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The GOP Debate..Same Old White Guys

Posted by nytexan on June 6, 2007

Last night I watch the GOP debate, yeah watched it. Basically they stink and not just because they are republicans. I notice several very annoying things:

1) They are all men (where is there inclusiveness);

2) They are all white (I know they have a few Blacks and Hispanics);

3) They are all stiff (basically tight ass white men);

4) They all hate immigrants (well McCain was nicer about it);

5) They all thought English should be the only language (that’s shocking since their fearless leader can’t speak English);

6They played follow the leader (McCain moves forward, they rest move forward);

7) They did however seem to take pleasure in Rudy getting a lighting zap when asked about a bishop or some religious crap;

8 ) Wolf Blitzer if a royal pain in the ass;

9) The audiences seem like they would have enjoyed watching paint dry then listening to the Goppers.

Basically in a nut shell it sucked. Sad to say but to me McCain seem to come out on top.


16 Responses to “The GOP Debate..Same Old White Guys”

  1. Joel said

    Nominated for “irony” post of the day…perhaps the year.

    1) Inclusiveness? First party to have..not one but two Secretary of State Afro-Americans. Also Hispanic Attorney General. (I’m sure those are the “few” in the party you refer to.)

    2) Prior to this year, only serious minority candidate for Prez was Jesse Jackson. Alan Keyes, now with the “Constitution Party”, has run twice for Prez.

    3) Obama’s NOT? He may not be “white” but he sure the heck is stiff.

    4) Ummm. “They all HAT immigrants”?
    I guess we can include this one in “5)” also. I guess you missed the criticism for the amnesty programs the president and some of the candidates have proposed? ALL those folks currently here, can stay. That’s “HAT”?
    5) Oh the irony! Also, Bush speaks Spanish fluently. Yes, he makes a damn fool of himself with his Spoonerisms, and 4 year old kid words, added to the stuttering. But he did graduate from Yale. Where did Hilary graduate from? Also, observe your #9) comments, perhaps have someone proof your critiques before you cast any more stones.

  2. I simply couldn’t force myself to watch them. It was more than I could take to spend an evening with a group of wingnut, straight white men.

    As far as Leslie is concerned, he got the gig at CNN (6 days a week) because of his Zionist leanings. He used to be a lobbyist for AIPAC.

  3. nytexan said

    thanks for pointing out the “hat” thing, I fixed it.

    Inclusive was referring to the candidates not the cabinet.

    Bush is far from fluent in Spanish. Remember he and I are from the same state. Funny he very rarley speaks Spanish in Texas.

    BTW:the democrats didn’t do much better. So don’t feel that the GOP is alone in the poor debates. They are “ALL” saying the same crap and pointing the same fingers.

  4. nytexan said

    I didn’t realize he was a lobbyist for AIPAC interesting. He’s still annoying.

    Well I was curious to see what they had to say. As I told Joel above the democrats didn’t do any better.

  5. nytexan said

    FYI: Hillary went to undergraduate at Wellesley College and Yale Law School.

  6. Ron said

    Yes, but you belong the reality-based community. God knows what the kool-aid says to the reeps watching the debate. They probably think Tancredo was a mini-deity.

  7. nytexan said

    Ron: post was manly done in fun unlike your which was a critique.
    Obviously comment #1 Joel missed that.

    Tancredo did seem a bit pissed of or uncomfortable.

  8. Oh yes, NYTexan, Leslie is an AIPACer. Probably a PNACer, too.

  9. Suzie-Q said

    I didn’t watch and I won’t watch them. I will never vote for a Repug..

  10. nytexan said

    Suzie Q:
    There’s a few reason that I watch, to see what we are up against. With this GOP group not much.

    I always learn something from you. I guess I have some reading to do on Leslie.

  11. mirth said

    I *puke* Wolfie too, nytexan. Just cannot bare to watch or listen to him. And yes, he’s AIPAC’s man at CNN.

  12. TomCat said

    I watched them, listened to them, and reviewed the debate. I did have the courtesy not yo add pictures, so you guys would have a chance to keep your breakfast down.

    Over 700,000 fewer (≈20% fewer) watched the GOPers than watched the Dems.

  13. nytexan said

    Job well done on your post. You spent far more time on this than I did.

    The right is so disgusted with their choices I’m surprised there were any viewers.

  14. Whippoorwil said

    Here’s a repug to try and politly answer your quips…

    Well…I was going to…but I’m not sure I can say anything you’ll hear…

    but here’s a try…

    These are mostly decent men. They aren’t slave owners. (they’d have to be 150 years old or so to be so). Although you’d be shocked to know that the anti-slavery movements, anti-discrimination against women and minorities movements, free public schools and yes our constitution which gave humans the freest govenment on the face of the earth…were all
    christian movements. Check it out.
    They aren’t facists…but they’re willing to put themselves out there
    to say that chopping little babies up so that the 60’s
    generation could have what it wanted…free sex with no responsibilty, no commitment to someones daughter, no
    being responsible men who take care of the women they
    love and their children…
    never was in any possible
    way…moral. In any universe.

