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Disgusting – Disenfranchised With PTSD

Posted by bosskitty on June 16, 2007


The War Inside

Troops Are Returning From the Battlefield With Psychological Wounds, But the Mental-Health System That Serves Them Makes Healing Difficult

By Dana Priest and Anne Hull  –  Sunday, June 17, 2007; Page A01


This article is so awful you must read it for yourself.  It must be easier to hire private armies than taking care of the one we have.   Proud to be an American …..


8 Responses to “Disgusting – Disenfranchised With PTSD”

  1. Kmuzu said

    Thanks for the link. I try to keep in a good denial about this sort of stuff. Denial = good … taking responsibility is bad .. bad ..


  2. opit said

    I tripped across a link which blew me away with assertions that denial of veterans benefits has been built into the system for decades. One way this was accomplished was to fragment ‘delivery systems’ into different agencies so as to facilitate ‘ring-around-the-bureaucrat’. Another was to mandate ‘in-house’ arbitrations in which a staffer was assigned cases – no lawyers allowed – and the staff was not trained in the legal rights of the vet so much as the ways to sucker him into giving up his or her claim.
    Huh. Blew my login. There was an article by Steve someone who only posted one article. If you can’t find it – I’ll give it another go. You could lose yourself in there for a long time – Sheila Samples has shocking info on feckless leader.

  3. nytexan said

    Link requires login & password.If you have another ink that would be great.

  4. Hi just wanted to pop and say..that one of the more disturbing things regarding the Surgeon General Nominee James Holsinger is that he has a LONG history with the Pentagon J-4 planning. He at one time was in charge of Veterans Health Affairs and had a hand picked crony to be his medical inspector. Holsinger goes back to Bush One, he was his appointment in fact. Now many Vets. back then got denied benefits for Gulf War Syndrome,when clearly they were ill and dying ? The pray the gay away stuff is pure quarkery -but to me the more sinister aspect of this Holsinger guy (besides being batshit crazy) is that he knows how to deny vets.benefits. He as Surgeon General could also be in a position to facilitate Martial Law based on some specious health threat. I did do a post on this at my blog. This guy is dangerous. He also has precious little true Public Health experience and is a known a friend said to me, when i asked where does ChimpCo find these people ? His reply was he (the chimp) must subscribe to “Uber-swine monthly” …yep must be it.

    That periodical if it did exist (who knows it might but under a different name ie. “dad’s pals who would help me”) would contain the names of every neo con nutbag listed going back decades.

    Another horrid dangerous crony. This nomination must be stopped. The already broken American Health Care system would be further entrenched in its immoral inequities. Holsinger would also be an harmful influence on the Veterans Admin. He is already well practiced at weakening it.

  5. bosskitty said

    Opit, found the link Home page – great source for research, thanks.

  6. bosskitty said

    Thanks for the research Proud – Gonna check some swine history . .

  7. bosskitty said

    Kmuzu, is that really you? Welcome back to our sad history lessons – Denial is the ONLY way out, meet you all down at the pool hall …. 😉

  8. cAqytBY said

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