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Musharraf On The Edge – Elections & The IPI Project

Posted by bosskitty on June 16, 2007

Thank You Munaeem:


US advises Musharraf to share power

Richard Boucher’s latest visit to Pakistan has generated widespread speculations that US is not happy with the general. Analysts say that US has asked Musharraf to share power with the civilian government, which will be elected in the upcoming elections.

Musharraf who earned the favour of his masters by launching a crack-down on Al-qaeda in the urban areas of Pakistan and Waziristan, has lost his credibility in the eyes of his masters.

The western media has started to criticize him. They say he is losing domestic support and should be replaced. But the problem is that politicians will not be able to do things for Americans unless they get the support of powerful military. So they are asking Musharraf to share power, because they cannot afford a military coup in Pakistan.

Current factors effecting US relations with Pakistan & Musharraf



IPI Pipeline Project And America, Al Jazeera

According to reports, negotiations for the Iran-India-Pakistan gas pipeline are in the final stages.

This project will cost US$ 7 Billion. The project is crucial to India and Pakistan because of their energy requirements.

But the Bush Administration is opposed to this IPI project. They do not want foreign companies to invest in Iran’s energy sector. Their strategy is to weaken the Iranian regime. So they are threatening to take punitive actions against companies who will invest in this project.

Musharraf must decide whether to shed Military role

US backing for Musharraf

John Negroponte, the US deputy secretary of state, has backed General Pervez Musharraf, saying it was up to the Pakistan president to decide when to quit as army chief.

Negroponte told reporters at the US embassy in Islamabad: “The message I brought was one of a strong friendship and trust for and with the government and people of Pakistan.”

Those opposing Musharraf have seized on the unrest to press the president to give up his dual role as president and head of the military by the end of the year, when he is constitutionally obliged to.


Ongoing controversy abounds about Musharraf in his own country.

Is it right that the future of world is held in the fist of lame ducks?

Iran, India, Pakistan to Construct Pipeline Without USA Prevention

06.06.2007 11:45

Iran, India and Pakistan are making progress in talks on a planned $7 billion gas pipeline and the United States will not derail the project, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday.

The plan has also been hampered by differences over pricing the gas and political tensions between India and Pakistan.

The Iranian year ends in March. Iranian officials have previously said they hoped to sign a final deal in Islamabad on June 30



India, Paki and Iran to Sign Pipeline Construction Deal

13.06.2007 13:02

India, Pakistan and Iran are expected to sign a deal by the end of July to build a $7bn gas pipeline.

The proposed pipeline would initially bring 2.2bn cu ft of Iranian gas to Pakistan and India in equal shares. A pricing formula has reportedly been agreed; transportation tariffs and transit fees are not finalised, according to India’s oil secretary


Our LAME Bush is threatening our loyal allies’ much needed energy asset (IPI Pipeline) just because Iran is one of the players, Pakistan and India are the other two players. The US threatens to kill their golden goose because of ONE bad egg ….


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