Taking Texas And The Nation Back

The Real Co$t Of The Last $even+ Year$

Posted by bosskitty on June 16, 2007

Wall Street, Iraq and the Declining Dollar

In February of this year, Rep. Henry Waxman’s Committee on Oversight and Government Reform revealed fresh details of how the Coalition Provisional Authority dumped $12 billion in cash–in $100 bills–into Iraq in 2004. Multiple flights of huge C-130 transport planes were required to deliver 363 tons of greenbacks–a modest portion of the $510 billion we have spent so far in Iraq and Afghanistan. By certain measures, this may not be America’s most expensive war. But the worst economic effects are yet to come.

No matter how the Iraq War ends, it is clear that the United States is incapable of militarily securing territory against the wishes of a hostile population. And the Iraq War is at the heart of two alarming trends that are likely to have a negative impact on America’s position in the world: The demand for oil is rising while the supply is declining, and the demand for the US dollar is declining while the supply of dollars is rising.

Somebody in this administration is convinced that Americans don’t need their own Tax Dollars.  Certainly, the corporations profiting from war contracts are grateful that the American Taxpayer is SO generous.  Certain ‘Select’ Iraqis are grateful that the US has contributed SO much to their pet causes, even those that purchase arms to be used against us.   With our uncontrollable habit of BUYING our friends (and enemies),  our future has been spent … what should we do about this?

We bicker about the cost of ‘broken soldiers’ who we are paying to go ‘over there’ and get killed or broken.  We are SO generous.


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