    They and their sons and their daughters for that matter
    put their lives on the line for the rest of us so that
    we weren’t in a giant fireball at JFK last week.

    ‘Liberality’. The christian right that you detest so much…gives more
    money than any other people on earth to the poor and
    disinfranchised. Ask Bono. A study was done. The most
    generous state?? West Virgina…known for poverty and
    old fashioned values. The cheapest?? New Hampshire…
    they talk a good talk about being caring…and are down
    right cheap giving the least charity in the country.

    The conservatives really don’t know what to make of the
    left right now. We’re starting to think that you all are
    just really abused children…that need our love…
    but we can’t reach you.

    Stop beliving what your wacko college professor (because he wanted to sleep with coeds) or your
    ‘friends’ told you. If you just believe lies about
    people, and never genuinely listen to them…then you’re really the
    problem…not them.

    There’s good news. You can change you mind. And give all
    people a good listen…instead of believing the lies.

    Another really important thing to know is that you must
    never believe things that people put ‘out there’ with no
    evidence. Like conspiracy theories. There everywhere…
    people are voting based on them…and like the lady
    in the hamberger commercial people should be asking…
    “where’s the beef?” Evidence. They need it in court…and
    you need it in life…or really…you’ve just joined
    the proverbial “angry mob”.

    It used to be in this country
    that you couldn’t print something without backing it up with evidence, or you lost your job. Could even be sued for libel for ruining someones reputation.
    Lieing has become the order of the day. It’s called
    dishonest. It’s a kind of stealing from someone to say
    things about them that you cannot prove are true. You
    steal their rep. you may steal their livelyhood, you may
    steal their sleep because they can’t pay their bills now
    and their children may strave.
    Be careful what you say…it’s needs to be true or you
    need to say…I’m not sure that it is. That’s called
    having integrity.
    That’s what conservatives including
    those ‘white’ men as you call them believe. Conservatives…first black supreme court justice,
    first woman supreme court justice, first black joint
    cheifs of staff, first black women secretary of state!!
    first hispanic Atourney General…Abraham Lincoln!!

    Give it a think…if you’re willing to be really…honest.

  15. bosskitty said

    Whippoorwil, those are very good points you make and I agree with most of them. I must, however, point out that I have personally experienced hatred from people that claim they are Christians.
    I’ve been threatened because of who I am and what I believe by people calling themselves Christians and claiming their rights were God given. I was raised a Methodist, pretty liberal for it’s time. Over the decades, I have learned to respect aspects of other religions and defer to some of their symbolism. American Christians have become very disappointing to me because of their new marketing strategy. Christianity has become a shallow commercial shell, more interested in money and power than personal guidance. Yes, Christians give to charity with one hand, but slap you down with the other. I believe religion is a personal guidance system that allows each individual to navigate earthly challenges with as little negative impact on fellow travelers.
    I believe that this country gave it’s population the right to choose life, liberty and pursuit of happiness without the caveat of “do you believe in Jesus”?
    Not all Republicans disappoint me, but I am waiting for one to stand up for my right as a non-christian American to be me.

  16. nytexan said


    Thanks for your comments, I read them all. Let me first say that some of the things you are defending are the things that we have lost because of the current administration. That’s what makes the left mad. Republican didn’t always behave this way. The current administration has turned the Republican Party into a group that is now a target for everyone’s anger. Is that fair probably not. The right allowed so mush to happen by blindly following Bush who has a personal agenda which does not involve this country.

    The appointments of women and African Americans to high office or the Supreme Court that you speak of are not a product of this administration. They were from the Republican Party long gone. As a matter of fact the Bush administration has been cited by several human rights organizations on this very topic. Alberto Gonzales is a very old Texas friend of Bush, so the value of that minority appointment is debatable.

    You say I detest (detest is a strong word but I’ll work with it) the Christian right. That’s true but I do not detest all Christian and there is a difference. The religious right Christians have shoved their beliefs on an entire nation who is not all Christian. The religious right has brought religion into political matters. If one is not of Christian belief than where is there place or voice in American politics.

    I do have a problem with any politician, democrat or republican, putting religion over science whether its stem cell, evolution, global warming, etc. Science can not be discarded a junk, when it doe not fit ones needs or beliefs.

    I don’t believe everything I hear or read, I do my own research. Because of my research and my experience with Bush as my governor, I knew he was not the man to be president and I knew not to support the war in Iraq. Texas is still digging out from the disaster of Bush and his programs. Everyone outside of Texas believed what they read and head about him.

    I watch the debates so I can form my own opinion and not depend on the talking heads.

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