    I agree with the cost and we have other things to focus on but I hope Bush would at least stands trial after his term is over. That might be impossible.

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