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Bush Nominates Another Hate Monger

Posted by nytexan on June 7, 2007

From the Center For Constitutional Rights: 

President George W. Bush continues to fail the citizens of the Gulf Coast in his refusal to offer the Senate a viable candidate for the vacancy on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. Judge Leslie Southwick’s record of racial insensitivity and his blatant discrimination against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community should automatically disqualify him from holding a position where he is responsible for upholding civil rights.

It is extremely troubling that a man who argues that a woman’s sexual orientation is enough of a basis to deny her custody of her child and who also justifies the use of racial slurs in the workplace can even be considered for such a critical position. In a time when the Gulf Coast region needs a Court of Appeals bench that is sympathetic to the needs of diverse communities, Judge Southwick should not be an option.

Furthermore, President Bush’s nomination of yet another white candidate is an affront to the large Black community that lives within the Court’s jurisdiction. In a region of the country where Black citizens constitute the largest percentage of the local population, not one Black judge has ever served on the District Court of Appeals. President Bush has continued this trend by refusing to nominate a Black candidate since he has been in office.

All Senators who value human rights should oppose the nomination of Judge Leslie Southwick to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.


12 Responses to “Bush Nominates Another Hate Monger”

  1. mirth said

    If this bastard is confirmed, I’ll…I’ll…..I’ll post something very bad about Congress.
    Once we have made made known to our “representatives” our objects, what other choice do we have?

  2. mirth said


  3. nytexan said

    Making our voices heard is all we have.

    It will be interesting to see if all the gay rights campaign stump speeches of Obama and Hillary play out here.

  4. Ron said

    BushCo, ever the divider, not the uniter.

  5. Thank you for being on top of this, it just never stops. As a member of the LGBT community i can tell you the Dems have broken many promises..Clinton signing DOMA and the DADT..policies at the time i thought were maybe not as damaging as they really turned out to be. wow was i wrong and its seems that with all the closet cases in power a strange dynamic emerges. The political activists are further marginalized by their own kind from within…strange and sad.

    Its been a steady onslaught against our civil rights since..and a mighty powerful wedge issue. As far as this nominee , it is eggregious that a person of color was not nominated for the NOLA area – the justice system does make mention of juries etc of one’s peers. It is simply not fair , nor right. Its a slap in the face again on multiple levels, to multiple groups.

    ..really how much longer ? how much longer ? Until the pastey white neos cons/libs stop running this whole show. Will it have to get worse before it gets better..

    Watching just bits and tiny snippets from the republican debates i realized they are ALL batshit crazy. I even found myself wierdly relieved that Ron Paul actually sounded the sanest at one moment regarding pre emptive war. Unfortunately he is economically dangerous to our safety net that our country deserves for its people in poverty. But at least this guy might have some respect for civil liberties and privacy. Its so troubling …and How about Holsinger the Surgeon General Nominee…man the chimp must be desparate…and desparate people do dangerous things..

  6. God this pisses me off.

    If this fool is approved by the Congress (are you listening Harry and Nancy?) then it’s time to impeach them all and start over.

  7. i guess it was on the Daily show, last night that good old John Stewart nailed it …showing Blitzer asking the batshit crazies a question on Don’t Ask..D.T. that was so loaded and framed so negitively that it really was breathtakingly prejudice. it assumed they would all be opposed to upholding that, vs. leaving any room for change…Stewart said , well the jist they would rather have lost all the translators then have lives saved by a Gay hero.. amazing the hatred in this compassionate conservatives…all of whom damn well know so many LGBT people but will pander pander fookin pander to the lowest common denomitor of haters, and jingoistic, Amerikkka macho men firsters….sickening truly.

    And its got to be full equality , nothing else will do. And we cannot leave this stuff to the states. Minorities need protection from the MOB, its not appropriate to put LGBT issues up for referendums…it just isn’t. While we cannot legislate morality the laws of the land can point the country in the right direction. And protect people from the mob mentality….but i digress…what a horrible nominee for NOLA.

  8. nytexan said

    Your right Bus should have nominated someone from the NOLA area. But then he has never been know for picking the right nominee.

    The democrats have been talking up the LGBT issue but I think it’s for money. When Hillary and Obama take action then I will believe their campaign crap.

    You have to wonder if Congress is even paying attention god knows the MSM isn’t.

  9. Suzie-Q said

    I hope Congress is paying attention to this!

    Bush always picks the winners! *sarcastic*

  10. nytexan said


    With their preoccupation in courting campaign funds I fear it’s low on their radar. Please prove me wrong.

  11. Nice double standard! Rip on Holsinger because he’s a Rightie, but don’t breathe a word of Leftie Mister Pretty Hair John Edwards and his homophobia. hypocrites!

  12. nytexan said

    This post is about Judge Southwick. Holsinger has nothing to do with the nomination if Judge Southwick.

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