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Texas Democratic Party Against Cornyn,Gonzales,& Voter Suppression

Posted by nytexan on June 17, 2007

From Boyd Richie, Chairman, the Texas Democratic Party

Once again, John Cornyn has proven he is nothing more than a rubber stamp for President Bush and Karl Rove by voting to protect the job of disgraced Attorney General Alberto Gonzales — despite Gonzales’ repeated abuses of power that have turned our Justice Department into the voter suppression wing of the Republican Party.

Make no mistake. By supporting Gonzales, John Cornyn endorsed the abuse of power to carry out a Karl Rove’s political agenda.  Cornyn may have confidence in Gonzales, but Texas Democrats know our state and nation deserve a government that will stand up for our rights, not tear them down.  That’s why the TDP has started an online petition so you can cast your own vote of no confidence in Alberto Gonzales and demand John Cornyn represent YOUR interests in the Senate, not Karl Rove’s.

Sign the petition today, then forward it to a friend.  With your help, we’ll show Cornyn that Texans won’t stand for Republican corruption in our Justice Department.

As Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales has been an embarrassment to Texas and the entire country.  And now Cornyn is defending his shameful efforts to systematically deny certain Americans their right to vote – and calling it “justice.”

Was justice served when nine U.S. Attorneys were fired for refusing to do Karl Rove’s bidding and carry out partisan “voter fraud” witch hunts?

Was justice served when Bush appointees at the Justice Department pushed Voter ID laws that were overturned and call “poll taxes” by the courts?

Was justice served when Bush’s political appointees overruled career voting rights attorneys to approve Tom DeLay’s 2003 redistricting plan, which was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court?

Neither Alberto Gonzales nor his friends in the White House care about justice, equality, or the right to vote.  They only care about rigging elections to help Republicans hold on to power.  And John Cornyn is standing with them.

Texas Democrats stand for honest government and the right of every Texan to vote in a fair election.  Tell Cornyn we oppose Alberto Gonzales and demand a Senator who will support our rights.

At the State Capitol, in the courtroom and throughout the halls of Congress, Texas Democrats have stood up to Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzales and the Republican assault on our most basic freedoms.  And the TDP will make sure John Cornyn is held accountable for supporting the national Republican voter suppression agenda.

Over the last six months I have had the privilege of traveling to every corner of this state, and everywhere I go I am astounded at the excitement among my fellow Democrats and their commitment to electing a Senator who truly represents Texas values in 2008.  Democrats will have a strong nominee to challenge Cornyn, and I am proud to say the Party will support our candidate all the way.  And with his dismally low approval ratings, John Cornyn should be afraid.

You can help make a difference now.  Sign our petition declaring no confidence in Alberto Gonzales and demanding John Cornyn start working for Texas, not the Bush administration.  Forward this to your friends and family, and please consider supporting the Texas Democratic Party with a contribution.  I know that with an energized and united Democratic Party, we can take the fight to John Cornyn and elect a Senator who will stand up for voting rights, not condone the abuse of power.



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