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Musharraf Or The Alternative – We Should Care

Posted by bosskitty on June 17, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007 posted by Munaeem, in


Pakistan : Shameful Behavior of the Opposition


It pained and embarrassed me when I saw our opposition leaders flocking around US emissaries visiting Islamabad. The purpose of their meeting is to solicit US help to topple Musharraf.

I feel that Americans are interfering in our internal affairs, and we should discourage them. Pervez Musharraf sheds uniform or not its our internal problem. Americans should not bother about it. The so called democratic leaders have proved to be corrupt and inefficient. The nation gave them chance twice to rule the country, but they failed.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Myth of Press freedom in Pakistan

President Musharraf accuses that print and electronic media are projecting a negative image of Pakistan.

He says that media is not reporting the achievements of his country.

There is not doubt he have gave freedom to electronic media and press. However , it is wrong to coerce press to report untrue picture of the situation.

Unfortunately, the country is passing through a very difficult time and media should not be expected to paint a rosy picture of the things.

The general should search his soul and correct his wrongdoings and take actions against his corrupt colleagues who are looting the country.

US brings MORE corruption wherever it goes. Our corruption is bigger than your corruption because WE have ‘multi-national’ corporations on our side. They have DEEP pockets. They tell us what to do and we listen, or we would not be in office. The result is … Pakistan unrest in the middle of a growing firestorm in the middle east. Unhappiness in Pakistan could be very important if it gets out of hand. Are we making it worse or better, what do you think? We are trying to bully Pakistan and India away from their critical IPI Pipeline because it goes to Iran. Then we dabble in their politics, too. If Lieberman gets his way, King George will bomb Iran just before he leaves office and dump the whole mess onto the next administration. Then what happens to Pakistan and India and those unfortunate locals? This administration considers collateral damage a pity, but necessary in view of larger goals. Goals dictated by their supporting corporations and war profiteers.


7 Responses to “Musharraf Or The Alternative – We Should Care”

  1. mirth said

    As you point out, it’s ALL about control of oil and getting the pipelines laid to accomplish it.
    I don’t think Bush will leave office without beginning WW3. The Neos and their masters have failed in their grand plans, and it is only through worldwide chaos that they can continue their hold on this country and the Mideast.
    In my opinion, not one of the Dem candidates is qualified to guide us through what is ahead.

  2. TomCat said

    Contrary to what Bush says, he hated democratic governments. They interfere with corporate imperialism.

  3. mirth said

    My above comment was a cold and a clogged head speaking my worst fears.
    Actually, I think, or maybe it’s just fervent hope, that Bush may have been neutered enough that we are safe from his unleashing WW3 with an attack on Iran. There is still the heavy worry that he will proceed in that next step of the Neo Plan and hand it all off to the next president, but I think it’s less likely now. I think there are more indications that he will withdraw the bulk of our forces from Iraq and claim a ‘victory’ in hope of helping the Reps in the 2008 election.
    A ‘terrorist attack’ here, ‘tho, would change all the dynamics.

  4. Larry said

    Bush is an emperor in his mind and in the way he runs/ruins the government. The world is Bush’s kingdom and the people are his minions in his arrogant world.

  5. kayinmaine said

    Okay, so the republicans suck and the democrats suck, so who do we band behind to get the job done for the American people? Any suggestions?

    To Debbie…I agree with you that Pakistan’s media should be reflecting what is happening in their country. In fact, I would love to see America’s do the same. Once the media does that, shit gets done. Hey, even Hitler controlled his media, so it’s not surprising that George has used fear to manipulate our media.

  6. Suzie-Q said

    I think there are more indications that he will withdraw the bulk of our forces from Iraq and claim a ‘victory’ in hope of helping the Reps in the 2008 election.

    I agree with you on that. I think they know they must do something before the election.

  7. mirth said

    As Larry points out, Bush sees himself as an Emperor so we’ll all be holding our breath until Jan 2009. At this point I think it’s a tossup. The Neos and their shadow gov’t knows that their time is ending and there is reason to fear that they will pull out all the stops with an Iran strike or some sort of ‘terrorist’ attack with the goal of keeping them in power. But they have destroyed the Republican party and they may just delay their plans of Mideast domination in order to get Thompson or Romney or one of the others elected and try to hold onto power that way with an additional 4 years and maybe 8 to accomplish their goals. I’m betting on them doing whatever it takes to get another neo elected, including getting most of our soldiers home by next summer and claiming some sort of victory.

    As distateful as they all are, we have to elect one of the Dem candidates….unless Gore enters and then wooooohooooo we’ll all ^5 to the heavens!

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