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Cornyn: Extremist, Ineffective, Weak

Posted by nytexan on June 14, 2007


Filed by Box Turtle Patrol on June 13th, 2007

Of all the Senators who are seeking reelection in 2008, Cornyn is rated as the most extreme right-wing by the nonpartisan National Journal.Cornyn is not just extreme; Cornyn is also ineffective.

Due to Cornyn’s inability to reach compromise with his Senatorial colleagues, the nonpartisan has ranked Cornyn in the bottom quarter of all Senators in terms of his lack of power and influence on behalf of Texans. More specifically, Cornyn has earned a zero rating for his lack of influence and a zero rating for his lack of legislative accomplishment, and his power is in steep decline.

In light of Cornyn’s record of extremism and inefficacy, Cornyn has failed to earn the trust or affection of Texans. In fact, Cornyn’s own campaign website contains an article which candidly acknowledges Cornyn’s extraordinary weakness:

“For a six-year incumbent, Cornyn is remarkably weak,” says Harvey Kronberg, editor of the Texas-focused “Quorum Report.” A poll taken Apr. 11-15 … finds that Cornyn has failed to make a strong impression on Texas voters: 39% of respondents said they didn’t know enough about Cornyn to judge if he’s been a good senator. That nearly matches the 41% who gave him a favorable rating; 19% rated him unfavorable. The survey also showed that Cornyn got 47% against an unnamed generic Democrat …. As a rule, anything under 50% is not good news for an incumbent.

Cornyn’s ratings were only marginally better when compiled by the non-partisan SurveyUSA. His approval rating was 47%, his disapproval 39% in March of this year. And last November, SurveyUSA ranked Cornyn 89th in approval among all US Senators.

Of all the Republican Senators seeking reelection in 2008, only New Hampshire’s John Sununu has lower approval ratings than Cornyn. In fact, Cornyn’s approval ratings have failed to rise above 50% in recent memory.

Cornyn is extremist, ineffective, and weak.

He must go.



18 Responses to “Cornyn: Extremist, Ineffective, Weak”

  1. Did Cornyn ever do anything that Bush or Rove didn’t TELL him to?

  2. nytexan said

    Nope, his life revolves about Bush and Rove. He is worthless for Texans. Cornyn is the mouthpiece for the White House.

  3. Suzie-Q said

    Another lying, deceiving NeoCon that must go!

  4. nytexan said

    We are trying hard in Texas to get him out.

  5. kayinmaine said

    Let’s drag Cornyn down the stairs by his feet! 🙂

  6. nytexan said

    That would make him mad, it would mess up his pretty hair.

  7. Cornyn is a Bush sweetheart.

    My prediction is, he will be reelected. Just as Kay Bailey Felon is a Bush sweatheart. The GOP’s stranglehold in Texas is breathtaking and the RNC isn’t about to let him go down in flames.

  8. nytexan said

    I fear you are right. One of the main problems is that the Texas Democratic Party does nothing.The local chapter are on top of things but on the state level they are asleep at the wheel.

  9. Suzie-Q said


    You need to wake up the State level boys then with a big yell! hehe

  10. I hear Dallas may elect a gay mayor?

    Good. For. Them. Dallas has the 6th largest gay and lesbian population in Texas so the time has arrived. Dallas sounds like the only civilized place in the entire state.

  11. nytexan said

    You are so correct about the Dallas. I almost fell off the couch when I heard that. Dallas is moving away from the right. Bravo.

    It appears that the State level party is all about the title an that’s it. The bloggers here are taking matters into our own hands, maybe the State will catch up with us.

  12. mirth said

    We can use all the good news we can get, even if it’s only hints of it.

  13. Cornyn feh ….please if you mangage to rid the senate of him , could you make it a package deal and send Kay Baily Hutchinson out too with the trash ? feh feh feh

    …goddess just looking/listening to either one of them makes my stomach churn and i must turn off c-span for my health and put on a movie.

  14. JollyRoger said

    Cornyn is also a traitor. His threats regarding the Judiciary makes it clear that this is a man who despises the American system of Government. HIS kind of Government was extinguished in 1945.

  15. nytexan said

    We are trying our hardest to get Cornyn out and we will do it. Hutchinson slipped by in the last election because of the State Party taking zero action to support a very good democratic candidate. We are not going to let that happen again.

    Currently there is an attorney out of San Antonio who has matched Cornyn campaign funds of $3million out of his own back account.He is determined to kick Cornyn out.

    BTW: I am sure by now all of you are sick of our fine Texans in D.C., Hutchinson, Cornyn, Bush, Rove, Gonzo. There are more but the list is embarrassing to decent Texans.

  16. JollyRoger said

    Yeah-you didn’t even mention Gov. Goodhair 🙂

  17. nytexan said

    LOL..Goodhair is a about as good as tits on a boar.

  18. LoneSTar Gal said

    Several promising candidates are gunning for Cornyn. There’s also an attorney and former JAG officer from Dallas named Emil Reichstadt.

    So even though we have a fight on our hands getting rid of Rove’s pet, at least there are people stepping up.

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