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WAKE UP! Musharraf In Trouble While The US Sleeps …

Posted by bosskitty on June 11, 2007

This is part of an OP-ED re-post from Munaeem’s Blog

Monday, June 11, 2007



by Eric Margolis

( The concerns expressed in this article are shared by every Pakistani and every friend of Pakistan. However, the solution is not elections that might return Benazir or Nawaz Sharif to power. They plundered the country and were even more obesquious to ‘friend’ USA and ‘enemy’ India who are strategic partners in the region. Pakistan needs an interim Government of patriots as provide for in the Constitution to change laws and reverse policies to undo the damage done since 1989.) Usman Khalid.

The US media should be focused on critical events that shape our lives, NOT Paris Hilton! While we are sleeping, world events and repercussions from our administration setting global fires are about to complicate everything! How long can America dismiss responsibility?

Hailed by Washington as a `democratic statesman,’ Musharraf has arrested and jailed thousands of people without trial. Many have been tortured. Elections are crudely rigged, legislators and judges bribed, and most of the army and intelligence service’s most capable, patriotic officers, were replaced at Washington’s demand by compliant yes-men untainted by Islam. Now, Musharraf’s security forces are intimidating Pakistan’s free press, one of its few remaining active democratic institutions.

What an irony that while Washington claims to be waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring democracy, it is stoutly upholding Pakistan’s military dictatorship.

Musharraf outraged his countrymen by obsequiously kow-towing to foreign demands while neglecting Pakistan’s needs. Turning Pakistan into Washington’s sepoy(native soldier) in exchange for billions in overt and hundreds of millions more in secret CIA stipends used to rent loyalty to the military regime has shamed many Pakistanis and further enflamed anti-western groups in this important nation of 162.5 million.

Now, thanks in part to Musharraf’s wrongheaded policies over Afghanistan, the conflict there is starting to lap across Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier. Pakistan is facing one of the gravest national crises since its creation in 1947 as a beacon of honest, democratic government for the Muslim World. Sixty years later, Pakistan has become a poster child for self-serving, undemocratic government that often does not even represent the best interests of the nation.

The Bush Administration keeps patting Musharraf on the back as unrest worsens and Pakistan heads toward a potential explosion that could destabilize the entire region and leave US and NATO forces in southern Afghanistan cut off and vulnerable. The west cannot afford to let Pakistan melt-down.

Quickly restoring democratic government is the obvious answer. Pakistan’s banned opposition leaders, Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, must be allowed to return and wage free elections. While burdened by a lot of negative baggage from her previous stints as prime minister, Miss Bhutto still appears as the most effective antidote to the current military regime and deserves strong western support. One hopes that recent rumors of a Benazir-Musharraf deal are no more than idle bazaar chatter. If they are true, then she will become as discredited as Musharraf.

Washington needs to press Musharraf to retire as armed forces chief. Musharraf is dragging down Pakistan with his unpopular, isolated regime. If he is as popular as he claims, let him run for office in a fair, democratic politician.

Time is fast running out. A nuclear-armed Pakistan facing regional, tribal and ethnic unrest or conflict is a hugely dangerous threat demanding urgent action. Pakistan must not be sacrificed for the sake of its leader.

This administration has put it’s finger in so many pies and stirred up so much trouble that, when all these little fires explode, the world will certainly experience the Bush Armageddon. Are we really prepared for the conflagration?

The US history of manipulation is about to come back and BITE all of us! Are we really Americans or blind sheep stampeding over a cliff?


4 Responses to “WAKE UP! Musharraf In Trouble While The US Sleeps …”

  1. TomCat said

    Bush prefers to have a dictator in charge of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, but following the right’s penchant for getting bit as a result of feeding mad dogs (Saddam, Osama, etc.) has less us in that place again. Bhutto is an attractive alternative.

    On the media, were Russia or China to launch an all out nuclear strike against the US, concurrent with a Paris Hilton event, our whore broadcast media would not cut away from Paris long enough to inform us.

  2. nytexan said

    Paris Hilton and the Saprono’s take precedent over world events…silly.

    I think Bush & Cheney force the MSM to feed us all that crap so we won’t be paying attention to their world destruction.

    The only reason Bush won’t force Musharrif to resign as armed forces chief because of a coup. With Musharrif in both positions Bush has no worries. Remember they all serve at the pleasure of President Incompetent.

  3. Suzie-Q said

    Hey Guys!

    It’s GEF’s birthday! Please come by my blog and wish him a Happy Birthday! 🙂

  4. Kmuzu said

    This story was reported by the BBC some weeks ago and quite frankly scares the living crap out of me and I don’t mean the Las Vegas kind of crap. However, I feel the less Bush is involved the better. Everything that monkey touches fails. This may be the only time I’m hoping the evil dictator wins. It’s certainly a sad sad world we live in. As for Paris, I really feel sorry for the poor guard who’s has to listen to her whine 24/7 about her rash. I think that’s the reason they let her go the first time. 🙂

    The Great Kmuzu has spoken .. or written ..

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