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US History of Funding Human Rights Violations

Posted by bosskitty on June 9, 2007


Rights Violators Are Largest US Military Aid Recipients

The United States still props up governments with the worst legacy of Human Rights violations in the world with Military funding and Arms deals.

Why should American citizens care what terrible things our country is doing to ordinary citizens of other countries?

Is America so de-sensitized that we cannot bother ourselves with the suffering of anyone that does not look like us or worship like us or speak our language?

Americans justify collateral damage to humans in war zones because the deaths of others insure our personal freedom to:

Drive over to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Starbucks, the Mall, the Ball Game, GrandMa’s, the pool, the lake, the river, McDonalds …

Watch mindless soap operas, game shows, the Ball Game, scary movies, sexy movies, 60 second news clips of stupid celebrities, hours of your favorite evangelist, Fox News, MSNBC, American Idol, Law & Order …

Bitch about ‘other people’, spout one liners about ‘killing the bastards’ or ‘why can’t we all just get along’, politicians, immigration, health care, gas prices, the speed limit, the price of beer, the price of sports, movie, airplane tickets …

Americans, in general, are spoiled brats just like Paris Hilton – totally clueless as to their role in the larger picture of this planet’s population. If your family was destroyed by a bully or a mass murderer, would you be endeared to their offer of “Democracy” with so many strings attached that the word is meaningless? The concept of Democracy as Americans understand it is not what Americans offer the victims of our self serving tactics.

The layers of American motive for the past decade have become all too transparent, because, America is no longer a real Democracy. America is a corporate dictatorship whose only engine is profit motive. Hypnotized America behaves at the bidding of Corporate Marketing Strategy and complies with the concept that we must hypnotize the world, there is ‘MONEY’ out there. A well OILED Democracy is coming to a country near you. Don’t bitch about the ticket price … And, what does this have to do with HUMAN RIGHTS, anyway? The original concept of America’s Democracy was founded on Human Rights! Sadly, we seem to have lost it.

BossKitty is just a small voice in the woods …peep … peep



2 Responses to “US History of Funding Human Rights Violations”

  1. mirth said

    We don’t need terrorists to destroy this country. We are very good at that all by ourselves. As mush as Bush&Co, we have caused our own corruption and falls from grace. Whether we stand or fall is completely in our own hands.

  2. bosskitty said

    Oh no Mirth! That would be called taking responsibility for our actions. We can’t do that! Quick, let’s take a pill and ignore it all. I’m washing my hands right now … out, out damn spot! Look, no more responsibility 8)

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