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Fred Thompson Clone of Bush/Cheney

Posted by nytexan on June 14, 2007

Fred Thompson a member of the Advisory Committee for the Libby Legal Defense Trust appears to be a continuation of the Bush/Cheney house of horrors.

Just think of how much fun we’ll have with four years of Thompson and his who’s who list of war criminals, liars and idiots.

  • George P. Bush: son of the other Bush family crook – Jeb;
  • Elizabeth Cheney: Cheney daughter. Enough said;
  • Michael Turk: internets chief for the Bush 43 campaigns;
  • Thomas J. Collamore: will be chief operations officer: Collamore was former vice president of public affairs for Philip Morris Companies Inc, aide to Vice President George H.W. Bush, In the George H.W. Bush administration, Collamore was an assistant secretary of commerce under Commerce Secretary Robert Mosbacher, During the Reagan administration, he was special assistant to Commerce Secretary Malcolm Baldrige;
  • Mark Esper: National Security Adviser to former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, worked for Thompson when he was a Senator in the 1990s;
  • David M. McIntosh: During the Reagan Administration, McIntosh served as Special Assistant to the Attorney General and as Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs. In George H. W. Bush’s administration, he served as executive director of Vice President Dan Quayle’s Council for Competitiveness.
  • Tim Griffin: ex-aide at the Republican National Committee. Rove’s buddy who got his job as U.S. attorney in Arkansas by firing Bud Cummins;
  • Mary Matalin: assistant to Bush, former counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney, Treasurer for Sen. Macaca George Allen;
  • Lawrence B. Lindsey, Assistant to the Bush on Economic Policy. Lindsey played a leading role in formulating President Bush’s $1.35 billion tax cut. During the Reagan Administration, he served three years on the staff of the Council of Economic Advisers as Senior Staff Economist for Tax Policy. In the George H.W. Bush administration he served as Special Assistant to the President for Policy Development.

It appears to me that Cheney has hand pick this guy to save the GOP. Or is it to save Cheney and Bush’s ass from criminal charges after they leave office.


7 Responses to “Fred Thompson Clone of Bush/Cheney”

  1. Jim Robinson said

    You forgot Karl Rove. Its not official, but word is, Karl is doing most of Freds bidding for him.

  2. nytexan said

    You have got to be kidding me. I had no idea Rove was putting his slimy hands on this too.

  3. mirth said

    Creep me out, whydoncha.
    I think Thompson is a real threat. Repulicans are into style over substance. They are gonna love his candidacy.

  4. nytexan said

    The GOP is only interested in carbon copy of the same old crap. They have no interest in honesty, progress and peace.

  5. D-day said

    Holy Crap! What a list!
    Thank you for this post. Clearly we need to get a jump on Thomson and expose him as a Bush clone right away. That’s the most damaging thing anyone can do.

  6. nytexan said

    you are very welcome. Thompson will be a scripped and pre planned administration. A wing nuts dream come true.

    After reading the list, Rudy is looking better. Sad statement on GOP choices.

  7. Ron Paul said

    Come join the troops at the Ron Paul Forum

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