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Lieberman Backs Limited U.S. Attacks on Iran

Posted by nytexan on June 10, 2007

Joe Lieberman is out of his freaking mind. One of Bush’s favorite bootlickers, is obviously out there spinning what we all know is coming down the pike; an attack on Iran.

WASHINGTON, June 10 — Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, an independent who strongly supports the war in Iraq, said today that unless Iran stops training Iraqis to carry out anti-coalition attacks, the United States should launch cross-border attacks into Iran.

I think we’ve got to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians to stop them from killing Americans in Iraq,” Mr. Lieberman said in an interview on the CBS News program “Face the Nation.”

This could be achieved mostly with air attacks, Mr. Lieberman said, adding, “I’m not talking about a massive ground invasion of Iran.”

The comment from Mr. Lieberman of Connecticut, who is sometimes a swing vote in the closely divided Senate, went far beyond the official position in the Bush administration, which has warned Iran about supporting Iraqi insurgents but also recently held high-level talks with Iranian officials. There was no immediate White House reaction.

Really “no immediate White House reaction” of course not; Lieberman is among the mouthpieces for this administration. If this dangerous and stupid statement was said by any democrat, the White House would be all over it. But since it’s a Bush lackey it doesn’t surprise me.

Mr. Lieberman said he supported the high-level talks with Iran, but added that there was “incontrovertible” evidence that Iranians were training Iraqis to use the explosives, which are blamed for killing as many as 200 Americans.

Oh yeah Joe, just like the incontrovertible evidence on WMD’s.

How in the hell did Joe Lieberman ever get picked for V.P. This guy just didn’t wake up one day and say “today I’m wing nut”; no he has always been a wing nut. Lieberman continues to expose himself for what he really is a Reich-wing terrorist.

I’m sure that in a few days we’ll hear from other members of the Bush bootlicking club; Susan Collins (Reinhard Gehlen),who sits on the Homeland Security Committee will have some secret document that support the Heir Lieberman’s (Paul Joseph Goebbels) crap; John Cornyn (Otto Georg Thierack) who has yet to sign off on the restoration of Habeas Corpus so we can keep the gulags open for the Iranians.

The loyal three musketeers, aiding and abiding in the continued delusions and war crimes of Bush, their Fuhrer.


14 Responses to “Lieberman Backs Limited U.S. Attacks on Iran”

  1. Suzie-Q said

    I was just going to post this story on my blog… and it doesn’t surprise me that LIEberman is promoting an attack on Iran. He is a definitely one of the warmongers! Ugh!

  2. nytexan said

    Lieberman is so filled with hate and lies. He will do anything BushCo tells him.

  3. kayinmaine said

    Can you believe this asswipe? We’re talking about it on AMERICAblog right now. He is all for protecting Israel. In fact, those who benefited from 9/11 are those in the military industrial complex, the oil/gas field and the country of Israel. Other than that, the rest of us have been used and abused by all of this…not that we would even think of benefiting in any way from that horrible day anyways!

  4. nytexan said

    Lieberman’s allgeiance is to war profiteers and Israel.

  5. Yeah, I wince too when I hear some Bush supporter use the phrase, “incontrovertible evidence.” The sad thing is Lieberman isn’t the only Democrat that would support attacking Iran.

  6. kayinmaine said

    Or republicans too, Button.

  7. nytexan said

    I doubt you’ll find any democrats openly supporting a war Iran. They are all to scared of losing in’08.

    Besides Bush won’t need a vote from Congress to go to was he will use the “continued war on terror” that he was granted by the 108th Congress and reauthorized by the 109h Congress.

  8. Joementum needs a swift kick in his ass!

  9. nytexan said

    I hope Conn. is happy with their choice. Lieberman will help get us into another war.

    I kick in the ass is mild.

  10. bhumika said

    is he nuts!! i don’t know what is wrong with liberman..he is now sounds like the “chief propoganda” officer of the admin

    i read this news on Iran holding fourth American hostage..did he make this statement after he heard about his..? if not then i guess he will cry for immediate action..this “kidnapping” of Americans will give him more reasons for advocating war..

  11. nytexan said

    That’s why I put Paul Joseph Goebbels after Lieberman’s name.
    Not sure if Lieberman’s crazy talk was said before or after the 4th hostage was announced.

  12. nytexan said

    I am not blocking you. You keep getting caught in the spam catcher. I think one of your comments got lost. I will keep looking for it. I have marked you as “not spam” Sorry.

  13. Joe Hamadani said

    Lieberman is wrong…bombing Iran is not the solution to bring down the regime. You should read this great blog on why Iranian Americans oppose bombing Iran:

  14. nytexan said

    Joe Hamadani:
    Thank you for the link. The post was very interesting, although I could not leave a comment so I am posting it here.

    Your questions and thoughts are founded in logic, which is something that is strongly lacking in Joe LIEberman and the Bush administration.

    Americans are not interested in a war with Iran, although we do expect Bush to start one before his term ends. Americans believe that he will use the “war on terror” powers that were given to him by the previous Congress. War with Iran is the spouting of an arrogant madman that we call President. LIEberman is the mouth piece of Bush and Cheney.

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